Annual Marketing Plan Template: Live Webinar + Recording + MP3 Audio + Infographic

By Maria Peagler

Dec 05

Join Maria Peagler for this 30-minute live training webinar — How to Plan Your Annual Marketing [Template Included]:


30-Minute Webinar + On-Demand recording + MP3 Audio + Infographic


Thursday, December 21, 1pm ET, 5pm GMT


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How to Create Your Annual Marketing & Content Plans

Are you ready for your best year yet?

That's exactly what you'll learn how to do . . . step by step . . . in this month's bonus webinar.

It makes your marketing so much easier: you no longer have to rack your brain to come up with innovative marketing campaigns or wonder what works.

And because marketing & content are so intertwined, we'll be tackling both.

I'll be sharing my secrets — never before revealed — of how to create winning campaigns that grow your business, including:

  • how to know what content & marketing resonates with your audience (no more guessing) 
  • how to create marketing & editorial calendars (you get a template to make this super simple)
  •  what to plan first, so your next quarter & year practically plan themselves

Plus, plenty of time for Q&A, so come with questions, so sign up today!

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Webinar Transcript

Welcome, everyone, to today's bonus webinar, your annual marketing plan for your best year ever. I'm Maria Peagler, and I'm the founder of I'll be your host for today's webinar. Before we get started, I want to take a few moments to let you know how this is going to work and what you can expect after the webinar.

I try to keep our webinars to 30 minutes because y'all have told me that you like shorter webinars better. Sometimes they go over, so what I do is try to hold as many questions as I can until the end so that if you only have 30 minutes, you'll be able to get all of the webinar in, and then I will stay as long as you guys have questions.

The great thing is that you get to sit back and relax. You don't have to take a ton of notes because you will get the webinar replay video, you'll get the slide deck, you'll get the webinar audio, and this month you're getting an infographic and a template as well for your annual planning. I've made being successful with your annual planning in this webinar super simple.

Without further ado, let's get started. My question to you is, what will your 2018 hold? The new year is coming and we all get really excited about the possibilities in a new year. We always look forward to what the new year can hold. Usually what they're going to hold is pretty much what we did last year, unless we do something different.

What I'm going to do is to cover how I plan my marketing and content and promotions so that I'm pretty much ... I'm not going to say guaranteed because nothing is a guarantee, but I'm in an optimal place to have my best year yet. Before we move on, what I want to do is to find out from everybody what is the number one thing you want to find out from today's webinar. If you can type in the chat window what is your number one thing you want to learn in today's webinar, and if you can put that in there, your response, I will make sure to cover it in the webinar.

I want to welcome some new members as well. Woops, I got the wrong screen there. I want to say welcome to April, and Ithaca Sports, and Karen. We've some long-timers here with us too. Kay Harris, hi Kay, and Mavis, and Robyn, and Terry. Hi to everyone. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. I've got my Santa hat on today. They're going to be a little festive. Okay, awesome, we have some things coming in.

Let's see, how to do more with less. Ooh, fewer staff, fewer resources. Ooh, that's a good, good thing to look at. Kay, I'll be focusing on that as we go through. A lot of that is going to come from the first thing that I cover. A lot of that's going to have to do with doing more of what works and less of what doesn't, so being more successful with less and being able to measure what those things are. You're welcome, April. Robyn says, "How to prioritize and organize my marketing plan and social media calendar." Okay, awesome, awesome. We are definitely going to do that.

Also, I want to hear from everybody else. April, let me know what your number one thing is, and Ithaca Sports, you as well. Without further ado, we are going to get started. How do you plan to have a better year than you have already had this year? 2017, for most businesses, it has been a pretty good year, but how do you plan on having an even better year next year?

You do three things. The way to have your best year yet is to measure, plan, and then execute. You're going to measure what worked in 2017. I'm going to show you in more detail in just a moment what I mean by this. I will tell y'all something, for those of you who've been members a long time, you've heard me say this before, I am not a numbers person. I can do it but it's really hard for me to look at numbers and get the analysis out of it. It just takes me longer. My sister is an accountant and she can do it right away. It just takes me a longer time.

What I try to do is make measurement as painless as possible. I've got resources that I'm going to be sharing with you that allow you to go at a surface level to see what worked, but also if you want to go really deep and you need to prove ROI. For example, if you're a marketing agency or you're a freelancer, or even if you're a small business owner and you absolutely need to know what was a profitable campaign for you or a profitable event, I'm going to show you how to do that.

Then, once you identify those wins that you had from 2017, what you're going to do is to use those and to improve and adapt those for 2018. I've got a template that I'll be sharing with you that's going to make this really easy. My favorite thing about this is, and we're going to do this together, is your year pretty much plans itself. You're not going to believe how effortless this gets to be. Okay, this will go back to doing those things that are the most effective so you don't have to be running around trying to make sure you've got something going on all the time with more staff and more resources.

