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Twitter Success System [WEBINAR EXCERPT]

By Janice Deleon

Watch this webinar excerpt to see how to develop a successful twitter system. You can get the full webinar FREE here.

Tips like these and significantly more are covered in Socialmediaonlineclasses.com


Video Transcript

Maria Peagler: What does success on Twitter look like? What can you expect to be successful on this social network? Well, the first sign of success is that you’ll start getting followers. You’ll start gaining followers to your account. You’ll start getting engagement, and on Twitter, engagement is a retweet. It’s a favorite of your tweet. If somebody is sharing your tweet with other people, it’s a direct message. It’s somehow people connecting with you on Twitter other than just following and seeing your tweets. It can also, if your posting links in your tweet, drive traffic to your website and ultimately I think that’s what people want from Twitter, is you want to get people going to your website and seeing what you have to offer, but ultimately Twitter is a branding social network.

It’s here that people are going to learn who you are, you’ll get visibility, and it’s a great introduction for people to learn more about you and your brand. Now the question is, can you get sales from Twitter? It’s unlikely. That’s not to say that you can’t get sales on Twitter, but here’s the reason why. The lifecycle of an average tweet is 20 minutes. There is so much going on on Twitter. It’s not like Facebook where your news feed is kind of curated. You see everything from everybody that you follow and even more on Twitter, and so after 20 minutes, your tweet has scrolled off the screen, not ever to be seen again, and so what you get is a very brief time on Twitter to get people’s attention and get your message out. That’s not enough to get a sale; however, it is enough to brand your business and to drive people to your website. It’s there that you can make a further connection.

Now because the tweet lasts only about 20 minutes, now I don’t want to say that … let me clarify this. A tweet is really a forever thing. Once you tweet it, it is always on your Twitter account. What I mean by a tweet, the lifecycle is 20 minutes, is that in the news feed or the Twitter stream that someone sees, it will probably only be there for 20 minutes before it’s pushed down by other tweets. The visibility of your tweets to others in their stream is 20 minutes. Now what does that mean for you? Well, a tweet has a short shelf life, and so what that means is that you can tweet often, whereas I post once a day on Facebook, I post once an hour on Twitter and that is during US business hours from 9 to 5 Eastern Time.

I tweet on an average between 8 and 10 times a day. You can tweet your best content multiple times and I do this. There are some tweets that I do every single day. It’s the same tweet I do it every day and that’s okay. Nobody is going to complain about that on Twitter because it last for 20 minutes, so the people who saw it yesterday are not going to be the same people who see it today and those are not going to be the same people who see it tomorrow. Then, also you want to optimize your tweet timing, and that means that you need to know who your customers are, who your potential audience is, and what that timing is.

Really, I see that you’re here on the webinar and you’re in Chicago, so you know that most of your clients are going to be in that, Chicago is in that weird time zone, in between Eastern and Central, but you know that that’s going to be your optimal tweet timing. It’s going to be during that Chicago time cycle, and so that’s when you want to be sending out your tweets. Now if this has you feeling a little bit overwhelmed, you should because it’s a lot to do. Tweeting every hour is unrealistic for most people if … like really you’re not sitting in front of your computer every day, and even if you still have your smartphone with you and you can do tweets on it, we’re busy in our business.

Most of us don’t have time to be tweeting multiple times a day, and tweeting 8 to 10 times a day is time consuming, so I have come up with what I call the Twitter Success System, and this is what allows me to tweet once an hour, 5 days a week, and do it. In total, I spend about 15 minutes a day on Twitter and that’s it. I’m going to share with you how I do this. I want to clarify here that this is not a Twitter How To webinar. This is not to replace the Twitter 101 class, that’s really where you need to be to learn how to use Twitter. This is a more advanced webinar for how to automate a lot of the things that are kind of background tasks that can be repeated over and over again and so that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Here are the 3 parts of the Twitter Success System that I use. The first thing is is that you want to be able to schedule your tweets ahead of time, and you can do that with any one of multiple tools, the most popular one is Hootsuite, and I do have a webinar on how to use Hootsuite and it is a free tool. Buffer is also a hugely popular tool to do what I call one-and-done posting. You can do one post and then tweet it and then post it on Facebook and other social networks at the same time, and it also allows you to schedule your tweets ahead of time.

