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Jan 21

How to to Generate 1,200% ROI on a $50 Facebook Ad [CASE STUDY]

By Maria Peagler

Have you considered Facebook ads but just weren’t sure if they would produce results for you?  Do you wonder if your small budget is too small to compete with mega-brands for ad space?

This case study of a local business who achieved a stunning 1,200% return on investment (ROI) on an ad of $50 will prove it’s possible for small businesses with no experience in running Facebook ads to generate significant revenue from them.

Meet Bradley Cummings, Photographer

Bradley Cummings is a member and the owner of Bradley Cummings Photography in Canberra, Australia.  He specializes in workshops, portraits, and location photography, and like most private business owners, wears many hats.  He handles marketing, books photography sessions, travels to photo locations and conducts the photo shoot, and teaches workshops.

Bradley Cummings earned a 1,200% return on his investment in Facebook ads

Bradley Cummings earned a 1,200% return on his investment in Facebook ads

Bradley’s goal was to generate revenue during a normally slow season.  He wasn’t focusing on Likes or engagement, but increasing his bottom line.  Because he was investing money in Facebook ads, he expected an increase in revenue in return.  Specifically, Bradley wanted to fill  his photography workshops.

Bradley’s Road to Success with Facebook Ads

Bradley admits that his first attempt at creating Facebook ads was a frustrating experience.  His ad was rejected for having too much text (images on your ads can have only 20% text) and then he received notification that there was “dubious” activity on his PayPal account.  Facebook asked him to provide identification and send it to them. Once all that was resolved, he created a second ad, and here are his results:

  • Doubled the amount of traffic to his website
  • Filled his photography workshops during a normally slow season
  • Spent $50 (AUD) on Facebook ads and earned $600 additional revenue in workshop registrations
  • Achieved a 1,200% return on his $50 investment

Will Facebook Ads Work for Your Business?

Some businesses do better with Facebook ads than others.  Those include:

Local businesses

Local businesses do well with Facebook ads.  Anything local catches Facebook users’ attention, so if you’re a local business, be sure to use your town’s name in your ads or posts.  Also, since you’re paying for the ad to appear in a limited area only,  your overall cost will be lower.

Businesses who invest in quality images

Facebook is a visual medium, so any business that’s invested in high quality photography of its founders and offerings will make an excellent first impression and be more likely to achieve a higher ROI on an ad.

Those who are persistent

Creating a Facebook ad requires being comfortable with images, resizing them if necessary, and using Facebook’s ad manager.  Bradley admits that he was frustrated by his first attempts, but he persisted and achieved eventual success.

However, even if you don’t fit neatly into one of those categories, you can still achieve success with Facebook ads.

How You Can Achieve a 1,200% ROI on Your Own Facebook Ads

Members – login to get the details on how Bradley achieved such a great ROI and how you can do the same: click here to login!

Not a member? Start learning today by becoming a Socialmediaonlineclasses member.  Click here to learn more:

Dec 23

Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2013


Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2013 Here at SMOC

Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2013 Here at SMOC

#1. Facebook Marketing Infographic: 64 Tactics to Promote Your Business to 1 Billion People

The most popular article of all time here at 64 Facebook tactics in 8 categories for a possible 4 million unique marketing campaigns . . .

#2.  The Ultimate Guide to Profitable LinkedIn Networking (Infographic)

The most shared article in 2013 was this LinkedIn infographic: your go-to reference for what’s changed and how to get results on this B2B social network . . . .

 #3. Social Media Templates, Presentations & Videos: Get My Best Resources without Leaving the Office

Couldn’t make it to a social media conference this year? No problem. Get these PowerPoint presentations, videos and templates from my own conference talks here . . . . .

#4.  Marketing Infographics on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Slideshare & More

My most popular infographics all in one place. Browse through them and download your favorites here . . . . .

#5. Creating a Social Media Action Plan: the First 100 Days of 2013 (relevant for 2014 as well)

How to execute online marketing goals with an action plan. This is the second article in a three-part series including setting SMART goals and measuring your ROI . . . .

#6. How to Double Your Facebook Fans Authentically: No Buying Allowed (CASE STUDY)

This case study of an SMOC member who doubled her Facebook fans is even more critical with lower Facebook reach . . . . .

