Amazon Prime for Small Business — The Ultimate Guide

By Maria Peagler

Jun 27
amazon prime for small business

A whopping 64% of all U.S. households have an Amazon Prime account. While you likely signed up for the free videos or two-day shipping, Prime membership also offers great free content and services for business as well.

This ultimate guide features the most useful & practical ways to use your Amazon Prime membership for business . . . 

. . . which means I won't be covering how to use Alexa to open your spreadsheet or other esoteric uses of Prime. You won't find those here.

Instead, these are the 8 best ways to save your precious time & money as a small business owner using Amazon Prime.

Use this Table of Contents to jump to the Prime feature you want to learn about:

1. Get Purchases in Two Hours or Two Days with Prime Delivery

Yes, Prime offers two-day shipping, which applies to just about every product they offer, from toys to electronics.  It's great for getting a replacement laptop, printer, or usb cable when you need it fast.

I've used my Prime two-day delivery for all kinds of office equipment, including my Tobshiba Chromebook, OnePlus smartphone, and phone case.

But Prime Delivery is so much more than just two-day shipping. It also includes:

amazon prime delivery

You need to live in a city or suburb to take advantage of Prime Same-Day, One-Day or Now delivery. Look for these logos when shopping on Amazon to identify which items qualify:

2. Stream Background Music with Prime Music

Like a soundtrack while you work? Check out Prime Music, offering albums, artists, playlists and stations you can listen to for free:

amazon prime music

Prime Music has a look & feel of their Prime Video page combined with iTunes, Pandora & Spotify:

amazon prime music stations playlists

Because I do so much writing, I usually go for classical or other music without lyrics, so I'm able to maintain my focus. Amazon's stations & playlists make that easy to do.

3. Backup Images with Amazon Photos

Unlimited — yes, unlimited — photo storage is what you get with Prime Photos:

amazon prime photos

Unlimited means you can clear space on your computer and your smartphone. You can even transfer your images from other cloud storage to Prime Photos. You never have to worry about running out of storage space for images.

Best of all? It's easy to upload your images to Prime Photos. The two methods I use:

  1. From my smartphone, I turn on Automatic Backups in the Prime Photos app. 
  2. From my computer, I drag and drop images to the Prime Photos screen. 

Super simple, and I can be assured of always having my infographics and images, both of which are critical to my business.

4. Backup Files with Amazon Drive

When you sign up for Prime Photos, you also get Amazon Drive, their answer to Dropbox and Google Drive:

amazon drive cloud storage

You get only 5GB of storage, and my videos quickly hit that limit. But if you don't need to store large video files, 5GB goes a long way to storing documents you can't afford to lose.

5. Listen to Business Audio with Audible

Amazon owns Audible, and Prime members can listen to free business channels, audiobooks, and podcasts available on Audible Prime Channels:

prime audible channels for business

You need to listen to the content using the Audible app on your smartphone, and it can be challenging to find business content.  Here's how I do it on my Android smartphone:

6. Learn Entrepreneurship Lessons with Amazon Prime Video

You've probably watched your favorite movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, but did you know it also offers business channels? This was entirely new to me until I got an email from Amazon telling me about their content on entrepreneurship.

Prime Video offers several channels with a business focus, including Business Insider one-minute tips:

amazon prime business insider

Also included is the Forbes business channel, offering 101 lessons you don't learn in business school. These videos are longer than Business Insider's one minute, but still short enough at 3 - 7 minutes to watch during a short break:

amazon prime forbes

7. Read Business Titles from Amazon Prime Kindle Owner's Lending Library

When Amazon debuted the Kindle, they made it easy for owners to borrow a book from the Kindle Owner's Lending Library (KOLL).  With the introduction of Kindle Unlimited, however, Amazon makes Kindle owners work to find the eligible books, especially if they're not mystery or romance titles.

You can find business books in the KOLL, but you need to be savvy about how you search for them.  Here's the best way to do it:

  1. From the Amazon screen on your desktop, select Books category, then scroll down and check Prime Eligible.
  2. At the top of the screen, select Kindle Edition. Amazon displays the list of all Kindle books that are free under both Kindle Unlimited and Prime. But you really have to work to find the ones available under Prime. The first page of results shows only those available under Kindle Unlimited:
amazon prime business books kindle owners lending libraray

So here's a shortcut: check out Free Kindle Books, a site that releases a daily list of the newest books available in the KOLL. Tristan, the owner of the site, divides the books into fiction and non-fiction, and there's almost always a business title available, some of them are classics. You can then search for the book on Amazon and read it on your Kindle for free.

TIP: Amazon is inconsistent about displaying the Prime logo on free books when you're on your Kindle. Many of the books listed on Free Kindle Books site don't show up on Kindle search or browse results as Prime eligible, but if you click on them, they show the Prime logo on the book's page itself. Like I said, Amazon makes you work to find these books.

8. Get Cash Back on Business Purchases with the Amazon Prime Credit Card

Yes, you can make your business purchases on an Amazon Prime credit card from Chase earning: 

  • 5% cash back on Amazon purchases
  • 2% cash back on restaurants, gas stations & drugstores
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases
amazon prime credit card

That's more than you'll get in interest from your bank or a CD. I have the Amazon Prime credit card and those reward points add up: you can redeem them for cash back, apply them toward gift cards to most major retailers, or pay for your new Amazon purchases with points. 


The $99 Amazon Prime fee yields a significant return on your investment, as you can see from these 8 services beyond streaming Transparent or Bosch, My personal favorites? Prime Photos and the Amazon Prime credit card. Those are services I can't get anywhere else, and I use often.

I plan to listen to the Audible channels and watch the Prime Video channels as well. I like the fact they're short tips that don't take an hour to watch or listen to.

I don't live in an area to get shipping faster than two-day, but if I did, that would be at the top of my list.

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