TweetDeck is another tool that will allow you to do that. I used to use Hootsuite, but I now use Sprout Social and that’s what I’ll be using today. I’m not necessarily recommending Sprout Social for others. It’s just what works for me here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com. It allows you to work with a team. It has really good reporting features, but it’s on the expensive side. It’s about $50 a month. One of the free tools like Hootsuite or Buffer might be something better for you. Then, the second thing that I do is I create a content library and that is simply a spreadsheet that contains the content that I am going to be tweeting on a regular basis, and I’ll go into all the details on that. Then, the third thing is for the tweets that I do a lot, for example there are 2 tweets that I do every single day on Twitter, I automate typing those so that I don’t have to type the same.

The original blog post appear here.

In Socialmediaonlineclasses.com, you get classes on every major social network, infographics, webinars, and 1:1 coaching with me. I hope to see you inside Socialmediaonlineclasses.com.


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Jul 28

SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com Most Popular Infographics from the First Half of 2015

By Janice Deleon

most popular infographics

Infographics are some of the most popular resources we offer here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com. Here are member favorites from the first half of 2015:

1. The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags Infographic

hashtag infographic

Learn how to use a hashtag, what it is, and how it can help market your small business with over 64 different examples. FREE Infographic download.

2. Facebook Marketing Infographic 2015 Edition

One-page infographic with 64 tactics that get results on Facebook. How to make the most of your fans, posts, insights, get more engagement and more.

3. Instagram Marketing Strategies [INFOGRAPHIC]

64 Instagram marketing strategies mapped out in a handy one-page infographic, easy to print and use a checklist or marketing campaign generator.

4. The Ultimate Guide to Profitable LinkedIn Networking

64 actionable tactics for the new LinkedIn, including Profiles, Company Pages, Search, Gallery, Endorsements, Recommendations, Groups, and more.

5. The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Local Business

local marketing infographic2

64 actionable tactics for social media for local business, including Mobile, SEO, Instagram, Pinterest, and surprising recommendations that yield #1 results.

6. LinkedIn Sales Checklist: 5 Ways to Rock Your Profile to Generate Leads

LinkedIn Sales Checklist you can print & use as a guideline when networking. Learn the 5 essential steps you need to create profitable relationships in LinkedIn.


weekly top 5 - puppy edition
Jul 27

Weekly Top 5 for Jul 27, 2015

By Janice Deleon

Our classes are just the start of the learning you get here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com.  Here are the additional resources available this week..

weekly top 5 - puppy edition


#1. Most Popular Articles from the First Half of 2015

Social media for personal vs. business use, Instagram case studies, visual storytelling & more here . . . http://bit.ly/1IemqAb

#2. [INFOGRAPHIC] 30+ Social Media Marketing Resources for 2015

Keep up with the latest changes in social media marketing with this infographic and resource list . . . http://bit.ly/1D0nPyy

#3. How to Get Leads from Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is constantly changing the rules about what you can & can’t do to get fans’ email addresses.  Find out the best way to get leads in our updated Facebook 102 class . . . bit.ly/1F6Z8KU

#4. BONUS Videos in Twitter Success System Webinar

Who likes BONUSES? Members get two bonus videos in this month’s webinar: how to schedule an entire day’s tweets in 10 minutes, and how to automatically include images in your tweets.  See them here . . . bit.ly/1wE3Uxs

#5. Website Traffic Spike: Where Did Visitors Come From?

This SMOC member got a BIG spike in traffic to her website, and she’s wondering how she can identify where it came from.  See Maria’s step-by-step guide here . . . http://on.fb.me/1D0lS5c

Jul 24

Lesson 11: How to Reach More of Your Fans (Easily)

By Maria Peagler

Get Informed

Engagement is what makes sure your content stays in front of your fans, which is why it’s such a critical part of Facebook reach. The average engagement with a Facebook page is less than 1%, and the bigger the fan base, the more engagement drops. This lesson will show you how to develop a targeted Facebook marketing plan that will reach more fans and encourage engagement.