#7. WordPress Website Checklist: How to Build a Website with WordPress

Build your own WordPress website in just five steps with this article & accompanying checklist . . . .

#8. LinkedIn Sales Checklist: How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn

LinkedIn leads are 3x more likely to convert into a sale than any other social network. Learn how to turn your profile into a lead generation machine here . . . .

#9. The Art of Giving a Recommendation

This surprise entry in the most popular list of 2013 demonstrates how difficult it is to write a solid recommendation for someone. Learn how your recommendations can stand out here . . . . .

#10. 3 Ways to Protect Your Online Accounts from Getting Hacked

Who’s been hacked this year? Target, LivingSocial, Facebook, WordPress, Evernote, Microsoft, and NBC. If it happened to these behomoths, it can happen to you too. Protect your accounts with a rock-solid fortress by doing these three simple things . . . .

Dec 16

Weekly Top 5 for Dec 16, 2013


Top 5 Resources this Week at SMOC

Top 5 Resources this Week at SMOC

#1.  18 Effective Tactics to Increase Your Facebook Fan Reach [Case Study]

Facebook finally admitted the number of fans who see your posts (called Reach) is declining. They suggest paying for ads to improve it. I offer 18 FREE tactics to get better Reach here . . . .

#2.  How to Download a Free Blog Header from flickr [Screenshots]

Ever wanted to try out different headers for your blog? It’s simple with these free images available for download on flickr. Learn how to here . . . .

 #3. Member Article Library [New Feature]

SMOC offers 200 strategy articles (in addition to step-by-step lessons), and members can easily access them by category in the sidebar. Log in and take a look at the sidebar here . . . . .

#4.  Member Showcase: Penny Pearl Authors Article on LinkedIn Follow-Up After Networking Event

Penny Pearl is a serial entrepreneur, SMOC member, and author. Check out her actionable article on using on LinkedIn after in-person networking . . . . .

#5. PRWeb Declares Social Media as One of Three Key Trends for 2014

PRWeb identified three critical marketing trends to watch for 2014, and #1 on their list is social media. See the report here . . . .


Dec 11

18 Effective Tactics to Boost Your Facebook Reach

By Maria Peagler

18 Tactics to Beat Declining Facebook Reach

Facebook now admits that fewer and fewer people see your posts

Facebook finally admitted what most page owners already know: organic reach (not paid) is dropping. Advertising Age magazine offered this article about it here:

The plummet in post reach began when Facebook went public, and worsened in September of this year when they changed their algorithm. While this is bad news for most businesses, SMOC members are covered! You have many resources here to overcome this challenge, and I’ll be offering a webinar in January for Highly Targeted Facebook Ads on a Budget.

  1. How a Solopreneur Gets 200% Facebook Reach – without Ads
  2. Facebook Engagement Secrets
  3. 5-Minute Facebook Marketing Plan
  4. Three Critical Elements for Facebook Engagement 
  5. Posting Photos for Facebook Fan Engagement
  6. Measure your Facebook Engagement with Insights
  7. Schedule Your Facebook Posts for Maximum Fan Reach
  8. How to Guarantee Your Facebook Fans See Your Posts 
  9. Get Fans to Take Action Directly from Your Facebook Timeline Cover
  10. Develop a Lead Generation for Your Facebook Page 
  11. Create a Custom Tab to Get Facebook Leads Delivered to Your Inbox
  12. Capture Fan’s Email Addresses in Facebook
  13. Beat Facebook’s New Algorithm to Reach More Fans
  14. A Baker’s Dozen Tactics to Monetize Your Facebook Fans
  15. Video Makeover of a Facebook Business Page to Get More Sales
  16. Small Business Case Studies Using Facebook
  17. Effective Facebook Ads
  18. Running FB Ads on a Budget
Nov 25

Weekly Top 5 for Nov 24, 2013


Top 5 Resources this Week at SMOC

Top 5 Resources this Week at SMOC

#1.  How to make $100K from Facebook: [Case Study]

Interview, transcript & screenshots of a realtor who earned $100K from her listings on Facebook (without ads!). This will completely change the way you use social media . . . . .

