6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy: #4 – When Will You Communicate with Your Audience?

By Maria Peagler

Nov 06

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Get Informed

Part Four of your social media strategy? When will you reach out to your audience?

The secret to outstanding social media campaigns is consistency. In both how often you communicate with your audience and at what times.

They key to being consistent is to plan for your social media posts and make them easy to do.

They key to being consistent is to plan for your social media posts and make them easy to do.

Get Trained

I recommend creating an editorial calendar to identify what topics you'll be posting about throughout the year. That makes it easier on you when you're in the middle of your busy season and you don't have time to think, "What do I post about today?"

This doesn't have to be complicated; in fact, I'm giving you the EZ Button to simplify the process. You can download the same content spreadsheet I use here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com to plan my content throughout the year:

Download this spreadsheet to use as a guide for planning your social media / content posts

Think in terms of your business calendar, and identify the seasonal nature of your product or service. If you're an accountant, then April and October will be your busy periods, and you need get in touch with customers before those months. If you are a retailer, your merchandise changes with the seasons, and you want to let your customers know about your changing inventory.

Download your own Excel version of the editorial calendar spreadsheet here:


Each week of the month is already on the calendar for you: just fill in what your content will be that week, the content type and the resources you'll need.

The right side of the spreadsheet offers suggestions for what types of content to create (so you & your audience don't get bored), where to find free images, and much more.

Remember, your calendar is a guideline: don't feel like you have to stick to it religiously. Events often disrupt your best plans, so be flexible about what you write about on social media.

SMOC Members: use the video links below to plan your editorial calendar along with me (login in the left sidebar if you don't see the Member Video Tutorials):

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Not a member? Click below to get the videos as part of SMOC membership:


BONUS VIDEO: How to Create Your Editorial Calendar

Want a step-by-step video showing you how to brainstorm content ideas for your own editorial calendar?

Join Socialmediaonlineclasses.com and you get instant access:

Go Do It

Get organized and identify when you'll be reaching out to your audience by doing this:

  1. Download the editorial calendar and identify the topics you'll be talking about over the next year.
  2. Set a goal of posting to your social networks at least twice per week. Studies show if you post multiple times per day it's too much, but only once a week and people forget you. Twice a week is a good middle ground.
  3. Post in the evenings or schedule your posts for evenings and weekends. That's when people have more leisure time and can really read and respond to your posts. (Facebook 101 has a detailed video showing you how to identify the best time to post).
  4. Measure your results and tweak your schedules and times based on your results.

Congratulations! You've identified when & what you'll be doing on social media for an entire quarter!

You've saved yourself literally hundreds of hours of time, and ensured you're going to start on the right track in your social media campaigns.

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Founder of Socialmediaonlineclasses.com, Benjamin Franklin award-winner for independent publishing, award winning author of eight books, wife, mom, quilter and watercolor artist.

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[…] 6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy: #3: – Where are your customers? […]


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Andrew Grigoleit February 7, 2016

After downloading the spreadsheet I can see where this keeps you tracked and in place. I cannot wait to apply these tools!

    Maria Peagler February 9, 2016

    Andrew – it really helps to get your goals down on paper (or an online spreadsheet). It forces you to think about HOW you’re going to reach your audience.

Latonia Addison June 26, 2018

Hello Maria,
Today I signed up for social media online classes and although I am only on social media strategy #4, I am pleased with what I have learned!

When I click on the step-by-step brainstorm content video in this lesson, it takes me back to the pricing page. Is the video no longer available?

Thank you,

    Maria Peagler June 26, 2018

    Welcome Latonia and I’m delighted you’re already getting incredible value from your membership! Thanks for the heads up about the video link. I’ll add them to the lesson.

    Here are two resources for you:

    1. Plan with Me: Editorial Calendar – I livestreamed how I brainstorm and plan my own content for SMOC. This is a Facebook Live video in our members-only group here: https://www.facebook.com/maria.peagler/videos/10208970096507843/

    2. Create Your Editorial Calendar Bonus Webinar – a more formal presentation where I shared how to come up with one quarter to one year’s worth of content (I promise it’s not as daunting as it seems, especially when you see how I recommend you do it). You can watch the full bonus webinar here: https://socialmediaonlineclasses.com/plan-your-editorial-calendar

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