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Sep 13

How to Sell Your Art on Social Media [CASE STUDIES]

By Maria Peagler

Forget the myth of the starving artist . . . 

. . . today, you'll learn how you can do what you love and sell it using social media marketing.

In fact, you're going to want to bookmark this post.  It's a long one, full of actionable marketing & sales tactics you'll want to return to later.

Go ahead and bookmark the post . . . I'll wait. ????

You're back? Awesome.  Ok, think of social media as a dynamic gallery for your work that can reach buyers, potential students, and collectors. How? Here are a few ideas:

  • give an exclusive behind-the-scenes video tour of your studio
  • share in-progress photos of your current piece, along with the inspiration behind it
  • offer a sneak peek into a series (#30paintingsin30days, #dailypainters, etc)
  • . . . and these are just a few ideas to get you started.

My one piece of advice?  Just. Get. Started. Don't worry about how much time it's going to take. In this post, I'm sharing shortcuts I use to post my own art to social media in just seconds.

Here are nine ways to sell more art using social media marketing, including case studies and how-to guides. Read the post in full or select a topic from the table of contents to jump to it . . .

1. Meet Maria Peagler, Watercolor Artist

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I'm the founder of and author of a book on color for quilters.  What you may not know is that I'm also a watercolor artist.

Here are a few of my latest works:

golden isles bound, maria peagler watercolor painting
crisha, huntsville, maria peagler watercolor painting
woodbridge water tower, maria peagler watercolor painting

Like many artists, I have a business (or a day job) from which I derive my main income.  However, I also wanted to be able to offer my paintings for sale.

I didn't have time to write another blog and do significant marketing for my watercolors.

Sound familiar?

Instead, I developed quick ways to use social media and blogging to market my art.  I'll be sharing those with you in this post, along with case studies of other artists who successfully sell their work on social media platforms.

Let's get started . . . 

2. Rachel Derstine Sells $4,000 Art Quilt on Facebook

Rachel Derstine is an art quilter I met when I presented workshops on social media marketing to the Quilt Professionals Network.  Her work is gorgeous, but even more impressive to me was how smart Rachel was at her marketing.

rachel derstine designs art quilt

During my workshop, Rachel shared with me that she had used Facebook to sell a $4,000 art quilt.

Without an ad.

In one day.

With a four-word Facebook post:

rachel derstine designs art quilt

Notice the post wasn't a hard sell? Rachel simply showed up on Facebook sharing a photo of her latest work,  saying "it's done!"

You know you need to show up at the canvas (painters), the studio (quilters, sculptors), or the laptop (writers).  No matter what your art, you need to put yourself in the place of most potential.

To sell your work, the place of most potential is social media.


3. Mavis Stevens Gets Largest Retail Art Sale in 40 Years

SMOC member Mavis Stevens has been making a full-time living with her art since her teen years:

Mavis Stevens and Maria Peagler

I met Mavis when I took a workshop from her in my hometown back in 2011:

Mavis Stevens and Maria Peagler

We stayed in touch, and years later Mavis became a member to promote her folk art.  She is a dedicated student has been quite successful with her marketing, as you can see from these excited emails:

Mavis got her largest retail order in over 40 years (when she was 15)!

Turns out that Mavis loves social media and wants to help other artists promote their work. She's turned her love of art, her creative skills and her SMOC membership into additional income by managing social media for other artists.

Mavis ran a contest on Facebook to create a buzz around her client's retail store grand opening. This single post got massive engagement (Mavis is an admin for this retail store's Facebook account): 

how to run a facebook contest for a retail store grand opening

Mavis ran a contest on a brand new Facebook page for her client. It was a huge success!

Mavis is selling more of her own art than ever before, plus she's created an entirely new business successfully promoting other artists on social media.

Now that you know it's truly possible to sell your art using social media, let's look at some techniques you'll use.

4.  How to Quickly Blog About Your Art

This is the shortcut I developed when I wanted to promote my watercolors but didn't want to spend a lot of time doing it.

I created a method allowing me to create a blog post about my watercolors in less than 60 seconds.

