Join Maria Peagler for this brief live webinar: Learn how local businesses can get a steady stream of new customers every month Thurs March 27th, 1pm EST, 6pm GMT 30-Minute Webinar + On-Demand recording + MP3 Audio + Checklist $297.00 value FREE for Members (Membership is $57 per month, cancel easily anytime.) Get Webinar FREE with [...]


Easy Facebook Ads on a Budget Webinar Sneak Peek

We had record attendance at the Easy Facebook Ads on a Budget webinar, and the best member takeways were: the difference between the ad types and which best suits your goal how to target your audience how to use the 5/35 ad formula for 900X their current reach for $35 how to get 1,200% ROI [...]


Have you considered Facebook ads but just weren't sure if they would produce results for you?  Do you wonder if your small budget is too small to compete with mega-brands for ad space? This case study of a local business who achieved a stunning 1,200% return on investment (ROI) on an ad of $50 will [...]


How to Update Your Online Marketing Strategy in 2014

2013 brought enormous transformations in social media platforms, search engine algorithms, and email marketing. 2014 ushers in a new era in online marketing.  You'll be seeing "content marketing" and "integrated marketing" mentioned increasingly, as they focus on not just one network, but using your content across multiple channels. How can you focus on even more [...]


Join Maria Peagler for this brief live webinar: Learn how to run simple, targeted Facebook ads using the 5/35 formula Thurs Jan 23th, 1pm EST, 6pm GMT 30-Minute Webinar + On-Demand recording + MP3 Audio $297.00 value FREE for Members (Membership is $57 per month, cancel easily anytime.) Get Webinar FREE with SMOC Membership Already a [...]


Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2013

#1. Facebook Marketing Infographic: 64 Tactics to Promote Your Business to 1 Billion People The most popular article of all time here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com. 64 Facebook tactics in 8 categories for a possible 4 million unique marketing campaigns . . . http://goo.gl/KBWxUt #2.  The Ultimate Guide to Profitable LinkedIn Networking (Infographic) The most shared article [...]


3 Metrics to Measure Year-End Social Media Results

As we approach year-end, are you curious as to how your online marketing performed for your business? I'm about to make it stupidly simple. I'm a huge advocate of the 80/20 rule:  20% of your effort generates 80% of your business. So we'll be measuring the top 20% of your promotional tactics to see what [...]


18 Effective Tactics to Boost Your Facebook Reach

Facebook finally admitted what most page owners already know: organic reach (not paid) is dropping. Advertising Age magazine offered this article about it here: http://adage.com/article/digital/facebook-admits-organic-reach-brand-posts-dipping/245530/ The plummet in post reach began when Facebook went public, and worsened in September of this year when they changed their algorithm. While this is bad news for most businesses, [...]


This case study of a real estate broker who earned over $100,000 from social media (her listings alone) will totally change the way you approach online marketing. Molly is the owner of five ReMax offices in Georgia, a real estate holding company, is also a listing broker, and travels 105 miles between her offices.  She's [...]

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Why Large-Brand Case Studies Don’t Work for Small Business

If you've been staying abreast of how brands use social media, you'll hear some  well-known companies mentioned repeatedly:  Dell, Virgin, Starbucks, Ford, Amazon, Zappos and more. Which is fabulous if you're a large business:  you can take a look at what other mega-brands are doing and simply adapt their strategies to your organization's style. But [...]


7 Surprising Mistakes You’re Making with Social Media

Ever wished you could have a professional analyze your social media efforts and provide suggested improvements?  That's what today's article is all about.  After years of training small business owners how to use social media, I'm sharing the biggest mistakes I see — and how you can avoid them. The audience you want may not [...]

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Facebook captures data on how your fans interact with your posts, their demographic info, and what posts they like best.  And Facebook shares it with you in a feature called Insights. Best of all,  results you see are unique to your fans. But Facebook page owners rarely use Insights.  Why? Because they're filled with numbers, [...]


I don't advocate "buying" Facebook fans or other schemes that inflate your vanity metrics (it ends up hurting you far more than it helps).  That's why I'm thrilled to share you with a case study this week of an SMOC member who doubled her fan count in just one week - authentically. What was her [...]


Which Social Network Should I Use for My Business?

In Lesson Three of my free Social Media Strategy class, I show small business owners how to determine which social network is best for their business in just 5 minutes (normally it would take months of market research to figure this out). J.O, a new member here at SMOC, has this question after doing the [...]