#2.  Instagram for Your Business Webinar 

The biggest takeaway from last week’s Instagram webinar? Hashtags (& how you use them differently here)! My guest Sue B. shares how she landed a $20,000 using hashtags.  You also get these BONUSES: mini-tutorials on desktop vs. mobile, image sizes & case studies . . . .

 #3. New Member Offers Incredible Photos on her FB Page

This new member has a terrific mobile business that every woman will want to know about.  Her gorgeous photos are an inspiration for any Facebook page owner . . . . .

#4.  Have you downloaded your Holiday Marketing Kit yet?

Over 300 holiday images, an exclusive holiday Facebook Timeline cover, and the top ten Facebook posts that will get you higher engagement & leads this holiday season  . . . .

#5. Thanksgiving Week Hours

SMOC will be open Mon & Tues of the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday week.  We will be closed Wed-Fri to spend time with our families.  As always, your classes & online resources will be available to you 24/7. Happy Thanksgiving!


Nov 20

How to Make $100,000 in Real Estate from Social Media Alone [CASE STUDY]

By Maria Peagler

This case study of a real estate broker who earned over $100,000 from social media (her listings alone) will totally change the way you approach online marketing.

Molly got over 500 Likes the first week she opened her new ReMax office

Meet Molly McGrory, ReMax Broker

Molly is the owner of five ReMax offices in Georgia, a real estate holding company, is also a listing broker, and travels 105 miles between her offices.  She’s an avid tennis player who enjoys playing three days a week. You might think that a hugely successful owner of multiple businesses doesn’t have time to do her own social media. But she does:  Molly makes the time. Molly uses social media to:

  • Earn $100,000 exclusively from her own listings from one social network (and $75,000 the year before)
  • Tap into a hugely profitable resource (and its not her Facebook friends)
  • Open a new real estate office and get over 500 Likes to its Facebook page the first week
  • Hire a successful agent via social media by making her an offer she couldn’t refuse

How Molly Earned Six Figures from Social Media (Case Study & Interview)

Members – get the 15-minute interview, action items, and screenshots to learn exactly how to earn $100K from social media: click here to login!

Not a member? Start learning today by becoming a Socialmediaonlineclasses member. Get started below:

Nov 18

Weekly Top 5 for Nov 17, 2013

By Maria Peagler

Top 5 Resources this Week at SMOC

Top 5 Resources this Week at SMOC

#1.  How to land a $20,000 client on Instagram [Bonus Webinar]

This solopreneur didn’t think she “needed” another social network, until she realized that she could land lucrative clients with Instagram.  Learn how she did it and how you can too in Thursday’s bonus webinar . . . .

#2.  How to get 55,000+ people seeing your Facebook posts

I offer a quick case study in the Forum of how one solopreneur got over 56,000 people (not just her fans) to see her post (it’s super-simple!) . . .

#3. Your holiday marketing mega-kit

Over 300 holiday images, an exclusive holiday Facebook Timeline cover, and the top ten Facebook posts that will get you higher engagement & leads this holiday season  . . .   .

#4.  No-brainer tactic to get more fans

This easy step takes less than one minute.  Do it and watch your fan count grow . . . .

#5.  Four Secrets to getting 200% Facebook Reach

One more Facebook Reach lesson to round out the Weekly Top 5.  These four secrets and a case study will show you how one solopreneur got a 200% reach (and she doesn’t have a huge fan count)  . . . . .

Nov 05

Holiday Marketing: How to Keep it Simple for You & Your Customers

By Maria Peagler

Welcome to November — the busy holiday social media marketing season is upon us!

Are you ready?

Most small business owners say they feel overwhelmed when it comes to social media, and they have no idea where to start with so many social networks to choose from.

So I’m going to make it dead-simple for you to do easy holiday marketing that doesn’t exhaust you and your resources.

2012 Holiday Case Study

Let’s take a look at a case study from here at Socialmediaonlineclasses from the 2012 holiday season.  I ran a promotion called the 12 Days of Christmas Bonuses; the goal being attracting new members during a typically slow month of December (people aren’t thinking about doing online training. They’re shopping for family members enjoying holiday parties).

