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By Maria Peagler

Feb 14 reviews testimonials paid for itself in the first week

Our members see results fast, in businesses just like yours. Our clients are small-to-medium business owners, in B2C, B2B, brick-and-mortar and online.

Watch this brief video to hear the results Mavis got for her business and the new career she developed from (transcript follows the video):​

The membership paid for itself, in the first week, I can honestly tell you it's the best money I've spent all year. It's not a negotiable thing anymore, I have to have the classes. Particularly because of the new information that comes out literally weekly. Weekly Facebook and Instagram changes, it changes so fast and Maria is ahead of the game all the time.

Hi, I'm Mavis from Miss Mavis's Fun House. I met Maria Peagler probably 15 or so years ago and she had just started social media business and I was really fascinated. It took a few years before I actually became one of her students, but when I did my life sincerely changed.

" sincerely changed my life."

I have my own business, which is a fiber art business. I am a small batch maker. I make primarily now kitchen towels and other assorted things. I wanted to promote them and I knew that there was something missing and I just didn't know what it was. I started taking Maria's classes, and she guided me through so many little things and my business just boomed. I mean, I started getting orders from people that I've never met and places I've never heard of, remote islands off the coast of New England, places in Florida, some place in the middle of absolute nowhere, where they barely have electricity, and out in Oregon, everywhere. People that would never have known about my art had it not been for social media.

My business just boomed. I started getting orders from people that I've never met and from places I've never heard of.

The biggest misconception about social media is that you just put something up there and it's there and it's going to go viral. That just doesn't happen. You have to have a combination of so many little things, like the right size and the right video, and say the right things, and posting them at the right time.

I learned so much from Maria. A lot of it's just become second nature, but the beauty of it is, is that every week Maria comes out with something new, and it's all in short little bits.

Believe me, I have a short attention span, I can barely remember to walk out the car and get something, and then I come back in and I don't even remember what I went out there for. Maria's lessons are about 10 minutes long.

She gives a lot of personal attention. She is an amazing mentor. My favorite part of my whole month is the 20 minute coaching session. She answers all my questions so easily. It's all bite-size, and you do not have to be a guru, you do not have to be a geek, you just have to know ... If you can turn on your computer, if you just know how to do that, then everything else, Maria will guide you through. I'd highly, highly recommend social media online classes. It has sincerely changed my life.

If you can turn on your computer — if you just know how to do that — everything else, Maria will guide you through.

In addition to doing my own business, I have become a social media manager for other businesses, and just today I got testimonials from the business owner about how much her business had increased and that she had had people calling her from far, far away, that had seen the Facebook post and the Instagram post. She is a brick and mortar in Jasper, Georgia, and she's selling like in Ohio, by people who have never ever seen her, met her, or even been anywhere near Jasper, Georgia, never heard of it. She's selling from the Facebook post. I learned all these techniques that I'm using for Cathy, from Maria Peagler at

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