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“… out of ALL the trainers/coaches I have met via virtual classes, you are the ONLY one that has EVER really responded or reached out to me! Thank You!”
— Gayle von Holt, Independent Consultant

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Your Virtual Classroom for Small Business Owners

  • 10-minute lessons – 24/7 online access – anytime – on your schedule
  • Lessons combine text, screencasts, video, and audio, allowing you to skim, browse, and review at your own pace
  • You’ll learn ONLY what’s essential for small business owners (you don’t need to know EVERYTHING about social media)
  • Exclusive access to an interactive Class Forum for direct access to instructors & fellow students
  • Get instant answers to your question when You need them during Virtual Office Hours or in the Class Forum
  • Checklists, infographics, videos, and tools to that make learning & getting results easier (say goodbye to social media overwhelm)

What You Get in Your Unlimited Class Pass Membership

Unlock Every Class in the Vault ($1,467 if purchased separately)

Get results fast, when you need them. Each class offers simple lessons, short & focused video tutorials, and guided assignments to help you build your social media presence

Exclusive Monthly Bonus Webinars ($497 value)

Previous bonus webinars taught strategy tactics like Getting on the First Page of Search, Branding with Google Plus, and Doing Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day. I’m always improving my offerings by listening to You!

Personalized Feedback from Class Instructors ($597 value)

Want professional advice on your Facebook page? LinkedIn profile need a makeover? Get individual feedback from class instructors who can make the difference between blending in or standing out and getting instant results.

Get Answers to Your Questions in Our Private Community Forum ($297 value)

Ask your burning questions in the Private Forum and get prompt expert replies. Need to understand social media analytics? Want to know which tools are best for Twitter? Get answers here.

Build Your Social Media Presence in Guided Assignments ($697 value)

You’ll develop your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, YouTube channel, Pinterest boards and more, step-by-step in guided assignments that break down overwhelming tasks into easy-to-understand and do activities.

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Results Other Students Have Achieved

“Increased my Facebook fans by 700%!” — Margaret Travis, EasyPeazyQuilts

“I have to share with you the incredible talents of Maria Peagler. I’m currently taking her Google+ class. She has kept it simple and I can’t tell you how long it’s been that I’ve learnt so much in so little time. She’s a very unselfish person and is easy to contact with questions. I am not affiliated in any way with her company. I’m just so impressed.” — Joan Bassett, JayBee Designs

“… out of ALL the trainers/coaches I have met via virtual classes, you are the ONLY one that has EVER really responded or reached out to me! Thank You!”
— Gayle von Holt, Independent Consultant

Get Unlimited Class Pass for $57/mo
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Every Month, Get Your Burning Questions Answered with Prompt, Expert Replies with the Unlimited Class Pass

One of our UCP students had this question about Facebook:

“I want to hold a Facebook chat for our marketing group’s members. Can you provide some guidance on how I do this? For example, how do I communicate with people in real-time that are posting messages to our timeline? Any help in executing a Facebook chat is greatly appreciated!”

Maria explained the pro’s and con’s of Facebook’s chat features for both pages and groups, and made a recommendation for having a real-time time both within Facebook and outside of Facebook using a freely available online tool.

Another student had this question about Facebook:

“How do I tell the difference when a colleague has asked me to friend them and I don’t want them on my personal profile? I do, however, want to have them like me on my business page. For example, a colleague went to my business page and Liked it adding a comment. He wants me to see his page and friend it. If I do this, will this give him access to my personal profile?”

Maria offered a tactful way of encouraging colleagues to Like your business page without offending them by not becoming their Friend on Facebook. She pointed out an easy way of deferring those requests and giving the colleague an option to quickly and easily join the business page.

This student had several questions about video editing software for YouTube:

“After taking the YouTube class, I would like to try my own videos. I would like to get editing software, but I want to make sure the features I saw in the class videos I can make on my own. I have seven simple questions about finding the right piece of software that can edit, develop, and add simple textual and audio effects to my youtube videos. Can you answer them?

Maria suggested several options for editing software, some paid, some free, along with example videos from her own channels. She told this student how he could create sophisticated videos without having to resort to expensive software solutions or lengthy editing processes.


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Plus, Get Monthly Bonus Webinars Worth $497 Each

One of the most popular perks at SocialMediaOnlineClasses is Maria’s bonus webinars, where she steps you through tricky topics, including:

  • Getting on the First Page of Google
  • Branding with Google Plus
  • Getting Social Media Done is 15 Minutes a Day

As an Unlimited Class Pass member, you’ll get access to every bonus webinar for each month you’re enrolled, along with a .PDF transcript and an .mp3 audio. So no matter how you like to learn, we’ve got you covered.

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You Also Get My Wildly Popular Infographics

How-to tactics on a single page. Download them, print them out, and tack them to your bulletin board. My clients use these all over the world, and you can get them for your own use too. 

Why Your Class is Risk Free

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Try the Unlimited Class Pass for 30 days.  If you’re not happy, I’ll refund every penny.

guarantee Obviously, I think is the best social media online training available. But, I’ll admit I’m a little biased.

That’s why I invite you to try the Unlimited Class Pass for 30 days. If it doesn’t work like you had imagined, simply let me know and we’ll refund your full purchase price. No hard feelings. How does that sound?

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