That's not a typo, nor is it an exaggeration.  I literally can create a blog post in less than one minute that promotes my art. Here's an example from my artist blog:

mariapeagler art blog

I created this blog post with one click on my smartphone.

Get the full tutorial for how you can do the same here:

Note: why am I mentioning a blog before social media marketing? Because your blog, and your website, are the only two online marketing platforms you own.  You set the rules, you can post what you want, and done correctly, you can get free traffic to your site using easy SEO techniques.

5.  How to Use Video Marketing to Sell Your Art

The key to using any online platform to sell your art is . . . 

. . . not to sell your art.

Instead, create a relationship with your audience. Video is an excellent way to do that, and here are two examples:

mavis stevens art marketing video

Mavis asked a friend to record a quick video on her smartphone. Result? Mavis' largest retail order in 40 years!

This is Mavis Stevens' first-ever Facebook video. Done with zero budget: she was at a friend's house and asked her to record a quick video on her smartphone. All Mavis does in this video is show her new word pillows and talk about them.

Note: click on the video image above or here to watch Mavis' video in Facebook.

Pastel artist Karen Margulis uses her YouTube channel to introduce herself and her art to the public. Her most popular video is a 24-minute long pastel demo:

I attended a plein air workshop taught by Karen last week, and overheard more than one student comment they felt they already knew Karen, and even her pets, from watching her videos.  

You're definitely more likely to sign up for a workshop from an artist you can watch on YouTube to see their teaching style, aren't you?

6.  How to Look Like a Social Media Pro

Posting consistently to social media is the most important step for any artist who wants more exposure.

Take your posts one step further by modifying them for each social network. It's not difficult and makes you look like a real professional:

sm post 8 different ways

This tutorial shows you how to take the same content and post it to eight different social networks, making the post look unique on each.

7.  How to Make Art Content Marketing Simple

Social media marketing can be high maintenance: after all, you're never done.

You're going to need another post for tomorrow, aren't you?

Get a sneak peek of my favorite content marketing shortcuts in this brief webinar excerpt:

This webinar tutorial shows you how to generate a lot of content easily using free and low-cost tools.  You get to watch over my shoulder as I demonstrate how I do it.

8.  How to Extend the Life of Your Art Marketing Content

Do you want your art marketing content to last 18 minutes or 2 years?

What determines the difference? The social media platforms you use to promote your art.

In this infographic, I share how you can get more life from every piece of content you create:

infographic content marketing strategy 21 ways to extend your content

You can read the full post that accompanies this infographic here.

9.  How to Get More Art Sales from Your Current Website

The technical side of business can be hell for artists.

A website shopping cart is what my own nightmares are made of: they're complex, require multiple tools, and can be an enormous hassle.

I've learned much over the years about how to make sales online, and I guarantee you it's not what you think: a beautiful website doesn't necessarily sell product.  

Here's an excerpt of our members-only webinar that teaches you how to sell, easily, from the website you've already got:


Yes, you can be a thriving artist instead of a starving one.

Use these techniques to consistently promote yourself and your art.  Pick the tactic that's easiest for you to start with and share it with your audience (and me - I'd love to see your work).

If you need help, I'm here for you.  I'd be honored to have you join, and help you to achieve success in your art career.

Sep 12

Weekly Top 5 for Sep 12, 2016

By Janice Deleon

What’s new this week here at Here’s a recap of what’s new in social media and your learning resources:

This week in social media September 12 2016 Socialmediaonlineclasses

#1: How to Use Snapchat for Marketing: Live Webinar + Recording + MP3 Audio + Infographic

Snapchat is the hottest social network of the year, but is it right for your business?  Learn who buys on Snapchat, how to make your content last & more . . .

#2: 30-Day Blogging Bootcamp

Members completed week one of their blogging bootcamp, creating their blogs and writing their first blog posts. See the entire bootcamp here . . .

#3: How to Simplify Your Blog Using the 80/20 Rule

Lesson 2 in our new Blogging 101 class shares what 20% of your blog determines 80% of your success. This lesson alone is worth the price of membership . . .

#4: [MEMBER QUESTION] What Should I Do with Similar Domain Names?

This SMOC member purchased multiple domains with similar names and wants to know if she should point them all to the same website or do something different.  Maria’s advice? See it here . . .

