Content Strategy: Where Do I Get It All?

By Maria Peagler

Dec 05

Overwhelmed by the prospect of coming up with enough content to keep your blog, email newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels fresh? That was my reaction when I began my own social media journey. I didn’t know WHERE I’d come up with all that content, and when would I find the TIME to do it all and run my business.

No worries. Here’s a road map for busy entrepreneurs to keep all of your social media platforms updated with interesting content on a regular basis, and not have to neglect your core business to do it.

  1. Use your blog as your main content channel. Why? That’s where you can post deep content: articles, columns, the longer stuff that won’t fit on Twitter or Facebook. Here’s where you can really shine and show your clients you can help them.
  2. Create a schedule for blog topics and when you plan to post them. Planning your topics well in advance keeps you on track with what to write and how often. Believe me, when your company is in their peak time, you won’t remember what you planned on blogging nor will you have the time. A schedule allows you to write the posts and schedule them so you can get on to managing your business.
  3. Feed your blog posts automatically to Facebook and Twitter.  Readers will see a snippet in both networks and can click to read more on your blog.  Pushing your posts automatically is by no means a substitute for being active on Facebook or Twitter, but it’s smart delegation to allow a tool to manage that so you can focus on building relationships with your fan base.
  4. Use your email newsletter to serve as a roundup of all that’s happening on your blog and social networks.  You’ll find clients may subscribe to either your blog or your Facebook page, but rarely do they subscribe to all of your content channels.  Your email newsletter is a great opportunity to show them what’s happening with each and encourage them to follow you on the one that fits their needs.
  5. Use YouTube video both as content for each of your networks and its own platform by creating a YouTube Channel.  I keep my Social Media Minute videos short:  clients are busy, and it keeps my production time to a minimum.  Make your videos relevant to the topics you’re blogging about or have fun and get really creative.

Still overwhelmed at the thought of tackling all this on your own? You might be interested in partnering with Maria in consulting on your Content Planning: it will jumpstart your business, establish you as an expert in your niche, and give you a framework which you can build on as your grow your business.


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