6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy: #2 – What Are Your Goals?

By Maria Peagler

Nov 07

Get Informed

In Lesson One you learned the #1 element of your social media strategy:  who is your customer? 

Today, you'll about about this mission-critical #2 element:  What are your goals?

One of my clients is the #1 real estate agent in the U.S. When I asked her what her social media goals were, she admitted, "I don't know what social media can do for me."

This is a woman who has a sophisticated grasp of online marketing, Yet she still wasn't confident of how social media could help her business.

So, my next question was, "What are your business goals? Let's tie those to social media and help you achieve them using the social networks that will support your goals."

That's what I suggest for you too.

Get Trained

You can use social media marketing to:

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    find new customers.
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    breathe new life into your existing marketing
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    find new hire candidates
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    provide customer service

It can't revamp your financial strategy or train your employees. Social media marketing goals are best tied to outreach of some kind: new clients, existing clients, job candidates, and others you need to reach online.

Social media marketing goals are best tied to outreach of some kind: new clients, existing clients, job candidates, and others you need to reach online.

In SMOC members' 1:1 coaching with me, they share their #1 goal is generating  more customers and revenue. You can absolutely achieve that goal with social media marketing.

So here's your next question: how to do you want to generate those new customers and revenue? Here are some ways you can do that:

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    Do you want existing customers to increase the amount they spend with you?
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    Do you want to bring in new customers?
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    Are you introducing a new product?
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    Are you changing your business focus?
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    Do you need to rebrand?

You can use social media marketing to accomplish all of these tactics.

Now it's your turn: time to identify your business goals and how you plan to achieve them using social media marketing.

Go Do It

To identify your social media goals, do this:

  1. Return to your Word or Google document and use it to record your answers to these steps.
  2. First, identify your business goals and which of those social media marketing can support.
  3. Now include social media in the plan to achieve those goals. For example, if your goal in Step 1 was to generate a 10% increase in revenue, include social media in that strategy:  use my best social network to increase revenue by 10% in one year.
  4. Redefine the goal by making it SMART: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, Time-Based. Here's what that SMART goal would look like:
  • Specific: Increase revenue by 10%
  • Measurable: Use accounting program to measure revenue per month, quarter, year.
  • Actionable: Identify the social network best able to reach my target audience and post there at least 2x per week.
  • Relevant: Increased revenues are essential to business growth and profitability, therefore essential to a healthy balance sheet.
  • Time-Based: Increase revenue by an average of 1% per month, starting today.

Repeat this process for each business goal you identified in Step 1.

Congratulations! You've identified your social media goals. Realize that as you continue through the class, you'll want to return to these goals and refine them as you learn more about what social media can do for you and where you need to be focusing your efforts.

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