#5: [MEMBER QUESTION] How Do I Post a Link to My Blog on Social Media?

This SMOC member is just starting with her marketing and wants to know how she can post links to her blog post on Facebook and other social media sites.  Maria pointed to her to not one, not two, but FOUR different SMOC resources . . .

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Sep 06

Weekly Top 5 for Sep 05, 2016

By Janice Deleon

What’s new this week here at Here’s a recap of what’s new in social media and your learning resources:

This week in social media september 5 2016 Socialmediaonlineclasses

#1: in Top 86% of Kiva Micro Lenders

Our 3rd quarter round of loans to Kiva borrowers put us in the top 86th percent of lenders.  See who received our loans . . .

#2: Blogging 101 Online Class Debuts

We’re excited to debut our new class on blogging: strategies for creating a successful blog you can be proud of. This complements our WordPress 101 class, which teaches you how to use this blogging tool . . .

#3: 30-Day Blogging Bootcamp

Starting on September 1, we’re motivating our members with a 30-day bootcamp to help them create and nurture their blogs.  Each day they get a small action to take to create & market their blog . . .

#4: How to Fill a New Facebook Page with Content

This SMOC member has a Facebook page but hasn’t used it much. For the next week, she’s filling it with awesome content like this . . .

#5: Fast-track Your Success Using Goals

Maria shares the goals that have skyrocketed her success, both in her personal and professional pursuits . . .

Share this Image On Your Site donates to kiva
Aug 30 in Top 86% of Kiva Micro Lenders

By Maria Peagler donates to kiva

ATLANTA, GA — ranks in the top 86th percentile of Kiva micro-loan lenders worldwide, according to statistics provided by

I'm pleased to share that we've made another round of Kiva loans to small business owners and students worldwide.  These loans were entirely funded by previous borrowers who paid off their loans from

I've been funding Kiva business & students loans since 2012, incorporating lending to underserved areas of the world as part of philosophy.  SMOC's clients come from six continents, many from countries not supportive to their efforts to improve their lives.  


In SMOC's third quarter Kiva loans, we lent to borrowers in five different countries, including the Philippines, Pakistan, Guatemala, Kenya and the United States.  Here is a sample of the recipients we have lent to through Kiva:

kiva loan recipients

I run as a lean business: it's me and my virtual assistant. What I save on operating expenses I can contribute to Kiva micro-loans, empowering people across the globe to better control their futures, the way we can here in the U.S.

We combined social good and the reach of the internet to empower businesses across the globe. members hail from six continents, and many Kiva borrowers come from countries where small business support is non-existent.

Maria Peagler 
social media strategy template


Fastest, easiest way to learn social online

To get the class, enter your email below:


I'm proud SMOC is in the top 86th percentile of all Kiva lenders worldwide.  We're a small brand, but want to make a big impact on our members lives and those entrepreneurs & students who depend on Kiva micro-loans to pursue their futures.

kiva top lenders

In January of 2016, SMOC offered our first annual SuperSunday Bootcamp, in which attendees learned how to automate their small businesses using free or low-cost online tools.  The bootcamp was a three-hour webinar and cost only $7 to register.  100% of those proceeds went to Kiva micro-loans.

You can learn more about our micro-loan lending and scholarship offerings here:

We're proud to support students and small businesses worldwide, and our members know a portion of their registration fee goes toward this mission.

To learn more, here are helpful resources related to the topic of growing small businesses and automations:​

Fore more information, contact​

Aug 28

Weekly Top 5 for Aug 29, 2016

By Janice Deleon

What’s new this week here at Here’s a recap of what’s new in social media and your learning resources:

Click to download the PDF version with hyperlinks to each learning resource ▶︎

Click to download the PDF version with hyperlinks to each learning resource ▶︎

#1: [WEBINAR EXCERPT] Blogging for Business

Feeling like the only one in your industry without a successful blog? Not anymore: watch this 7-minute excerpt of our members-only webinar to learn how to create and nurture a blog that gets results . . .

#2: 30-Day Infographic Bootcamp

August was #infographicbootcamp month in our members-only Facebook group, filled with smart advice, tools, and accountability on how to create your first infographic.  Now, everything we shared in bootcamp is available here . . .

