Beyond Your Social Media Strategy: How’s Your Execution? [VIDEO]

By Maria Peagler

Oct 03
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This week in our Friday video tutorial we’re bringing you a video tutorial for one of our most popular blog posts: Creating an Action Plan for Your Social Media.

It was one post in a three-part series, and it continues to be a post our readers return to again and again.  In this video, we share a case study of the coaching Maria Peagler did with one of our members who needed an action plan for promoting her latest book.

No matter what your brand, you can use this same process to create SMART goals, develop an action plan, and measure your results for your social media marketing.

Links to the original blog posts, timestamps & transcript are below the video:

Original Blog Post Series

Part One:  Set Your Social Media Goals
Part Two:  Create Your Action Plan
Part Three:  Measure Your Results

Video Timestamps

00:13:  It’s Easiest to Break Down While Executing Social Media Plan

00:30:  Blog Post Series on Creating Action Plan for Social Media Goals

00:47:  First Step is to Set Social Media Goals

00:57:  People Don’t Take Time to Tie Efforts to Business Goal

01:30:  Tie Social Media Marketing to Goals & Create Smart Goals

01:55:  Second Step is to Create an Action Plan

02:15:  Example of Pinterest Campaign Action Plan

02:25:  Action Plan Breaks Down Smart Goals Over Time

03:03:  Break Monthly Goals Down into Weekly & Daily Goals

03:29:  Long-term Goals Are More Overwhelming Than Broken Down Short-term Goals

04:13:  Creating Monthly Goals from Pinterest Campaign Action Plan

04:50:  Breaking Down Monthly Goals for Pinterest Campaign

05:18: Members Get  Action Plan Spreadsheet as Bonus

05:32:  Step Three is Measuring Results

05:50:  Recap Three Steps

06:03:  Identify What You Can Measure

06:17:  Measurable Figures from Pinterest Campaign

06:30: You’ll Discover Other Opportunities Through Social Media Marketing

06:54: Benchmark Figures & Identify Where You Started

07:32: Identify How to Measure Each Element & Keep It Simple

07:50: It Can Be Hard to Track Social Media Results

08:08: It’s Easiest to Track Things Over Time

08:20: Watch Google Analytics and Sales Rank Over Time & Track Changes

08:43: Track Sales During Promotions & Campaigns

09:17: Read More in Blog Posts

09:37: Always Set Smart Goals, Create Action Plan & Measure Results for Any Campaign


Hi this is Maria Peagler from, and in this brief video I am going to show you how you can go beyond setting a social media strategy, and really focus on your execution, because it’s in the actual doing of your social media plan, or any kind of a goal that we have, that we usually end up breaking down and getting some difficulty in executing our goals. This is a series of blog posts that I did that are some of our most popular blog posts, because it creates and action plan for your social media goals. It’s a series of three blog posts that I will link to below the video.

The first is to set your social  media goals. We find here at a lot of people really don’t take the time to do that. They don’t take the time to tie their social media efforts to the business goal. I talk about, in this blog post, one of our highest, most successful revenue producing clients, she is the number one real estate agent in the state of Georgia, and she said “You know I really don’t know what social media can do for me.” So, what I recommended was to tie into your business goals. If you have certain revenue goals, if you have new products coming out, tie your social media marketing to those goals, and create smart goals. A smart goal is specific, it’s measurable, achievable, relevant, and time based. So, here is an example of smart goals in action, turned into a social media action plan.