Facebook defines engagement as anything that people do to interact with you on your Facebook Page. They can like your post, comment on it or share it. Sharing is really the ultimate in Facebook engagement, because not only are fans interacting
with your page, but they are spreading word of mouth about your business. A share is free advertising your post and your business.

Fans who have liked your page can also tag your business in a post or in a photo. Once they tag you in a post,  it will be seen by their fans and also it shows up on your business page,so your fans see it, too.

Get Trained

You can increase the Reach of your posts in two primary ways: optimizing your posts and using Insights to produce targeted content.

How to Optimize Your Posts

Optimizing your posts gives them the best opportunity for reaching more of your fans.  Here are three ways to do just that:


  1. Include a photo or a video. Posts with photos get more engagement, so you should ALWAYS include a photo with your post, even if it is not something that is inherently visual. If you don’t have many images available and you can’t take your own photos, PhotoPin and Stock Exchange are great free resources, and YAYmicro is an affordable paid resource.Facebook is also encouraging business pages to upload video directly to your Facebook page, and posts that use those videos get higher reach.
  2. Schedule posts when your fans are online.  Business-to-consumer (B2C) brands are more likely to get engagement in the evenings and on weekends, when people have more leisure time.  Business-to-business (B2B) brands will get engagement during working hours.  See the section below on Insights to learn when your fans are online.
  3. Ask a simple question. Simple “click if you agree” and fill in the blank questions are easy for people to engage with. Make it easy: “Click if you promoted your business today” or “My favorite something is ______.” They work very well and get a lot of results.

The simpler and the more visual you can keep it, the greater the results will be.

Mine Your Facebook Insights for Results

Lesson 20 of Facebook 101 provides a detailed overview of your Facebook Insights and how to use them.  When you first access your Insights, Facebook displays a general overview of your business page statistics. To really get an understanding what it takes to reach a larger percentage of your fans, you’ll need to go deeper.

Posts – This tab shows you what day and what time your fans are online, along with the reach and engagement generated by all your posts.  Click on each day of the week to see the best times for your fans:


When your Fans are online: times for every day of the week


People – This is where you can see your demographic information. Your fans, people you’ve reached and people who have engaged with your posts will be broken down by gender, age, location and language. Study this data to identify groups within your fanbase that you can target.

Click the Post Types tab to see the average reach and engagement generated by each of your post types. As you can see in the image below, our most popular is Photo posts:

Photos outperform every other post type for my business page

Photos outperform every other post type for my business page

Use your Insights to discover what you Facebook fans like and want, and focus on generating that kind of content.  You’ll see higher reach and engagement as a result.

Go Do It

Create targeted Facebook posts optimized for your audience:

  1. Use your Insights to learn more about your fans and discover what types of posts they like most.
  2. Create a post that will appeal to your fans and incorporate an image with a simple question or fill in the blank prompt.
  3. Schedule your post when most of your fans are online.
  4. Use Insights to monitor the success of your post.

Successfully engaging with your audience over time requires ongoing monitoring of how they respond to your content and refining what you share based on those responses. By keeping your Facebook content targeted, you’ll be able to reach more people with a genuine interest in your brand, keep them engaged and, ultimately, generate leads.

Recommended Resources

Facebook Insights Lesson How to measure what matters in Facebook
Members-Only Content
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Jul 24

Lesson 10: Capturing Fan’s Email Addresses in Facebook

By Maria Peagler

Get Informed

Now that you know how to add custom tabs to your Facebook page and make an offer, you can do something similar by allowing visitors to sign up for your email newsletter (if you use email marketing).

All major email marketing tools offer a way to add an email sign-up box to a Facebook page, including Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, and Aweber.  The process is different for all, but none requires any coding on your part. 

Get Trained

Here are links to app-specific tutorials that show you how to add an email newsletter sign-up form to your Facebook page:

The best part of offering the ability to sign up for your email newsletter?  Visitors don’t even have to Like your page to do this.  You can capture contact information from fans and non-fans alike.  They key to being successful with this is giving people a great reason to sign up for your newsletter.  What’s in it for them?  I give away valuable resources that help my readers be more successful, and you can come up with your own “carrot” as an incentive.

