50 of the Best Social Media Marketing Resources from Q2 2017

By Janice Deleon

Jul 11
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Every week here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com we give you a list of our most recent resources with our Weekly Top 5: your lessons, infographics, webinars, and articles. We’ve gathered all those resources from 2nd quarter of 2017 into one GINORMOUS list for you, making it uber-easy to find what you need to grow your business using social media marketing.



  1. SMOC Member Broadcasts Her First Facebook Live Video *
  2. Where Did Facebook Move the Search Feature for Groups? *
  3. How Fans Can See Your Posts First in their Newsfeed
  4. Free Ways to Generate Business with Facebook
  5. Engage as Your Business in Facebook Groups *
  6. Including a CTA & Coupon Code Easily for a Facebook Live Video *
  7. [UPDATE] How to Add an Email Sign-Up Form to Facebook
  8. SMOC Members Wall of Fame *

Social Media Strategy

  1. Live Social Media Strategy Workshop
  2. [UPDATE] How to Create & Execute Your Social Media Action Plan
  3. [UPDATED] Social Media Crash Course
  4. [UPDATED] The One-Click Blog Post
  5. Social Media Training Videos
  6. 50 of the Best Social Media Training Resources from Q1 2017
  7. Can I Market My Brand Using Social Media if I Don’t Have a Website?
  8. How to Master a New Skill *
  9. We’re Offering Social Media Services for Members!
  10. How to Encourage Customers to Share on Social Media *
  11. How CEO’s Wish They Had Spent Time & Money When Starting *
  12. This Marketing Campaign Has Lived on for 5 Years *

 Member Question

  1. Member Question: How Can I Change from Editor to Admin for a Facebook Page? *
  2. [MEMBER QUESTION] Hide my Pinterest Profile from Google? *
  3. Is the Facebook Pixel Necessary for Advertisers? *
  4. I Got Invited to a New Social Network: Should I Join? *

 Bonus Webinar

  1. [BONUS WEBINAR] Get More Facebook Fans
  2. [BONUS WEBINAR] 30 Days of Social Media Posts from One Image
  3. [BONUS WEBINAR] Landing Pages That Convert


  1. #FascinateFriday Video: How Starbucks Created a Product Specifically to Go Viral on Instagram *
  2. How to Automatically Create a Blog Post from an Instagram Image *



Feedback on Testimonial Video *

Case Study

How She Created a Viral Facebook Post Earning 3 Million Organic Views [CASE STUDY]

 SMOC Coaching

  1. Maria Creates a Social Media Training Post During 1:1 Coaching *
  2. [COACHING] Google Analytics Code & Duplicate Instagram Accounts *
  3. SMOC Coaching: How to Handle a Business Breakup *
  4. SMOC Coaching: Can I Do Social Media without a Website? *
  5. [SMOC COACHING] How to Announce Move to New Location? *
  6. [SMOC COACHING] Use a Large Order for Marketing Purposes *


  1. LinkedIn Changes Overview for 2017
  2. How to View a LinkedIn Profile without the Person Getting Notification *
  3. [NEW] How to Instantly Message Contacts from Anywhere on LinkedIn

 Member Win

Member Win: Tagging a Facebook Page *

Webinar Replay

  1. [WEBINAR REPLAY] How to Get More Facebook Fans *
  2. [WEBINAR REPLAY] 30 Days of Social Media Posts from One Image *
  3. [WEBINAR REPLAY] Create a Landing Page That Converts *


That’s a Great Tweet from U.S. Dept. of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke *

Social Media Hacks

  1. Extended Cut: Big List of Social Media Hacks *
  2. The Big List of Social Media Hacks

Canva Hack

Canva Hack to Find an Image You’ve Used Before *


  1. Using SEO Keywords on Etsy & Pinterest *
  2. Copywriting for Pinterest *
  3. Using Pinterest Analytics to Identify New Product Ideas *

* Indicates Members-Only Content


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Director of Member Happiness of Socialmediaonlineclasses.com. Customer support and membership site specialist, mom of 4 kids, and a life-long learner.

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