I offered a new bonus everyday for 12 days.  It required a lot of work on my part, as I developed the majority of the bonuses myself, including a 12-page Unique Value Proposition Blueprint, a 5-Minute Facebook Marketing Plan spreadsheet and much more.

I also wrote two blog posts for each bonus: one was the marketing post that described the bonus and encouraged visitors to register, while the second post delivered the bonus.

I began developing the bonuses in November and the promotion ran through mid-December.

What were the results?


The 12 Days of Christmas Bonuses didn’t generate a significant groundswell of new memberships.  After the holiday season was over, I knew that was not a program that I would repeat.  Too much work for too little ROI.

2013 Summer Case Study

Fast forward to the summer of 2013: again it’s a slow season for online training because people are on vacation at the beach, driving cross-country with their families, and spending time together.  Online learning takes a backseat during the summer months.

I tried a dead-simple  promotion:  a 12-hour Flash Sale.

I drastically reduced the price of an Annual Membership by 60%, I promoted it on my blog with only one blog post (instead of the 24 posts for the 12 Days of Christmas Bonuses), and blanketed my social media marketing channels with the promotion for just one day.

The result?

My best sales day ever!

I generated significantly more revenue from a simple 12-hour promotion then from a 12-day promotion.

Why did it work so well?

Reason #1:  People love a discount.  Visitors already connected to SMOC (a FB fan, LI connection, on my email list, etc) who were considering signing up did so because they saw a huge discount.

Reason #2:  Scarcity.  Offering the sale for only 12 hours created a huge motivation to act now.

Reason #3: Trust.   I had already built-up trust and credibility with these potential members, so when they saw a huge opportunity, they acted on it immediately.  They didn’t need to check out my reputation.

Your Action Items

My recommendations for you?

  • Keep your holiday social media marketing simple.
  • Don’t make people think or jump through hoops to get your offer
  • Start early:  Black Friday is the traditional start of the holiday shopping season.  Make your offer earlier so you don’t have to compete the Black Friday messages. members:   you’ll be getting my Holiday Social Media Marketing kit, making your social media so much simpler!  It’s a graphics pack, a timeline cover, and 10 posts (with images) for the holiday season to increase your engagement and your leads.

Social Media Case Studies for Small Business
Sep 09

Why Large-Brand Case Studies Don’t Work for Small Business

By Maria Peagler

social media cases studies small business

If you’ve been staying abreast of how brands use social media, you’ll hear some well-known companies mentioned repeatedly: Dell, Virgin, Starbucks, Ford, Amazon, Zappos and more.

Which is fabulous if you’re a large business: you can take a look at what other mega-brands are doing and simply adapt their strategies to your organization’s style.

But small business is left wondering: “Can I make those same strategies work for me?”

If you listen to the authors of those case studies, they’ll assure you that “Yes! You just scale them for your business!”

Baloney. Those large-brand case studies won’t work for your business. You don’t have the manpower, budget, or agency resources the Coca-Cola’s of the world do.

Small business needs their own case studies. Fortunately, here at SMOC, you’ll get them in abundance. Here are a baker’s dozen to learn from:

Here are the same case studies, in list format:

Aug 20

Google Analytics for WordPress: Easily Measure What Matters

By Maria Peagler

google analytics for wordpress tutorial

The final installment in my WordPress Website series demystifies how to use

Google Analytics

for WordPress. First, what is Google Analytics? It’s a measurement tool that analyzes the traffic to your website.

If you’re a statistics geek, you’ll love it and won’t need to read this article. You’ll feel right at home. If you’re not a stats geek, read on to learn how to measure what matters on your WordPress website.

How to Install Google Analytics (no coding necessary)

Before Google Analytics (GA) can measure anything, you need to add some tracking code to your website that looks like this:


While many business owners hire a developer to install this code or get frustrated trying to do it themselves, I’ll save you the hassle of both. The foolproof method of installing GA is to use the Yoast Google Analytics plugin. Install this plugin on your WordPress website, give it your tracking code, and you’re all set. You’ll see statistics about your site within 24 hours.

Now, Google Analytics is a number-lovers dream. But small business owners don’t have time to wade through layers and layers of analytics to figure out what matters most to their businesses. So here are the Top 3 Google Analytics Metrics for Small Business: what they are, why they matter, and how to get them.