In this example, I offer a free infographic with the latest Facebook marketing strategies (below the Timeline cover):


How do you know who has signed up to your email marketing via Facebook vs. your normal website?  Create a new contact list called Facebook Fans and direct your email program to add new contacts who sign up in Facebook to that list.  Voila!

Go Do It

All major email marketing companies offer sign-up forms you can use within Facebook.

The process usually involves these two major steps:

  1. build your form in your email marketing tool
  2. add the form to your page

Here’s the process in my own email marketing tool, ActiveCampaign:

First, I selected the form I wanted to use, added an image to it (to show people what they are getting), and connected it to my email list:

Build your form in your email marketing tool

Build your form in your email marketing tool

Next, I added the form to my Facebook business page:

Add the form to your Facebook business page

Add the form to your Facebook business page

Select the correct business page (if you have more than one)

Select the correct business page (if you have more than one)

Then I chose where I wanted the email tab to appear on my Timeline.  Select Manage Tabs from the More menu, and drag the tab to its new position:

Time to give your new form a home!

Time to give your new form a home!


Drag the tab to the position you want it to appear on your page. Only the first three tabs will appear on your Timeline. The remaining ones will appear under the More . . . drop-down menu.

I don’t have the ability to change the name of the tab – it’s Subscribe, even though I’m offer a free infographic.  I might be able to change it using Pagemodo or Woobox.

This is a POWERFUL feature within Facebook, and I recommend all business page owners take advantage of it.  Use Facebook to get people on your mailing list, then you can connect with them outside of Facebook through their email Inbox.

Recommended Resources

Questions about capturing fan’s email addresses in Facebook?  Head over to the Facebook group to get the answers: http://bit.ly/smocfbgroup

Jul 22

SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com Most Popular Articles from the First Half of 2015

By Janice Deleon

most popular articles

Articles are some of the most popular resources we offer here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com. Here are member favorites from the first half of 2015:

1. Social Media for Professional vs. Personal Use: There’s A Difference

Confessions of a millennial intern who thought she was social media savvy. What she learned was that using social for business was completely different!

2. Social Media for Local Business [Case Study]: Hair Salon on Facebook

How can local businesses capitalize on social media marketing to compete with chains and online competition?

Social media for a local business case study shows how a #1 hair salon gets business & increases their branding using Facebook.

3. Creating an Action Plan for Your SMART Social Media Goals: Your Step-by-Step Guide

How to turn your SMART goals into an Action Plan. Step-by-step example of how to create your own plan for your unique business.

4. Why Large-Brand Case Studies Don’t Work for Small Business

Small business needs their own case studies: they don’t have the resources of large brands. Discover 13 case studies of SMB social media.

5. Google Analytics for WordPress: Easily Measure What Matters

Top 3 Metrics Businesses Need to Measure to get 80% of Their Profits from 20% of Their Efforts. Plus How to Install GA Without Code.

6. Visual Storytelling for Brands

How brands can use visual storytelling to make their marketing sticky: case studies of local retailers, b2b brands, and more.

7. What You Need to Know BEFORE You Do Social Media Marketing in Europe

A primer for U.S. brands on how to approach social media marketing in Europe. A guide to cultural differences, privacy concerns, corporate restrictions and more.

8. Social Media Strategy Template: Develop Your Social Media Strategy in 60 Seconds

Download your free social media strategy template and worksheet, and learn how to develop your unique social media marketing strategy for your business.

9. Instagram for Small Business: Three Master Marketers

Learn from three small businesses who have mastered Instagram to promote themselves: a realtor, a cupcake bakery, and a retail clothing boutique.

10.  7 Surprising Secrets I’ve Learned from Beauty Vloggers

Beauty vloggers are not professional marketers, but they are CRUSHING traditional branding & promotion with their own style. Find out how they do it.


