15 Strategies to Use Video to Differentiate Your Business

By Maria Peagler

Apr 05
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How are you using social media to stand out from your competition?  Have you effectively differentiated yourself, especially on social networks?  The challenge in using any social media channel is you’re playing by their rules:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other major players want a consistent look and feel for their users, but the result is often a generic experience.  Brands tend to look the same.  Large brands often hire expensive advertising firms to give their social media channels a unique look, but how can small business owners compete?


But isn’t video expensive?  Not anymore.  It doesn’t have to complicated, pricey, or intimidating.  How does video help you stand out?

  1. Gives a personal side to a brand. People enjoy doing business with other people, and by shooting a short video, you offer the opportunity to potential clients to get to know you and your business.
  2. Establishes credibility. Think of a video as an interview:  people want to know who you are and why they should choose your company over others competing for their business.  Tell them, or even better:  let your clients do it in a video testimonial.
  3. Explains how-to. Share your expertise in a how-to video.  People love to learn with YouTube, and it’s a great way to get noticed.
  4. Allows us to forgive.  Charlie Sheen may think he’s “Winning,” but everyone one else thinks he’s a train wreck.  Don’t be oblivious to your company’s shortcomings.  Customers appreciate a sincere apology, and businesses so rarely offer them that those who actually do make a tremendous impression.
  5. Offers a promotion. Get your loyal fans excited with a promotional video.  Consider crowdsourcing a contest for clients to shoot their own video and submit it.  AT&T did this and the winners were highly creative and humorous.

Get the remaining ten tips by watching my guest vlogger and former anchorwoman Mary Ellen Miller for 10 Ways to Be Comfortable on Camera.  Not sure how to make video work for your business?  Check out the courses at SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com and you’ll be mapping out a video strategy for your business in no time.


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