#3: [PDF DOWNLOAD] Blog Post Swipe File

Need ideas for your next blog post? Not sure what works for your audience or where to begin? Learn from SMOC’s most popular blog posts: you’ll learn what readers want and how to get incredible results . . .

#4: [INSTAGRAM 101] New Lesson on Advertising

How do you create an Instagram ad?  More importantly, how do make sure it’s successful?  That’s what you’ll learn in this newest lesson in our Instagram 101 class . . .

#5: [COACHING MOMENTS] Selling Products on Amazon & Airbnb Alternative

This week’s 1:1 member coaching sessions were jam-packed: one member was just approved to sell on Amazon.  Now what should she do?  Also, a member wants to rent out a luxury suite but needs an alternative to Airbnb.  What are her options? . . .

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Aug 21

Weekly Top 5 for Aug 22, 2016

By Janice Deleon

What’s new this week here at Here’s a recap of what’s new in social media and your learning resources:

This week in social media August 22 2016 Socialmediaonlineclasses

#1: How to Use Memes in Your Marketing

Meme marketing is hot, but you need to be careful to do it right and represent your brand professionally. This blog post offers 9 examples of outstanding brand memes, including 6 examples and 3 how-to guides . . .

#2: [WEBINAR REPLAY] Blogging for Business

Members loved this webinar so much they wanted extra time, so 30 minutes became 90 — plus Maria did keyword research for each attendee. The webinar, slide deck, mp3 audio, blog post swipe file & spreadsheet are all available for members here . . .

#3: [COMING SOON] Blogging 101 Class

New class coming in Sept: Blogging 101, plus our 30-day blogging bootcamp. If you’ve always wanted to start a blog (or streamline your current blogging routine), this class is for you . . .

#4: Graphic Design for Non-Designers

This SMOC member, an entrepreneur, needed help with social media images. During her 1:1 coaching, Maria helped her with tools & resources she could use to create fabulous designs . . .

#5: Social Media Manager Job Opportunity

SMOC certification members got first opportunity when a startup called and needed a recommendation for someone to manage their social media marketing . . .

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Aug 14

Weekly Top 5 for Aug 15, 2016

By Janice Deleon

What’s new this week here at Here’s a recap of what’s new in social media and your learning resources:

Click to download the PDF version with hyperlinks to each learning resource ▶︎

Click to download the PDF version with hyperlinks to each learning resource ▶︎

#1: How to Get 490 Shares on Your Next Blog Post

A don’t miss case study of how a solopreneur used LinkedIn Pulse to get 49K views, 490 shares and 69 comments to a quick blog post. Listen to the interview or read the transcript . . .

#2: 30-Day Infographic Bootcamp: SEO, Sizes & More

SMOC members are creating their own infographics in this 30-day bootcamp, and Maria’s sharing a new infographic tip daily. Last week members learned how to get extra SEO benefit from their infographics, most popular sizes, and more . . .

#3: Family Business Thrives Using Social Media

They lost their biggest client – responsible for over 50% of their revenue – and they were in trouble. This family-owned business made some big changes, including how they empowered their team to use social media. Excellent read here . . .

#4: [BONUS WEBINAR] Blogging for Business This Thursday

Maria shared a sneak peek of the infographic pdf members will be getting as part of the monthly bonus webinar on Blogging for Business. Monthly webinars are free for members, last 30 minutes, and offer the slide deck, mp3 audio, video replay & infographic . . .

#5: Should Your Business Be Using Snapchat?

If a celebrity shares about your business on Snapchat, should you be using it? That’s what one SMOC member wants to know, after TWO celebrities visited her business and shared about it on Snapchat.  See my advice here . . .

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blog post gets 49k views using linkedin pulse Socialmediaonlineclasses
Aug 08

How to Get 49K Views to Your Next Blog Post Using LinkedIn

By Maria Peagler

Imagine these numbers for your next blog post:


You don't need to be a big brand or celebrity blogger. All you need . . . 

. . . is LinkedIn Pulse — the publishing arm of the B2B social network.