80/20 Rule for Google Analytics

These three metrics are the 80/20 rule of Google Analytics: 20% of your business comes from 80% of your effort.

1. Who is my audience?

GA calls this Audience Overview, and it tells you who is coming to your website and how they’re using it:

google analytics visitors report wordpress

Who is visiting my website?

The most important metrics here are:

    • Unique Visitors – how many people visited your website
    • Avg Visit Duration – how long they stayed
    • % New Visits – what percentage were new to your site (a high percentage of New Visits means people aren’t returning)
    • Bounce Rate – what percentage looked at only one page on your site and left (they didn’t find what they were looking for)
    • Unique Visitors – how many people visited your website

A good Bounce Rate for an entire site is around 60% or below. Higher means that people aren’t finding what they needed, so they left immediately. So what do you do with this report? Use it as a baseline for visitor behavior on your website. Watch for peaks and dips, and identify what you did on the site to motivate them.

2. Where is my traffic coming from?

This metric is called Traffic Source in GA terms, and it’s critical to understand where your website visitors are coming from. How do they find out about your website? And what sources drive the most traffic?

google analytics source report wordpress

Where are my visitors coming from?

The four main metrics here are:

    • Traffic Source Pie Chart – what percentage of traffic comes from Search, Referral, and Direct?
    • Search Traffic>Keyword – the terms people use to search for your website
    • Referral Traffic>Source – what websites link to yours and send you traffic
    • Direct Traffic>Landing Page – when people come to your website directly from a bookmark or typing in their browser, what page they arrive on

So what do you do with these metrics? Identify what your main traffic sources are, then focus on attracting more of it. If you’re getting a lot of Search Traffic, then optimize your site for search engines (SEO 101 teaches you how to do this). If one website is sending you a lot of referral traffic, reach out to them more often. If you’re getting a lot of Direct Traffic to one or two Landing Pages, people find those useful to return to them, so create similar pages on your site.

3. What is my most popular content?

This metric is called Pages in GA terms, and it tells you the most popular content you have on your website. It doesn’t have to be a page (even though GA calls them that); it could be a blog post, an infographic, or a video. But this metric will tell you which page of your website gets the most traffic over time:

google analytics pages reports wordpress

What are your top 5 most-visited pages?

The three key metrics here are:

    • Page – the name of your page
    • Page Visits – total number of visits to this page over the time period (day/week/month/year)
    • Bounce Rate – how many people came, viewed, and left after seeing that one page only. Same metric as in #1, but for an individual page.

So what do you do with these metrics? Identify your top five most-visited pages: these are your money pages, that attract traffic to your website.

Identify what content is most popular with your visitors, then develop a plan for creating similar content that your audience finds useful.

If your Bounce Rate is 100%, people aren’t finding what they need on that page. Figure out how to improve that content so visitors stay on it longer.

Tip: For your most popular pages, it’s helpful to understand what traffic sources drive the most visitors to them. You can view this by clicking on Secondary Dimension, then Source. GA displays the top sources of traffic for each page.

Google Analytics 101 for Business

These three metrics are the 80/20 rule of GA: 20% of your business comes from 80% of your efforts. Audience Overview, Traffic Source, and Pages are the 20% of GA you need to pay attention to. Sure, you can get lost in the sea of data GA presents, but I’ve saved you from that. Focus on these key statistics, and you’ll see your business website improve in traffic, return visitors, and sales.

Recommended Resources (About Membership)

Aug 12

Best WordPress Plugins: How to Add Features without Coding

By Maria Peagler

Best WordPress Plugins: How to Add Features without Coding

Live Webinar Aug. 22: WordPress Website in a Hour ($497 value free with membership)

Ever wished you could add an important feature to WordPress like a shopping cart, SEO tools, a contact form, or a spam blocker, but you don’t have the technical skills to do it?

Plugins to the rescue!  They’re  tools ready for you to add to your website, no coding required.

But, how do you know which ones are the best?  And what’s the difference between a widget and a plugin?