Jul 21

Lesson 9: Creating a Custom Tab to Get Leads Delivered to Your Inbox

By Maria Peagler

Get Informed

Facebook allows you to have custom tabs on your business page — these are great for showing offers, videos, or other marketing that would normally scroll off your Timeline.

fb102 lesson9a

Creating a custom tab is much like creating any other marketing piece: it takes time, so prepare by gathering all the images, text, and other materials you’ll be using. Know where they are and how you can find them. Creating the tab within Pagemodo is a process of:

  1. Adding the app to your profile
  2. Selecting a tab theme
  3. Adding your content
  4. Publishing the custom tab

Get Trained

Watch this video to follow along with me as I build a simple custom tab using Pagemodo:

If you want to add your email sign up form to your custom tab….

Here’s an example of one of my own custom tabs (notice it makes an offer in exchange for an email address):


Go Do It

Now it’s your turn to create your custom tab. Don’t make it complicated for your first one: keep it simple so you can complete it and measure how many leads you’re getting from it. If this tactic works well for you, improve upon it and continue using it:

  1. Prepare the graphics and copy you will want to use in your custom tab.
  2. Connect Pagemodo to your Facebook account and Create a Custom Tab.
  3. Select a tab theme and customize if necessary.
  4. Edit the default content with your own content.
  5. Complete your tab by publishing it.

Recommended Resources

Questions about using presentations to get more engagement using Facebook? Head over to the Community Forum and find the answers!

Jul 20

Weekly Top 5 for Jul 20, 2015

By Janice Deleon

Our classes are just the start of the learning you get here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com.  Here are the additional resources available this week..


#1. Twitter Success System Webinar Replay & Resources

SMOC members didn’t want this webinar to end! They learned the 1-2-3 components of the system, and how they can mix & match them for their unique brand . . . http://bit.ly/1wE3Uxs

#2. 32 Social Media Marketing Resources from Second Quarter of 2015

Our newest marketing resources from class lessons, infographics, webinars & the blog from second quarter 2015 . . . http://bit.ly/1DeQzhy

#3. Washington Post reports these 20 schools are responsible for a fifth of all graduate school debt

Don’t fall into the grad school debt trap, as reported by the Washington Post.  Get your online social media certificate in one month with zero debt instead . . . http://wapo.st/1gB5gXu

#4. How to Increase Facebook Ad Exposure

This SMOC member wants to improve her Facebook ad performance: how can she increase her ads’ exposure? . . . http://on.fb.me/1TL4CoE

#5. What’s the Best Twitter Tool: Hootsuite, Buffer, SproutSocial or Other?

This SMOC member is optimizing Twitter but it’s taking too long! Which is the best Twitter tool to use? See Maria’s advice here . . . http://on.fb.me/1TL4IMR

Jul 14

32 Social Media Marketing Resources from 2nd Quarter of 2015

By Janice Deleon

Second Quarter list of 2015

Every week here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com we give you a list of our most recent resources with our Weekly Top 5: your lessons, infographics, webinars, and articles. We’ve gathered all those resources from 2nd quarter of the year into one GINORMOUS list for you, making it uber-easy to find what you need to grow your business using social media marketing.


Social Media Strategy

  1. How to Turn a Potential PR Disaster into an Opportunity
  2. Help! My Marketing Isn’t Sexy!
  3. Could This Be the Perfect Social Media Post? *
  4. Secrets to Increasing Sales for Small Business Using Social Media Marketing
  5. How to Go on Vacation without Abandoning Your Business
  6. Socialmediaonlineclasses.com Announces New Online Social Media Certificate Training 
  7. How a New York City-Based Small Business Pivoted for Greater Revenue [CASE STUDY]
  8. How Georgetown Cupcakes Uses Social Media to Keep Customers Coming Back for More
  9. How to “Productize” Your Service Business for Easier Revenue
  10. Social Marketing 2015 — Babies Edition
  11. Small Business vs. Big Business: Tactics You Can Use to Beat Big Business
  12. CHEAT SHEET: 4 Social Media Engagement Hacks
  13. 4 Easy Ways to Make Money with Social Media Marketing
  14. Social Media Strategy Template & Spreadsheet
  15. How to Get More Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media *
  16. Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Generating Revenue



  1. The EASIEST Way to Get Facebook Fans — Updated! *
  2. New Privacy Options in Facebook *
  3. What Gets the Highest Engagement on Facebook in 2015?


