5 Strategies to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

By Maria Peagler

Feb 27

LinkedIn is one of the most underused social networks today. It has tremendous potential for B2B networking and business opportunities, but few business owners ever go beyond filling out their basic profile and posting status updates.

Where does the power of LinkedIn lie?

The people in your network. Who are you connected to, and who are they connected to? Six degrees of separation is reduced to one or two on LinkedIn, and that’s where you can make it work for you.

Build an outstanding profile. Your LinkedIn profile speaks volumes about you. If you’ve just filled out a basic profile and done nothing more, that’s what people can expect in doing business with you: nothing extraordinary. Do everything you can to make your profile visual, outstanding, and so compelling that people visiting it think, “This is someone I need to get to know and would love to do business with.”

Build connections intentionally. Don’t just reach out to connections in your current circles. Be specific, targeted, and intentional here. Who are the people most responsible for your success? Who are the people in your industry whom you admire but don’t know personally? Who outside of your industry do you admire and want to connect with? Those are the people you want to be including in your growing network.
Show up consistently. Post regularly, check your LinkedIn messages, and comment on people’s posts. LinkedIn doesn’t require as much upkeep as Facebook or Twitter, and because of that people often let their accounts lapse. Be active, offer value, and be a regular. If you’re not keeping up your profile and you haven’t posted in a while, why would I want to do business with you?
Use LinkedIn Answers. This feature offers a rare opportunity to do something almost unheard of in social media: to actually listen to what people are asking and provide a helpful answer. People can ask a question on LinkedIn and get solutions from the experts. If the person chooses your answer as the best, you get a widget on your profile saying you provided one of the Best Answers on LinkedIn. This is yet another way you can stand out from a sea of sameness on this social network. This is one of my favorite ways to use LinkedIn, and in my opinion is a far better use of my time than LinkedIn Discussion Groups, which I’ve found to be mostly SPAM.

Learn to use search. LinkedIn’s Search feature is one of the most powerful tools it offers. You can search for companies, people, groups, Q&A, discussions, and be very specific using advanced search criteria. Using search strategically can aid you in finding old colleagues, sales prospects, vendors, suppliers and other possible connections that can be mutually beneficial.

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Richard August 13, 2012

Love this post. I never thought that linkedin could be so effective for advice yet it makes so much sense. I am going to use your advice ASAP.


[…] 5 LinkedIn Strategies to Use to Grow Your Business […]


[…] 5 LinkedIn Strategies to Use to Grow Your Business […]

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