Plugins vs. Widgets

Both plugins and widgets allow you to add new features to your WordPress website/blog, but they serve different purposes:

  • Plugins add new features to WordPress that go beyond the default pages, posts & blogs.  The most popular plugins are SPAM blockers, SEO tools, analytics measurement, and  contact forms.
  • Widgets add content and new features to your sidebar.

Plugins turn WordPress from a plain blog into a robust website.  But, you need to know how to select ones you can trust:  plugins are the most-often cited source of problems for WordPress.  So it’s crucial to select the best ones with a solid reputation.

Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins (You Can Trust)

In true David Letterman form, here are my recommended “best” WordPress plugins:

1.  Akismet

Weird name — awesome plugin.  It’s the Ironman of SPAM blocking plugins, and it comes from WordPress itself, so you know you can trust it.  SPAM is the bain of any online site, and combating it can be a real headache.  Akismet identifies SPAM, blocks it automatically, and lets you  delete it in batches.

2.  Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms puts a simple Contact Us form on your site, easily.  It’s not the most popular Forms plugin, but it’s the simplest & the best.  I use it (and paid for the premium version after being impressed with its support).  I have a confession to make:  I have a crush on this plugin. I started out using it for a simple Contact Us form, and have used it to create self-service functions for visitors, including file uploads, member directories, surveys, and much more.  Highly recommended.

3.  WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast gives Google, Yahoo, Bing & other search engines exactly what they need to list your website when visitors are searching online.  Anything from Yoast you can trust, and you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars in SEO consulting with this plugin.

4.  Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics for WordPress is another trusted plugin by Yoast.  How do you know if you’re blog posts are being read?  Is your blog attracting traffic?  And from where?  Get these answers and more without having to add a single line of code to WordPress using this plugin.  You still need to go to Google Analytics to view your stats, but this plugin makes it super simple to connect GA to WordPress.

5.  WP Touch Mobile

WP Touch Mobile automatically identifies when a visitor is viewing your website from a mobile device and displays it in a mobile version.  How often do you use your smartphone to view content online?  Guess what:  so are your visitors.  Turning your website into a mobile-friendly version (called Responsive in web design terms) can be a huge investment, but doesn’t have to be.  WP Touch Mobile =   Simple. Easy. Done.

Add these plugins to your WordPress site and you’ll transform a plain blogging platform into an expensive-looking & innovative website that you did yourself.  Need details on exactly how to do it?  Check out these recommended resources:

Related Member Resources (About Membership)

WordPress Website in an Hour (Live Webinar — $497 value free for members)

WordPress Website Checklist

WordPress for Business Case Study: a Neglected Blog Makeover to Full Website

facebook insights how to
Aug 06

Facebook Insight Stats Explained: How to Mine Your Facebook Analytics for Actionable Tactics

By Maria Peagler

fb insights announceFacebook captures data on how your fans interact with your posts, their demographic info, and what posts they like best.  And Facebook shares it with you in a feature called Insights.

Best of all,  results you see are unique to your fans.

But Facebook page owners rarely use Insights.  Why?

Because they’re filled with numbers, data, and graphs.  In short, it looks like something your accountant would love.

Not mining your Facebook Insights = leaving money on the table.

Inside all that data is are where the gold is.  Sure, it’s easy to get lost in it all — so don’t feel like you need to review everything.  Instead, focus on these Top 3 Facebook Insights you need to know and more importantly — what to do with them.

1.  What Posts Get the Best Results?

Fans of a football team page will respond differently to posts than fans of a coffee shop.  Service-based businesses have fans who want posts completely different.

So how do you know which post will generate the optimal results for your unique fans?

Your fans are already telling you, and their answers are in your Facebook Insights.  Specifically, they’re on the Posts tab:

fb insights 1

Sort by Reach & Engagement to see which posts are best for your unique fans


When you click on the Posts Tab, Facebook shows you the stats for All Posts.  You get three months worth of results, organized by Date, Post Content, Post Type (status update, video, photo or link), Targeting, Reach and Engagement.

Your Action Items:

  • Click on Reach to sort posts by how many people saw them.  Your most popular post appears at the top.  Do more of these types of posts:  look at the content & the post type.
  • Click on Engagement to sort posts by how many people interacted with your post by liking it, commenting on it, or sharing it.  These posts are your real gold:  they are not only getting fan interest, they also improve your EdgeRank so more of your fans will see your posts in their News Feeds.