  1. How to Craft an Irresistible Offer [WEBINAR EXCERPT]
  2. How to Craft an Irresistible Offer Your Competition Will Want to Steal [Webinar Replay] *
  3. Branding Your Small Business [WEBINAR EXCERPT]
  4. [WEBINAR EXCERPT] Drive Sales from Instagram & Pinterest
  5. [WEBINAR EXCERPT] 3 Must-Have Google Analytics Reports for Small Business
  6. Can Mobile Users Find Your Website [WEBINAR EXCERPT]


  1. Make Instagram Contests Easy *
  2. Want to Sell Clothes Online? You Can Use Instagram for That!

Instagram & Pinterest

  1. Instagram & Pinterest Sales Checklist


  1. 7 Ways to Say Thank You on Twitter

Google Plus

  1. 7 Google Search Secrets to Find Anything Online


  1. How to Use Hashtags on Your Hangtags *
  2. The Oscars Use of Hashtags in 2015 *


  1. SWIPE FILE: How to WOW Potential Customers with Testimonials *

* Indicates Members-Only Content

Jul 13

Weekly Top 5 for Jul 13, 2015

By Janice Deleon

Our classes are just the start of the learning you get here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com.  Here are the additional resources available this week..

People talk in speech bubbles, isolated with clipping paths. Soc


#1. Marketing Challenging Brands — Vlog and Transcript

Dentists, accountants, funeral planners and waste management brands: you’ll find them in every town in America, but they can be a challenge to market. Find out how to add a “fun” factor to your marketing here . . . http://bit.ly/1NYzyhP

#2. Twitter Success System: Live Webinar + Recording + MP3 Audio + Infographic

Still feel like you haven’t mastered Twitter? You’re not alone! In the July bonus webinar, Maria shares her “secrets” to getting success on Twitter in just minutes a day . . . http://bit.ly/1CYmOS4

#3. Updated Facebook 102: Customizing Your Facebook Page

So much has changed about customizing your Facebook page: Like box is gone, no longer need an app to run a contest – find out how to design your Facebook page to get results in the class here . . . http://bit.ly/1F6Z8KU

#4. How to Generate Business from Your Instagram Profile

Maria shared this article offering “hidden” opportunities in your Instagram profile.  Get the link to the article here . . . http://on.fb.me/1L0QXZ3

#5. Learn How to Build Your Own Stock Photo Library Using Your iPhone

Learn how to build your own stock photo library that sets your business apart. Easily. Really! Don’t miss this classic article that breaks it down into doable steps . . . . http://goo.gl/1S6BY9

Jul 10

Marketing Challenging Brands — Vlog and Transcript

By Janice Deleon

This is the video version of the original blog post titled Help! My Marketing Isn’t Sexy!, along with the video transcript (they follow the video):


Video Transcript

Maria Peagler: This is Maria Peagler with SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com and in this great video, I’m going to show you how you can turn a challenging business into an exciting business with your marketing. Now I talked about this on a blog post on my website called “Help! My marketing Isn’t Sexy!” This is for all the brands out there who have a challenging business: dentists, accountants, funeral planners, people who nobody looks forward to using your services but when they need you, they need you.

I’m going to show you six different ways that you can make your marketing a little bit more exciting. Now the first way is to grab people’s attention. Now you don’t need to do this by shouting at them but be clever. This is a great example. This is David Holmes who is a flight attendant and there’s nothing more boring than the flight safety speech that you hear every time you take a flight. He raps it.

Not only do people listen but they enjoy it and applaud afterward. He’s given a normally boring part of your flight an interesting twist that makes people enjoy it and remember Southwest Airlines. Figure out how you can do something similar to grab your audience’s attention. Now I did this for a book that I wrote on quilting and I’m going to music video of all the quilts that are in that book in those patterns. No one’s ever done a quilting music video before or since and it was an interesting and fun treatment for something that nobody would ever think of.

Now you can also make your brand exciting and I’ve got a formula for how to do this. The formula is you take brand’s personality, market it with your special sauce and that gives you exciting marketing. Here’s an example. If you’ve ever watched the show Pawn Stars on the History Channel, you know that they take what is really a very boring and grimy business and turn it into something that’s really fascinating to watch.