In this case study, you'll discover how a solopreneur published a quick blog post resulting in a flood of business coming in from a global audience (and how her SMOC membership made it all possible).


Click on the play button below (members can click on the down arrow to download it and listen on any device):



Maria Peagler: This is Maria Peagler with and today I have with me career coach Lynda Spiegel of Rising Star Resumes. Welcome, Lynda.

Lynda Spiegel: Thank you, Maria. Great to be here.

Maria Peagler:  Lynda, tell us a little bit about yourself and about Rising Star Resumes.

Lynda Spiegel: Sure. Well, I spent about 15 years in the HR space in corporate America and when I was in my early 60s due to some corporate change I found myself out of a job and for the time time in my life virtually unemployable. I think it had something to do with age. Can't prove it but after 6 months of looking for a job I was thinking about something to do on my own and I started doing essays. I am a former English teacher so I started helping high school students with their college application essays. As you know because you and I discussed it it just wasn't profitable. It wasn't a great business model. There was tons of competition.

It wasn't working and then just one day out of the blue a cousin who was the head of the telecom sales reached out to me, "Can you take a look at my resume because we're about to be bought and I'm going to be on the market. You're an HR person. Tell me what's good about it." I said, "Not much. Let me fix it for you." The light bulb went on. That was really how Rising Star Resumes got it's start.

Maria Peagler: You pretty much put yourself out there and were successful but not yet profitable and knew that you needed to make some sort of a career pivot and that light bulb went off when people started coming to you.

Lynda Spiegel: Exactly. Exactly. It started with one person, my cousin, which was a zero dollar sale. He was so excited about what I had done that he started telling all of his direct reports, "You're going to be out of a job soon like me so you should call my cousin Lynda." He said to me, "You know, you could charge money for this." Which had not occurred to me, believe it or not.

Maria Peagler: You've come a long way from doing essays for English second language students. You're now a blogger for a New York Times blog, a Wall Street Journal panel speaker, and a midlife career coach.

Lynda Spiegel: Well, I am not a columnist for the New York Times. I am for the Wall Street Journal. I was quoted in the New York Times. Their career columnist Rob Walker and he and I are on LinkedIn and we discuss things all the time but I do not do anything for the Times. I write for Cornerstone on Demand which is a large HR ... A provider of HR services to the government and to some major corporations, globally. I write for them. I am a member of the Wall Street Journal's Experts Blog.

Maria Peagler: Wow.

Lynda Spiegel: I'm their career expert.

Maria Peagler: I cannot tell you how proud I am of you, Lynda. You came to really looking to make a change and you have sky rocketed.

Lynda Spiegel: Well, I have to say Maria when I came to you I was clueless. The foundation that you gave me for being found online and how to utilize social media in order to start a business was so incredibly useful. Those one on one sessions that you were generous enough to include as a member ... I actually got Facetime with you via your go-to meetings or whatever webinar service you use. It was amazing. I was looking at you, you were encouraging me.

The foundation @sm_onlineclass gave me for being found online & how to use #socialmedia to start a business was so incredibly useful. Those 1:1 sessions were amazing: you were looking at me & encouraging me.

Click to Tweet

The social media online classes I sat there with my laptop on my terrace everyday and I diligently went through the lessons and I just learned so, so much.  I was motivated.

Maria Peagler: It's kind of like a fitness center membership or a gym membership. People join and they go once or twice and don't come back. It's not going to work unless you use it. I am so proud of you for sticking with it and doing your classes.

Lynda Spiegel: Can I just interrupt and say you say sticking with it as if it were going to the gym and doing pull-ups. It was fun. You really broke it down into digestible chunks. Everything was easy to follow, easy to understand. There were I remember one or two little glitchy things where what was in the lesson wasn't what I saw, a phone call to you or an email to you you clarified it or updated everything and I was back in business. It's not painful. It is not a painful thing to get through. It's actually quite enjoyable and very easy to digest.

Maria Peagler: Thank you. I really do try and make it as painless as possible. You know, because I realize nobody has time to sit in front of a one hour webinar. You've got to get into your lessons, get what you need, and get out and do it. That's what I try to make it easy to do.


Maria Peagler: What role did Social Media Online Classes and your membership play in your career pivot?

