6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy: #5 – Why Should People Choose You?

By Maria Peagler

Nov 04

Get Informed

Why should people choose your company?  What's in it for them?

Identifying the WHY in your social media strategy is often the toughest step, because it requires you to differentiate your brand from all the rest.  This is the challenging part of marketing that even the most seasoned professionals find difficult, but I'll be giving you a roadmap that simplifies the process.

Get Trained

Several years ago I got a new follower on Twitter, and when I looked at their profile, I was impressed. Here it is:

All it took was a brief glance at their profile bio and I could tell these guys were different. They were having fun doing social media.

Here's our exchange:

Notice that differentiation wasn't expensive or time-consuming here. Just a word or two communicated everything.

THIS is your goal: to differentiate your brand by clearly telling your own story in your social media marketing.

What differentiates you is called your unique value proposition (UVP), and many  "experts" tell you it's something you develop by focusing on benefits vs. features.

I disagree.

The best way to develop your UVP is to talk to your customers. They alone define your UVP, because they are the only ones who can tell you about your product from a customer's viewpoint. Go back through your client emails, testimonials, and remember those face-to-face encounters, and identify the following items from your clients:

  • What do they love about your business?
  • Why did they choose you over your competition?
  • What do you hear compliments on again and again?
  • What themes are highlighted in client testimonials?

The best way to develop your UVP is to talk to your customers.

Once you've collected the responses, develop a cohesive message about what you offer that is unique from your competition. Be specific and clear: spell out exactly what makes your business unique and why customers should do business with you.

Don't over-hype your message: clarity beats persuasive messaging every time. Be customer-focused, be clear, and be specific.

My UVP on my Home page is this:

What's so special about it?

  • Online Social Media Training differentiates my training from live, in-person trainings available locally or at a conference
  • 1:1 Coaching differentiates me because no other online social media training offers coaching with the founder.
  • My photo at the top left differentiates me from mega-brands who offer training. People want someone who listens to them — and mega brands don't do that.

I immediately tell people, at the top of my Home page, exactly what makes SMOC unique.

I immediately tell people, at the top of my Home page, exactly what makes SMOC unique.

It took me years to develop such a customer-focused UVP, and I did it by following the exact steps I described:  I talked to my members to see why they chose SMOC.  Their answers drove my UVP.

What if you don't have clients yet?

Or what if you go through that customer interview process and you still don't have a focused message?  

Download your Unique Value Proposition Blueprint below:  a 12-page step-by-step guide that crafts a UVP that tells people immediately what is unique about your brand and relieves their anxiety.  

It's a $297 value, free for potential members taking this free Social Media Strategy class

Download your UVP Blueprint here.

Guess what? I just differentiated my brand by offering you this free Social Media Strategy class and your UVP Blueprint.


Because I want you to see the incredible value you'll receive as a premium member of Socialmediaonlineclasses.com when you're ready to join.

Go Do It

Develop your UVP or refine it if you already have one. Here's how:

  1. Download the UVP Blueprint if you haven't already.
  2. Talk to your top 10 to 20 clients and ask them why they chose you, your business, and ask how you helped them. Record your answers in the blueprint.
  3. Look for common themes among your clients' responses. That's where you'll find your strongest UVPs.
  4. Combine the strongest testimonial content, developing them into a single, compelling UVP.

Congratulations! You've completed the toughest step in developing your social media strategy, and you're almost done. Only one more lesson and you're ready to launch your social media campaign.



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Andrew Grigoleit February 7, 2016

Wow! Just glancing at this, Maria is correct very ROBUST but what a template awesome even at a glance. I haven’t even started yet.

    Maria Peagler February 9, 2016

    Glad you’re enjoying Andrew. I’ve used it for my own clients, and built it from that experience. 🙂

Scott F February 4, 2019

Hi Maria,

Thanks for all the great info. Just wanted to let you know there’s a typo in Go Do It #4 of Lesson 5.

I know I hate when I do that 🙂

Scott Finkle

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