Now they do that with this formula. Their brand personality is the fact that it’s a family business and it has the same squabbles and challenges that any family business does. Their special sauce is the fact that they are located in Las Vegas so they have some interesting items and people coming through the door. They also have some very interesting relationships with subject experts who come in and give their commentary in perspective on items that people are trying to pawn.

Now you combine those and they’ve turned what is normally a really boring and grimy industry into an exciting marketing plan. The key is for you to do the same thing with your business. Now something very similar is Antiques Roadshow on PBS. Most people don’t think of PBS as doing exciting marketing but people love Antiques Roadshow. My husband is addicted to this show. He loves to watch it and see a blanket worth $100,000. Figure out what your formula is. What is your brand personality and your special sauce? That’s going to turn your marketing into exciting marketing.

Now the third thing that you can do is have a sense of humor. This is a video for a funeral home business and it’s a skateboarding funeral planner. If you come to the blog post you will see, and I’ll post a link below the video in the description. You’ll see that this video is saying basically if you don’t plan your funeral, somebody else will. In this case, it’s this woman’s skateboarding son who is not going to plan the kind of funeral that she would like to have. It’s a funny video but it’s in good taste. You remember this brand.

Number four is to be so useful that people cannot ignore you. This is a video from a Youtube channel that is a hacks kind of Youtube channel. It’s interesting ways to do things. This is a video on how to peel a kiwi but he also shows how to peel an avocado. I watched his video and I’ve never forgotten it because it was so useful. Be so useful in showing people how to do something they wouldn’t know how to do themselves, and they’re going to remember you when they need your service.

Number five, provide a tangible resource for free. This is something that I do with my info graphics and again these are so useful that people remember me when they need their social media training. Finally, make no apologies for the business that you’re in. The example that I use for this is waste management. Now nobody loves their trash collection business. It’s not something that people look for on Facebook and like because they absolutely love their waste management drivers. They make their marketing very, very professional.

They did a video here on the day in the life of a waste management driver. They also give really good recycling and environmental tips. They’re making no apologies for the business that they’re in. I also have a colleague who sells Porta Potties for events and she has a great sense of humor about it. She knows that it’s not an exciting business but it’s a business that people need when they have an event and she’s happy to do it.

Those are six ways that you can make your marketing a little bit more exciting and a little bit more sexy. If you like to see the details, just click in the description to come read the full blog post. This is Maria Peagler with SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com.

The original blog post appear here.

Jul 07

Twitter Success System: Live Webinar + Recording + MP3 Audio + Infographic

By Maria Peagler

twitter success system 600px


Join Maria Peagler for this 30-minute live webinar: Twitter Success System —

  • 30-Minute Webinar + On-Demand recording + MP3 Audio + Infographic
  • $297.00 value FREE for Members (Membership is $57 per month, cancel easily anytime.)
  • Thurs, July 16, 1pm EDT, 6pm GMT

Get Webinar FREE with SMOC Membership
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weekly top 5 - puppy edition
Jul 06

Weekly Top 5 for Jul 6, 2015

By Janice Deleon

Our classes are just the start of the learning you get here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com.  Here are the additional resources available this week..

weekly top 5 - puppy edition


#1. Six-Figure Working Moms Keep One-Week Time Diary: What They Do Differently

My interview with time-management expert Laura Vanderkam on her latest book, based on the time logs of working moms earning six-figures. Listen to what they do differently (and you can too) . . . http://bit.ly/1GWCjO4

#2. How to Get 3,600 Likes in Just 6 Days (without ads)

This small business thrives on Facebook, gaining over 3,500 leads in less than one week. See how he did it without ads . . . http://on.fb.me/1KEXVmn

#3. [VIDEO] Secrets to Getting Sales for Small Business Using Social Media

Video version the blog post detailing 13 tactics for getting sales using social media . . . http://bit.ly/1KF0Hb3

#4. How to Developed a Unified Marketing Strategy with Social, SEO, Content & Email Marketing

New infographic in our social media strategy class shows how to combine your website, content, social, SEO, and email  for a unified marketing strategy. It’s in our updated class here . . . http://bit.ly/smstrategyclass