2.  What Day & Time Should I Post?

Facebook is finally telling page owners when their fans are online the most, both by day of the week and time of day,  in the When Your Fans Are Online Tab shown here:

The best days & times to post for greatest fan reach

The best days & times to post for greatest fan reach

Your Action Items:

  • Check this tab weekly.  The times your fans are online changes from week-to-week, so make sure you’re posting when your fans are reading.
  • Identify the top days & times to post, and schedule those posts ahead of time OR make a recurring appointment on your calendar to post during your fans’ optimum times.

3. What Should I Post on My Business Page?

Now you know, because Facebook tells you which post types get the best response from your fans.  Check out the Best Post Types Tab:

What should I post on Facebook?  Check the Best Post Types Tab to find out

What should I post on Facebook? Check the Best Post Types Tab to find out

Facebook displays clearly your most popular post types, showing you exactly how many fans saw them and engaged with them.  So if video resonates with your fans, figure out how you can post more of it.  While links are often the most actionable posts for business, they don’t get as much Reach.  Get creative:  post a how-to video with a link to learn more.  Make these stats work for you by capitalizing on your strengths and turning your weaknesses into an opportunity.

Your Action Items:

  • Identify which post types work best for your audience.
  • Record these Insights monthly on a spreadsheet (SMOC members can use this one here) so you can view your results over time, identify trends and changes.

How to Turn Insights into More Fans & Sales

Insights data is great, but what’s a page owner supposed to do with it all that data?  Here are three exclusive tools I offer to members to turn Insights into more fans & more sales:

  1. A case study that shows how one solopreneur got over 400 Likes in one day, and exactly how she did it!
  2. An in-depth video tutorial of how to analyze Insights for your business — including what’s important & what isn’t (Members login to watch it)
  3. Facebook Insights Checklist: How to Turn Data into Sales

fb insights video thumbnail

Jul 15

WordPress for Business Case Study: a Neglected Blog Makeover to Full Website

By Maria Peagler

Dr. Ann Pike is a licensed psychologist in Georgia who is part of a larger practice.  She wanted her own small website that would showcase her individual approach to psychology, where she could offer articles and a detailed list of resources  people could refer to for their own reading.

The Problem

Dr. Pike already had a WordPress blog, but it was a bit neglected:  she hadn’t written anything on it in years and the look was outdated.  Did she need to start all over with a new website and just abandon the blog?  She wasn’t sure.

She was also busy with a full patient calendar and an active social life, so she didn’t want the responsibility of keeping up a weekly blog.

Here is what Dr. Pike’s blog looked like before:

Dr. Pike's blog before working with Maria

Dr. Pike’s blog before working with Maria

The text is far too small to be legible, its navigation is difficult to identify, the calendar on the sidebar serves no purpose and is taking up valuable real estate.  This blog wasn’t what Dr. Pike envisioned:  she wanted a full website that looked professional, but she didn’t want the responsibility of writing a blog post every week.  Did she need to start over or could she work with what she already had?

The Solution

That’s when Dr. Pike met with me.  I assured her that she could, indeed, stay with her WordPress blog, and with a few changes, we could transform it into a website she could be proud of and that would generate business for her.

This is what her website looks like now.  Remember this is the same blog, turned into a clean, functional website:

Dr. Pike's blog after working with Maria

Dr. Pike’s blog turned into a full-fledged website

Here’s what we did:

Kept it simple

Notice how minimalist the website is?  I presented Dr. Pike with several themes to choose from (a theme gives a blog its look & feel) and she chose the standard WordPress theme that comes with the blog.  Wise choice.  The simple design puts the focus on the content and makes it super simple for people to navigate.

Put up a static Home page

A WordPress blog, by default, has a Home page of your blog posts, listed in descending order starting with the most recent.  In Dr. Pike’s case, her most recent blog post was from 2010.  Not good.  No one wants to read an outdated blog.

