6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy: #1 – Who is Your Customer?

By Maria Peagler

Nov 08

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Get Informed

First, download this Social Media Strategy Template spreadsheet you’ll use to build your unique strategy throughout these lessons:

Download this spreadsheet to build your social media strategy

Download this spreadsheet to build your social media strategy

Before you invest your valuable time & resources in social media, you need to identify exactly where you should be focusing. With this lesson, you’ll begin developing your solution to:

  • being overwhelmed and having no idea where to start
  • feeling like there are too many social networks
  • social media taking too much time
  • not seeing a return on your investment (ROI)

Your strategy will look wildly different from others taking this same class, because their situation is unique from yours. No two strategies will be exactly alike.

Today we’ll tackle the first element: who is your customer?

Get Trained

You would be surprised at the number of entrepreneurs don’t know the answer to this question. Or, if they do, they are often too vague. Be obsessively specific here. While we all would love to think everyone will want our products, it just isn’t so. Identify your potential buyers down to their:

  • age
  • sex
  • education level
  • income level
  • what publications they read
  • what websites they visit
  • what their budget is
  • are they local or nationwide

Here you can see the answers to “Who is Your Customer?” for Socialmediaonlineclasses.com:

Even when you think you’ve identified buyers as much as possible, go further.

Traditional demographics often no longer apply in today’s diverse cultures. A 40-year-old woman may have a toddler at home, no children at home, be caring for teens and aging parents, or have children in college. Those life stages are quite different, and so will be her interests and purchasing decisions. So while age and sex are a start, go further and identify the life phase your target audience is in. What defines them?

Here are three different Socialmediaonlineclasses.com members, along with their job titles. It helps if you can visualize your clients: these are real people who rely on me for their training. Can you do the same? Collect photos of your clients (or potential clients) and make them visible to you while you’re going through this class:

Go Do It

To identify your customer, do this:

  1. Download the Social Media Strategy Template if you haven’t already. You’ll use it to record your findings from this lesson.
  2. Answer the questions for “Who is Your Audience?” in the spreadsheet.
  3. Further define your customers by identifying their life stage when they need your product.
  4. Find data on buyers in your unique industry by doing a Google search of your field with keywords like “average spend”, “customer survey”, etc. For example, by doing a Google search of “quilters average spend”, the first result is a comprehensive survey done in 2010 of the size of the market, market niches that spend the most, and where they buy.

Congratulations! You’ve identified your customer, which will be crucial in targeting your social media and online marketing efforts. Everything you’ll be doing will go back to this question, “Who is your customer?”

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