#5. How a New York City Based Small Business Pivoted for Greater Revenue [SLIDESHARE]

How a New York City-based small business pivoted to increase revenue.  Learn the tools, tactics, and resources she used to make the transition. . . . http://bit.ly/1KFbzpp

Jul 03

Social Media Sales Secrets — Vlog and Transcript

By Janice Deleon

This is the video version of the original blog post titled Secrets to Increasing Sales for Small Business with Social Media Marketing, along with the video transcript (they follow the video):


Video Transcript

Maria Peagler: This is Maria Peagler with socialmediaonlineclasses.com and in this brief video, I am going to show you 13 different ways that you can increase sales for your business using social media marketing. This is a post on our website and I will leave a link in the video description where you can come and read each one of these in depth. The first tip is to figure out why your social media marketing isn’t generating revenue. This is usually a surprise, the reasons why. This is an article here on the blog that will tell you, why your social media marketing is not currently generating revenue. Then you can transition into tip number 2 which is how to go ahead and start generating revenue using social media marketing.

Now you’re not usually going to make a sale on Facebook or any other social network, but you can drive traffic either to your brick and mortar store or to your website. You need to have some tools in place for those sales to happen and this is what this article is going to help you with, so that’s article number 2. Article number 3 is, is your offer right for your audience? This is an actual case study of a socialmediaonlineclasses.com member who did a pivot in her business. She got higher revenue because of it and how she used LinkedIn to help her do this. That’s the 3rd tip, is your offer may not be right for your audience. Number 4, do people trust you?

Especially online people are always wary of being scammed and so you’ve got to figure out how to create a credible personal brand. We have an info graphic in an article on the website that will help you do that. Then 5th, does your website need fine tuning? You can be doing awesome social media and making home runs every single day with your post, but if your website is confusing, if people don’t understand what it is that you’re offering or feel a little bit hesitant to purchase from you, then you need to make a few changes to your website. Now this is not saying, you need to get an entirely new website or do a big makeover. It’s just a few small changes that you can make that will create a big difference.

Number 6, this is one of my favorite ones. It’s a case study of a realtor from Atlanta, Georgia who generated $ 100,000 in income from social media referrals alone. This is one you definitely want to check out again. It’s an article on our blog. You can also boost some sagging revenues with public relations and social media. This is a case study of a business that was featured on the MSNBC show, The Profit. It’s a Jacksonville business that was able to continue the momentum they got from that show because a lot of times you’ll get a one-time boost in revenues, but then that’s going to stop. You need to figure out how to continue that and that’s what this case study shows how they did.

The number 8 is another case study about how a local meat market uses Facebook to get people into their Brick and Mortar Stores. This is a case study of Stittsworth Meats in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is a small family in business and they do a great job using Facebook to get people in their store. Number 9 is how to invest $ 50 in the Facebook Ad and get 1200% ROI in return. This is a socialmediaonlineclasses.com member who invested in a $ 50 Facebook Ad and sold out of what he was trying to sell, so that’s definitely one you don’t want to miss.

Number 10 is how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile to get leads in sales. There is a great info graphic that goes along with this. Number 11 is one that you, is definitely going to be a surprise that is, how do you Slideshare to generate sales? I did this for my coaching book. It stayed in Amazon’s top 10’s list for the first year. The 2nd year, that’s not so easy to do because your book isn’t new anymore, but I use Slideshare do that. This presentation here will show you how you can use Slideshare to do the same thing. Then number 12 is how to optimize your Pinterest boards to generate traffic and sales. Now Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic to your website, if you do it right.

In this video, I show in socialmediaonlineclasses.com member how to make over for Pinterest boards to drive sales. I have saved the absolute best for last which is number 13 which is how to sell out in 24 hours on Instagram. This is an actual case study that I shared in a bonus webinar for our members and you don’t want to miss this. This is an excerpt from that particular bonus webinar, so there you go 13 ways that you can increase sales using social media marketing. If you like more information, click on the link below the video to see each of these articles on the socialmediaonlineclasses.com website. This is Maria Peagler with socialmediaonlineclasses.com.

The original blog post appear here.