Also, she wanted a website front page that put her most important information up front.  Here’s what her new Home page offers:

  1. Her telephone number is at the very top of the website.  No scrolling necessary to get in touch with Dr. Pike.
  2. A menu of important items for any business:  About, Articles, Resources, Offices, and Contact.  Articles was our solution to a blog.  It’s still a blog, but we’re not calling it that.  There’s an expectation with a blog that it’s updated frequently.  Dr. Pike knew she wouldn’t be able to do that, so instead we called her blog posts Articles.
  3. A photo of Dr. Pike.  Putting her photo on the front page gives the viewer an immediate personal connection with her.  We make it easy for people to feel comfortable with Dr. Pike and get in touch with her.
  4. A personal message from Dr. Pike
  5. A snippet of About information directly on the Home page.  The About page offers more detail, but putting Dr. Pike’s credentials on the home page give her instant credibility.
  6. A list of articles makes it simple for people to find the one they’re interested in.

Ultimately, we made her website super simple to find out who Dr. Pike is, what her credentials are, how to get in touch, and read more, all from her Home page.

Here’s the new website again with each of these features identified:

Crucial elements on improved Home Page

Crucial elements on improved Home Page

Give ‘Em a Map

The Offices page, as well as the sidebar, offers a Google map to both of Dr. Pike’s locations, so people can click on the location closest to them and get directions, directly from her website.

Give ‘Em More

Dr. Pike is especially interested in brain research and conducts lectures on the topic.  She offers a rich resource page of hyperlinked articles in case people want to read more on the subject.  It’s a robust page that showcases the depth of Dr. Pike’s interest in the topic:

Google Maps in sidebar and hyperlinked resource articles on brain research

Google Maps in sidebar and hyperlinked resource articles on brain research

Notice what a simple & elegant solution this is? No complicated website design, no fancy graphics, just a functional website.

Creating a WordPress website doesn’t have to take months or be complicated.  You really can build your own website without being a developer or a geek.

Build My Own WordPress Website in One Hour

What if you could build your own website in just one hour?  Next month’s bonus webinar will show you exactly how:  Build My WordPress Website in One Hour.   Save the date:  August 22 at 1pm ET, 5 pm GMT.  Your ticket to this $497 webinar is free when you become a member of

Jun 24

How to Double Your Facebook Fans Authentically – No Buying Allowed! [CASE STUDY]

By Maria Peagler

I don’t advocate “buying” Facebook fans or other schemes that inflate your vanity metrics (it ends up hurting you far more than it helps).  That’s why I’m thrilled to share you with a case study this week of an SMOC member who doubled her fan count in just one week – authentically.

What was her secret?

Meet Jenifer Dick of 42Quilts

Jenifer is a solopreneur quilt designer, Editor at Kansas City Star, and author of five published books on quilting.  She has a successful history in publishing and has a degree in Journalism, so writing comes naturally to her.

You might think that a writer would love blogging and her blog would be her favorite social platform.  But it’s not.

It’s Facebook.

She loves snapping a photo, putting up a funny quote, or sharing photos of her lectures & workshops while creating a community around quilting.

How Jenifer Doubled Her Fans

Until a few months ago, Jenifer’s fan count was hovering around 1,500.  Then she made a few changes to the way she posts on Facebook, and her business page received a flood of new fans (800 in just one week!). That fan growth has continued for a solid month, and she now has over 4,200 fans.

Her fan count isn’t the only thing that’s improved.

See that blue line skyrocketing on Jenifer’s Facebook Insights?  That’s her fan reach, which jumped to 400% (average fan reach is 17%):

Here’s the fan reach for Jenifer’s best photo in June:  almost 19,000 fans saw that post — and her fan page has only 4,200 fans.  That’s a Reach of almost 400%!

Jenifer used several tactics to organically grow her Facebook business page fan count and they’re all centered around content, including:

  1. Increasing the frequency of her posts
  2. Varying the type of Facebook posts
  3. Inviting select influencers to her page

One of Jenifer’s critical success factors was where her fans were coming from. Wisely, Jenifer reached out to industry influencers, which resulted in an exponential fan increase from a surprising source.  You can read more about it by becoming a member of (Members – just login on the left sidebar and you’ll see the details of Jenifer’s success below, including screenshots of her Insights and results that shocked even me!)
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