6 Blogging Best Practices for Small Business Owners . . . and Everyone Else

By Maria Peagler

Feb 10
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Small business owners need to understand blogging best practices to be effective.  If you want consumers to subscribe to your blog and keep them reading,  give them great content on a regular basis. Once you’re ready to get started, or even if you’ve been blogging for a while, here is my advice on having the best blog around in your industry:

  1. Show up regularly. Once you commit to writing a blog, be consistent.  I buck the blogging experts’ advice of posting two or three times a week:  one really good blog post per week is better.  You can’t come up with a gem of post every time when you’re blogging multiple times per week.  Here, quality over quantity rules.  And commit to it.  Don’t start and slack off when business gets busy.  Write several posts and schedule them to appear later if you have to.
  2. Show the people behind your business. Blogging offers a way to highlight the wonderful staff you’ve worked so hard to hire.  Show them off.  Tell us why they’re great, or even better, let them write a blog post.  People do business with other people, and the more you allow consumers to get to know the faces in your small business, the more likely they are to buy from you.
  3. Give readers value. Give readers the “wow” factor when they read your blog.  Tell them something about you, your product, or your industry they didn’t know before.  Educate them about what you do and help them to appreciate the why and how of your business.  If you’ve ever watched How Its Made on the Science Channel, you understand how fascinating it can be to get a glimpse behind the scenes.
  4. Offer a take-away.  Offer a .PDF with tips about your product or industry that’s a keeper.  Include your business name, website, and all contact information, including your social media channels, so your information stays in front of consumers as they’re using your sheet.  The key here is to make the .PDF essential.  I’ll be offering a .PDF checklist of these blogging best practices at the end of this post.
  5. Keep it short and readable. A blog is not an essay.  People are busy and want to get their information fast and quickly.  Use bulleted and numbered lists, subheadings, and visuals to break up your text.  Think “magazine” not “term paper.”
  6. Use multimedia. A plain text blog is boring and won’t keep readers’ attention when that cute video of the kitten playing the piano is your competition.  And believe me, on the internet, that kitty is your competition.  You’re vying for consumer’s attention, so keep it interesting by using photos, video, and podcasts.  Give readers a variety of ways to find out about you on your blog.

As a reminder and to make it super-easy to be a blogging rock star, download this Checklist for Blogging Best Practices.  Then do it!


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