Developing a Social Gift Guide for the Holidays

By Maria Peagler

Oct 18
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Husbands, wives, distant relatives and parents will be searching for that perfect gift for a spouse, child, teacher, neighbor, and co-worker in just a few weeks.  Are you ready with a gift guide?  I’m recommending to all of my clients that they develop one, as it’s the perfect opportunity to create a social guide to their products and services that is easily shared, offers expert suggestions, and introduces a range of their offerings customers previously may not have known about.

Here are a few suggestions for creating a social media-savvy gift guide for your clients:

  • Make it one page.  If your guide will be printed at some time, make it easily portable to your store on a single page.  Keep it simple for a wife to hand to the list to her husband and send him out the door.  Holiday shopping?  Check.
  • Include a photo of each product or service, a short description, the price, where to get it, and how.  Online?  In-store only?
  • Develop the guide in a format easily shared and read, like a .PDF or a Google Doc file everyone can read, no matter what operating system they have or what software.
  • Make an accompanying video or slideshow to give expert tips on why you love these products and services and what makes them perfect for your clients.  Keep it short.
  • Include a range of price points, from entry-level to luxurious.  We all need the stocking stuffer and teacher’s gift, but we want to splurge on those closest to us as well.  Include the small items and the big splurge.
  • Share it everywhere!  Print it out and have it available in your store, on your website, let your local newspaper/radio/TV station know it’s available.  Media love gift guides and are looking for your items to include in their own publications, but you need to have the photos/descriptions/URLs available early.
  • Blog about it, tweet about it and include links to the products on your website, and include the guide on your Facebook page.

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