Lynda Spiegel: Well, I think it was analogous to deciding to run a marathon. I would say it was buying the right shoes and the right gear and learning about how to hydrate and feed yourself in order to get ready. It was the preparation. I think had I started to do this without that preparation I would have been sunk.

Maria Peagler: Wow. Wow. You really put yourself in the place of most opportunity. You got in there and made sure that you were in the place that was going to coach you and train you to success.

Lynda Spiegel: I hope so.

Maria Peagler: Well, I'm so impressed  - specifically, I am incredibly impressed with what you have done on LinkedIn. You have really turned LinkedIn into a hugely successful tool for launching your business. Specifically, LinkedIn Pulse. You have an article on LinkedIn Pulse that has 50,000 views and 63 comments.

Lynda Spiegel: And 490 shares which is pretty amazing.

Maria Peagler: That's incredible. Tell us a little bit about how you got started with LinkedIn Pulse and then how this article just took off.

Lynda Spiegel: Okay, well, I don't remember who it was that told me about Pulse. Actually, it was somebody who knew somebody who worked there. They mentioned that LinkedIn was opening up a free publishing platform to anybody. Of course, we've discovered since then that of course it's to LinkedIn's benefit. They know own all this great content that they didn't have to pay a penny for but I don't care because what it did was expose what I wrote to the entire world.

Maria Peagler: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Lynda Spiegel: That's invaluable.

Maria Peagler: It looks to me like you publish something first on your blog and then you'll republish it or reframe it on LinkedIn Pulse. Is that accurate?

Lynda Spiegel: Usually the other way around. Now a friend of mine who I had met while we were both doing a podcast together is an NCO specialist. He gets on the backend, looks at your site, does the analytics and he pretty much is able to tell ... He knows all the algorithms. He's just amazing. He, and a shout out, his name is Todd LaHenry. He said to me, "Don't do that. Google search hates to see repetitive content and they will flag you for it." It got me really nervous but it hasn't happened to me. What he advocated and I sort of got this from you as well ... I've heard you say this first that Google Plus, even though nobody uses Google Plus as a social media site because it's owned by Google, anything you put there really juices up your SEO.

Maria Peagler: Right.

Lynda Spiegel: He agreed and he said ... He's not one of those people who saw the value of LinkedIn. Now LinkedIn comes and goes in terms of it's value but I have to say from my particular business where I'm not selling a product, I'm selling a service, and it's a service that can go anywhere in the world. Yeah, most of my clients are in the US or Canada and most of them are English-speaking but I'd say 20% aren't.

LinkedIn Pulse gave me that global reach. It has not hurt my ranking with Google at all. Google is smart. It can tell if you're tweaking things a little. If it repeats the same content mostly from my blog or from LinkedIn or Google Plus it's going to recognize that it's the same piece of information. If I had to pick I would say that LinkedIn Pulse has gotten me more exposure than anyone else. The other thing is nobody really comments or engages. There are no conversations regarding what I've said on my blog. On LinkedIn there are amazing conversations. Often there are perspectives I hadn't considered. One thing I would want everyone listening to know is and I think you've pointed this ... I think I got this from you is you must engage with your readers. Even if they're calling you an idiot.

Maria Peagler: Yeah, yeah.

Lynda Spiegel: Saying your ideas are terrible and you should crawl back under the rock you came out from. You still have to take the high road, you just have to engage. You thank the person for taking the time to comment and you say, "That's an interesting perspective. I respectfully disagree and here's why" but you engage. Based on that, you establish yourself as a thought leader.

Having been a member of Social Media Online Classes for a year I've listened to a lot of your webinars and read just about everything you have on the site and I know a lot of your members have small product-based businesses. You have been a big advocate of Pinterest and Instagram for them. I think were I in a business ... You had been talking on once about members who had a vintage clothing store or they were selling some kind of thing and how Pinterest really drove the sales. I was thinking, "Yeah, absolutely. If I were in that kind of business that's the social media site I would be spending most of my time on." For someone like that, is LinkedIn even relevant? I don't think so.

Maria Peagler: Yeah, probably not. For someone who does B to B like you, LinkedIn is perfect.

