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By Maria Peagler

Jul 03
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We are now offering digital marketing services exclusively for members.


Because in your 1:1 coaching with me, I repeatedly hear your frustrations in getting projects completed outside of skill sets you feel comfortable with, including:

I don't understand why my competitor is outranking me
I need my website redesigned but my developer isn't responding
We've got a big event coming up and need to make sure we have a huge attendance

What Digital Marketing Services Do We Offer?

The bottom line? We want to make it easy for you to get the services you need to grow your business, whether that be online classes, coaching or done-for-you services.

We take responsibility for helping our members grow their small businesses, and that often means helping with these projects:



Monthly Social Media Posts


Social Media Images: Get 30 Variations from One Image


Facebook Pixel Added to Your Website


Facebook Ad: Engagement, Event or Boosted Post (from Ads Manager)

$117 (does not include your ad spend)

Facebook Ad: Conversion Ad (includes landing page and all tracking)

50% of your monthly ad spend (requires a 3-month commitment)

SEO Keyword Research


SEO Keyword Research + DIY Checklist for One Year


SEO Done for You


Marketing Audit (The One-Pager)


Marketing Audit (The Deep Dive)


On-Site Coaching with Maria (Full Day)

$1497 for first day; $1000 for each day thereafter

Website Development/Redesign

Starts at $1497

Online Course Development

Starts at $2497

Why Choose Socialmediaonlineclasses for Digital Marketing Services?

Because we know you & your business better than anyone else.

And we've been doing these services for businesses (both our own and members) for years without making it public.

Yes, I do my own social media posts every day.  

Yes, I do my own content development, data mining, infographics, customer support and more.

What don't I do?

Video editing. That is one service I hire out.  Everything else we do ourselves, and now we're telling the world we'll do these services for members too.

Why Only for Members?

Our goal is to grow OUR MEMBERS' businesses: first, by providing online classes on how to grow using social media marketing, SEO and building a simple WordPress website.

If that's all you need, awesome! You rock!

Often, however, we need more than that. At some point, you'll need a trusted  partner to "look under the hood" of your website, your SEO, or just to have someone show you opportunities you're missing. A pair of fresh eyes.

That's why we limit our services to members: we know you, and you trust us.

Plus, if you spend more than $2000 in social media services, we provide your SMOC membership for free for as long we're working together.

Website Development

You know and love us for our social media marketing classes & coaching, yet we've also been doing website design and development for years.

We build what you need, whether it's just a small redesign or an entire website.

Author & Entrepreneur Website Redesign

Bob Littell, founder of NetWeaving (a pay-it-forward form of networking) and author of two books on the topic, needed to update his website. Here are his website Home page before & after photos:

NetWeaving Home Page BEFORE

While Bob's original website design was clean, it communicated little about who he is, what NetWeaving is or how influential it has become. So that was our #1 goal on his new Home page. We: 

  • introduced Bob and the concept of NetWeaving
  • included testimonials from influencers, including Catherine Ryan-Hyde (author of Pay It Forward), Arthur Blank (owner of the Atlanta Falcons) and many more.
  • added two buttons above the testimonials: one to learn more about NetWeaving; the other to take the NetWeaving Aptitude Quiz
  • redesigned the menu options to focus on what actions visitor can take on the website

Here's the NetWeaving Home page after the redesign:

NetWeaving Home Page AFTER

Redesigning a website is a tough project, similar to remodeling a home: while the clients are excited about getting a makeover for their baby, as the builder you never know what you'll find inside.

The first thing we do is document all the elements of the website, including pages, posts, plugins and anything else critical to the project. We put all of this in a spreadsheet that our client has access to as well, and it's an important document for any future development on the website (whether we do it or another team does it):

netweaving design spreadsheet

We document every page, post & plugin on the site

Realtor Website Development

Carolyn Littell, a realtor and self-described "maverick," wanted her own website for her realty listings (outside of what her realty company provided). She was considering building it herself by taking an HTML class.

I rescued her from that fate and instead recommended we build her a simple website she could maintain herself so she could continue her focus on her real estate clients.

Here is Carolyn's website (and yes, she is Bob's wife! They're a power couple):

carolyn littell website

Carolyn Littell's Realtor Website

Psychologist Blog Redesign into a Simple Website

Ann Pike, a psychologist who enjoys the outdoors, had an upcoming lecture and needed her blog transformed into a robust website. But, she didn't want it to take over her life.

We redesigned her outdated blog into a clean, simple website that she didn't have to update frequently.  You can read more about her website redesign project here.

Dr. Pike's blog before working with Maria

Dr. Pike's blog after working with Maria

Online Course Development

The online training industry has exploded over the last five years. You can now build your own online course even if you have zero instruction design, development or training skills.

What if you don't want to do DIY? Or if you need something far more robust than out-of-the box offerings?

That's what we specialize in.

Online Course Development 

After Bob Littell's website redesign, he was excited for us to get started building his NetWeaving Diplomat Course: a hands-on, practical course that gives you a script to use for NetWeaving when meeting people face-to-face or virtually.

Bob had specific requirements for his course, including:

  • quizzes at the end of each course module
  • quizzes use fill-in-the-blank questions, essential for memorizing a NetWeaving script (no 3rd-party online course platforms offer this) 
  • requirement of 100% quiz grade before you can proceed to the next module

Bob's needs for his course went far beyond what's available in any 3rd-party LMS or online course platform. We built his course, from scratch, so it offers exactly the learning style and results he required.

Here's the NetWeaving Course dashboard, from which students can take the lessons & quizzes, and see their progress:

NetWeaving Diplomat Course Dashboard

NetWeaving Diplomat Course Dashboard

Here's the first quiz in the course, requiring fill-in-the-blank responses to the questions so students can memorize the NetWeaving script for meetings:

Fill-in-the-blank questions ensure students will memorize the NetWeaving script for meetings

NetWeaving Diplomat Course Dashboard

We were able to deliver exactly the course Bob needed for his NetWeaving International brand, allowing him to spread his NetWeaving technique globally.

What You Should Do Now

If you're an SMOC member in need of help with your digital marketing, Get started by calling Maria at 404-448-1498 or book a meeting to discuss your needs.

If you're not an SMOC member, here's our Plans & Pricing: start with your classes & coaching, and then we can work together on your digital marketing project!


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