Then lastly, you're going to actually do the plan. You're going to execute. Measuring and planning is something that most of us do. Where we fall down is in the execution. That's me included. We're going to talk about what you'll need to carry out your plan, and I also have some exciting announcements to share with y'all. Let's get started in each of these.

The first one is how to measure your wins from 2017. How do you identify a win? What is that? A marketing or sales win is something that was popular, profitable, something that made you revenue in 2017. We had a bonus webinar last year, I think it was in November, in how to build your go-to marketing swipe file. I'm going to be sharing some of that in this webinar because that webinar was all about measuring your best social media posts, your best webpages, your most profitable clients, and putting those into a one-pager, like a one-page cheat sheet or swipe file that basically became your reference for what you were going to do in the next year. This is the link to that bonus webinar. I highly recommend that you do this. This is a game-changer for your business because you're not guessing. You know what works and you're doing it in the upcoming year based on your swipe file.

I've done this, and I can tell you that there are weeks where I know what I have planned to do, and sometimes the plan just isn't going to work or you've had a life event where something happened. Like my husband had surgery last week, so what I had planned to do last week I didn't get to do. What I did was I went to my swipe file and I said, "Okay, what did I do last year that I haven't done already this year?" It saves your bacon in a lot of ways. I highly recommend taking a look at this go-to marketing swipe file webinar.

This is one of the slides from it that's all about measurement. These are the things that you want to measure so that you can identify what your wins were for 2017 and how you can do them again in 2018, and maybe even improve upon them. You want to look at what your most popular social media posts are. Most everybody wants to know what their Facebook posts were, what their most popular ones were. You want to use either Facebook Insights or a social media management tool, if you have Hootsuite or Sprout Social or Buffer, something like that. The lesson 20 in Facebook 101 has multiple videos about how to do this.

You also want to measure the leads and sales that you got from social media. Again, most people focus here on Facebook. Now here is where I have the easy method and then the more detailed method. The simple method is a correlation. You take a look at the promotions you were doing. You take a look at your revenue. If you see a spike in revenue, you go back and look at what promotion you were doing. That's a correlation. You're not proving return on investment but it's a pretty good educated guess. That is in our Facebook 103 class, which is all about Facebook advertising, in lesson 12.

Now if you need to get detailed return on investment statistics, I have what I think is one of the absolute best lessons and tutorials out there in the Facebook advertising class in lesson 13. It teaches you how to use Google Analytics to measure your marketing campaigns and tie them to revenue. If you are a marketing agency owner and your clients are saying, "I need to see that we're making money on this," this is how you do it. Same thing if you're a consultant or if you're a business owner and you need to see, what did I do that generated the most revenue last year? This is how you can do it. It's something that you can get help with from me in your one on one coaching. That's how to measure your social media posts, leads, and sales.

You want to look at the most popular website pages and blog posts on your website and/or blog. You'll do this with Google Analytics. I have a blog post that makes this really simple right here. There's a lot of detailed stuff that you can do, but Google Analytics is a fire hose of data. I focus on the top three reports that you need to look at. I'll be showing the results that I got from doing these measurements so that you know what these should look like and how I'm going to use these in my 2018, and how you can too.

You also want to take a look at your highest revenue pages and posts, because interestingly, the most popular pages and posts on your website will not necessarily be the ones that make you money. That's surprising to people. It was surprising to me. I will actually show you that a little bit later. Again, that Facebook lesson 13 in the Facebook advertising class goes into all that. I think that's a pretty long video. It's a 20-minute video but it has to be. I can't show you in 10 minutes how to do detailed Google Analytics reporting.

Then if you want to measure your Twitter posts and how popular those are with Twitter analytics, I don't have a lesson on that, but your Twitter analytics is right here at this link. It's weird, it's not in Twitter. It's in a subdomain of Twitter. But if you've taken the Facebook 101 class, lesson 20, and know how to look at their insights, Twitter analysis is basically the same thing. That's true also of Instagram and Pinterest. If you look at Facebook 101 lesson 20 you can look at anything in social media and know how to measure it.

The only thing that's different from that is YouTube. Because it's Google, it's giving you another fire hose of data. I show you what the most important things to look at are in your YouTube 101 class in lesson 19.

 Also, we have a learning track these all around measuring your marketing results. This is such a good resource because learning tracks here at bring in everything that we offer. It's lessons, blog posts, videos, infographics, everything, so everything around measuring ROI on your marketing events, promotions, content is going to be in this learning track. Here is a link to it. I highly recommend that you take a look at that because it's going to make this a whole lot easier.
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