Lynda Spiegel: Well, I really do B to C if you think about it because my clients are the people who are changing jobs or looking for jobs so they're people, not corporations. I do HR consulting. That's B to B. Have I been picked up from things that people have read there? Occasionally but mostly people read what I have to say on employment situation or on things about resumes and recruiting and they either say, "Wow, I don't like this person" or they say, "I like her approach. I like the way she presents herself. I like the way she responds to people who are negative. I like how she offers a lot of free advice" as you do. I think that builds loyalty.

Maria Peagler: Yeah, yeah, you know I have called LinkedIn the human resources database of the 21st Century and your advice and your background in HR make you invaluable for that. You've differentiated yourself on the human resources platform that most people are on. That's my perspective as what I see as to the huge success that you've had. People are using it as an HR tool and you've got great HR advice.

Lynda Spiegel: It is a great place. Everyone in the world knows that every recruiter in the world is on LinkedIn. That's actually where they drive most of their revenue from. The rest of us are just on there for the free ride and benefit there. When I was in corporate HR and I was looking for any kind of employee other than entry level I went straight to LinkedIn. Maybe I would drop the couple of hundred bucks ... It was actually $400 at the time to post a job. Mostly I just typed in the keywords into the search bar with the term "New York City" because that's where I worked. I would pull up page after page of people's whose profiles or headline had those keywords in it. I did all my hiring there.

Yeah, you've got to be there if you're looking for a job.

Maria Peagler: Now going back to the LinkedIn Pulse article that you did, Lynda. You had said that you got a lot of comments and had conversations that presented perspectives that you didn't even think about. It sounds like it's intelligent conversations that are going on in LinkedIn Pulse.

Lynda Spiegel: Very often they are. Occasionally they are not and occasionally people ... It's a professional site. The people occasionally devolve into name calling and somebody has to be the grownup in the room and say, "Hey, this isn't Facebook." No dumping on Facebook but that's where I have my political arguments with people, not on LinkedIn. It's by and large very respectful exchanges of ideas.

I think that for anybody, any members of Social Media Online Classes, who are not just selling a product or a service but want to present themselves as thought leaders LinkedIn Pulse is the place to do it. Using you as an example. If I were Maria Peagler I would occasionally write an article on Pulse where I talk to people about the benefits of using social media to establish a business and grow it. You're not selling your services. There's a little thing at the bottom that says, "I'm Maria Peagler and I'm the founder of Social Media Online Classes" but basically you're sharing your expertise.

Maria Peagler: Absolutely.

Lynda Spiegel: Yeah, you are giving away information for free. There's no other way to look at it. I think in a day and age where content is king and that's pretty much the mantra of this year and the last few years. Content is king. Of course you're giving it away but people are drawn ... You can tell somebody this is how you ought to do X. At the end of the day they don't want to do X. They're busy doing Y, Z and A, B, C. Plus they've got car pool that day and they really don't have [inaudible 00:17:53] but when you tell them this is how you do it it lets people know this person knows from whence she speaks. They're going to hire you.

Maria Peagler: Now Lynda, I'm curious. Of the comments that you got on this LinkedIn Pulse, the title is What You Want, Baby, I Got is the Key to a Great Resume, and you have this awesome photo of Aretha Franklin belting it out. Of the people who commented on that, were these people that you are connected to in groups or that are a first connection with you? Are these people that you are already familiar with or are these people that you had never heard from before?

Lynda Spiegel: That's a great question. What happens is ... Again, I just want to point out that I write about every week or so. That was just an extraordinary piece of viewership. Over 50,000 views. The people who caught ... I wrote something this week didn't get anything close to that kind of readership but there's always a core group of people in my network who they see that I published something and because they're loyal good network connections they'll like it and they'll say something.

Here's where the magic and the business opportunity is, so if they love it they'll share it. Then I tweet it as you do too. Then people start to see it. I would say 90% of the comments on the piece you're referring to What You Want, Baby I Got It is The Key to a Great Resume, 90% of the comments were people I had never heard from.

90% of the comments on @RisingStarResumes @LinkedInPulse post were from people she had never heard from — new connections.

Click to Tweet

Maria Peagler: Wow. Wow.

