Download Your 6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy INFOGRAPHIC

By Maria Peagler

Apr 28
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Your first assignment?

Download your social media strategy template, shown below. It’s a preview of what you’ll learn in this class, plus you’ll be recording your answers in a spreadsheet you get in the next lesson.

To download the full-size template, click here or on the image below:

social media strategy template

Each question on this infographic applies to any platform you’re using:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Slideshare or Snapchat.

Your answers to these questions guide you in creating a laser-focused approach to social media marketing.

Forget the pundits who tell you Twitter is better than Facebook, or YouTube is the place to be.

They’re often hawking their own products, so of course their solution is whatever they’re selling.

Instead, you need to be is where your customers are.

The good news? Social networking doesn’t have to be a time drain: focus on these six vital questions, and you’ll be amazed at the improvement in your results.


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Gayle Von Holt April 18, 2012

Excellent & helpful information!
Thank you!

Vivienne May 22, 2012

Very straightforward and useful information.
Making that first step is now so much easier.
Thank you!

    Maria Peagler May 23, 2012

    having things laid out in a graphic format does make is easier to understand. Glad you found it helpful. Good luck!

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