This is the second blog post in this three part series, and I used one of our actual clients here, who was an author, and she had a new book coming out, and she really wanted to promote this book, because she wanted a future with her publisher. She needed to sell a good number of books. So, what I recommended  was to create a  Pintrest campaign to sell a thousand books. We were very specific in her social media goals. So we created an action plan, and what this was was her smart goals broken down by time. Her book was coming out in December, so she wanted to really start promoting it in January. So, she knew that she needed to get her cover art from her publisher, get an amazon link to buy the book, a publisher link to buy the book, order copies for the give away. So you can see here that everything is broken down into monthly goals, and these  are the steps that she needs to do, and you can even break that down  further. You can break that down from monthly into weekly and daily goals. So, here we took the action plan for February, which was to find fellow authors to promote it, creates Pintrest boards, and do a contest. We broke that down into weekly and daily goals. I can tell you that I actually do this in my business and it works, because when you look at a goal from a very long view, it looks overwhelming. If you can break it down into bite size steps it’s very doable. So here we’ve broken it down into a weekly and daily action. So here, for this particular goal, it was to  invite fellow authors to promote it. Well, what does that involve? You have to identify the authors, editors and designers that you want to invite, and you’ve got to get their contact information and send  out an invitation for them to promote it, with a time table, because   promotion, especially when you are doing a book tour, you want things to come out at the same time. So, for this particular week in February she, our client, was going to actually do the identification of the authors  to invite and to create that promotion time table. Then for the second goal of creating those Pintrest boards, she needed to identify a new Pintrest board for a each day of the promotions, take photos, get permission from her publisher to use them, create tutorials that she can use on Pintrest, and create a book trailer video. Now, she’s not going to do this all at once, that’s just for February. But for this week she needed to contact the publisher, she needed to create one quilt tutorial and get images for the book trailer video. So, for her daily actions, she’s going to email  the editor today, create a brief tutorial, and start getting those images. So you can see here how breaking these down into daily actions makes these very, very simple. Now members you get this spreadsheet. This is a Google docs spreadsheet that you can use in excel as well. You get this spreadsheet as a bonus in your memership. 

The third part of this execution plan is measuring the results, because you need to see results from your social media efforts. Whether you’re spending money or time, you’re investing in social media, and you need to see what kind of payoff you’re getting. 

Let’s recap this. So, first we set smart goals, second we created an action plan, and then third we are measuring our social media return on investment. So, first of all you need to identify what you can measure. You can definitely measure sales, but for an author you often don’t  have access to your sales figures, you need to get those from your publisher. What you can measure, for this particular campaign are: Pintrest re-pins, traffic to her  website that was referred from Pintrest, her Amazon sales rank, new lecture and workshop booking. You’ll see a lot of opportunities that come from your social media marketing that aren’t directly your goal, but they happen anyway, which is always a great thing. Those are like the gravy  on top, and additional publicity. You’ll get the request for interviews, for book reviews, so you need to identify what items you need to measure, and you need to benchmark it. So, you need to identify what your starting place is for that particular element. You need to take a look at “Ok, so how many Pintreset re-pins did I have before this campaign. How much traffic am I getting from Pintrest before this campaign  started? What was my Amazon sales rank before the campaign, during it and after?” So, you need to know where you’re starting from, so you can  identify what kind of a boost, and what kind of results you got from that particular campaign. Then you need to identify how to measure each element. Now, this is where it can get kind of complicated, and I recommend keeping this stupidly simple, and I say that because I am not a numbers person, so it get’s difficult to measure results, and sometimes it’s hard to measure social media results, because you can’t track social media directly from a sale. Very few people go  directly from Pintrest to Amazon and buy directly. So, what you want to do, the easiest thing to do, is to track things over time. 

I’m not sure if I have this here…Yeah here it is. Let’s see…I actually don’t have it here, but what you want to take a look at is your Google analytics and your sales rank. You want to watch your sales rank over time and see how that  changes over the date of your promotion. You will definitely see an uptake. In this particular case we are showcasing an author in Amazon sales rank, but if you  have a product that you are selling, or a service, take a look at your sales over that particular month, or week that you are doing that promotion, and see how they increase. That’s going to tell you what kind of a result you got. Even if it shows you that those sales came from Google. You know, people will see you on social media, but not buy immediately, but then they will Google you to find your website. So, even if Amazon and Google analytics says that they are coming from someplace. They are actually  a result of your social media marketing. Now you can go deeper into this measurement by reading these blog posts. Again, I will link to these below the video, but you want to take a look at the  major three steps when you’re executing any kind of social media campaign. You want to set some smart goals, create your action plan, and then you want to measure the results from your campaign. 

This is Maria Peagler from  with this brief video on how to go beyond social media and execute your social media campaign.


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