Lynda Spiegel: They were people who said ... I would say by and large people agree. Many times people say, "Well, you know what? What are you saying that we should tailor our resumes to each specific job but then again you won't [inaudible 00:20:03] you shouldn't have variations on a resume. Could you please clarify?" Which is wonderful because if you're confusing people this is a great chance to clarify.

Other people say they disagree. Some people just write, "Great post" that's nice but I'd like to hear why did you think it was a great post? I've had, not that particular posts but other posts where they've just been serious disagreements ... There was one I had written about a year ago where I said that people who write on their headline and LinkedIn, "Looking for next new opportunity" are shooting themselves in the foot. They're doing themselves a tremendous disservice. I've also said get rid of that selfie. You don't have to get a professional photo but have someone take out their iPhone and take a headshot of you looking at the camera, looking approachable, and I've been taken to task for that in the comments.

Maria Peagler: Any time you put yourself out there and take a position not everyone is going to agree with you. I think that's sometimes the hardest thing. Especially for women. When you know that you're writing a piece that people are going to disagree with because you want everyone to like it but there's always going to be people who have that alternate perspective but good for you that you're able to have that thick skin and to have that intelligent conversation and say, "Hey, it's okay that we agree to disagree."

Lynda Spiegel: Well, I have to tell you I don't have a thick skin at all. I pretend in public. The funniest thing was a piece I had written for the Wall Street Journal and I know this isn't social media so it's probably a digression but I had written about why it's important to have a multi-generational workforce. That businesses not hiring people because they're over 55 because they won't be a cultural fit can really be dismiss. I provided studies that showed while all these misconceptions about hiring us baby boomers is just wrong.

The comments I got ranged from, "Yeah, thank you. I'm 60 years old. I'm idle. I can't get a job" to a whole bunch of people saying, "People like you ought to just retire and let the rest of the world get a job." Then once person wrote, "Lynda Spiegel clearly hates older people" even though I set it up by saying I'm a 63 year old baby boomer but she clearly hates older people and she's a shill for ... It was hysterical. I just sat there cracking up laughing because I wrote to somebody, "What about if you happen to be middle aged and you're the victim of being broke because of a divorce or you don't have savings or if there was an accident or a serious illness and your savings are depleted." This person writes back, "Anybody who didn't think ahead to prepare for their future deserves what they get."

Maria Peagler: Clearly someone who knows it all.

Lynda Spiegel: Disengage. Thank you for your comment and have a wonderful day. May nothing terrible ever happen to you.

Maria Peagler: You know, Lynda, the best advice I ever got on that was I think it was I had a YouTube video out there and somebody left something that was a really nasty personal comment. I asked my son ... My son is 15 but he's a huge ... He's actually a YouTuber and he knows more of the successful YouTube channels than I could ever even imagine. I said, "What would you do?" He said, "Mom, ignore it. They want a reaction from you so don't give it to them."

Lynda Spiegel: They're bullies. They're cyber bullies.

Maria Peagler: I'm like, "You're 15 and you just gave me the best advice ever." That's the best advice. Just, okay, great, move on.

Lynda Spiegel: Yeah, move on but always acknowledge the person and say thank you for taking the time to write.

Maria Peagler: Yeah, there you go. Show yourself as the consummate professional you are.

Lynda Spiegel: I think what the First Lady said the other night, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, is great advice. When someone takes the low road, we respond with the high road.

Maria Peagler: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Lynda Spiegel: She said it better but you know.


Maria Peagler: Lynda, If you could sum up your LinkedIn strategy what would it be?

Lynda Spiegel: My LinkedIn strategy is  . . .

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Maria Peagler: Great advice Lynda! If people want to get in touch with you, what's the best way to do that?

Lynda Spiegel: Well, they can go to my website which is All my contact information is there. There's tons of free articles to read. Lots of information. There is samples of resumes. That's really the best way to get in touch with me. My Twitter handle is @RisingStarRes. I'm on LinkedIn and that's pretty much it.

Maria Peagler: Well, Lynda Spiegel, career coach and founder of Rising Star Resumes, thank you for joining me today.

Lynda Spiegel: It's been my pleasure, Maria.

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