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By Maria Peagler

Jul 03
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We are now offering digital marketing services exclusively for members.


Because in your 1:1 coaching with me, I repeatedly hear your frustrations in getting projects completed outside of skill sets you feel comfortable with, including:

I don't understand why my competitor is outranking me
I need my website redesigned but my developer isn't responding
We've got a big event coming up and need to make sure we have a huge attendance

What Digital Marketing Services Do We Offer?

The bottom line? We want to make it easy for you to get the services you need to grow your business, whether that be online classes, coaching or done-for-you services.

You to pay for the project you need using a points-based system, not the hours it takes us to complete it. No surprise billing: you always know ahead of time what you'll pay.

Check out our packages below, and see examples of how you can put them to work in your business:





  • 5 points per month
  •  $100 per point
  • Monthly check-in call
  • Discounted SMOC membership




  • 13 points per month
  • $100 per point
  • Weekly check-in call
  • Discounted SMOC membership

Let SMOC Handle What They Do Best

My two best business decisions last year:

  1. Handing over the ever-changing daily social media marketing tasks to SMOC and
  2. Utilizing Maria’s SEO-optimization expertise in designing our dynamic new mobile-friendly and super-fast web site!

Maria took the time to delve into the nitty-gritty details of our business model and designed organized implementation plans for both of these vital projects. Maria's ongoing performance analysis to gauge our success and continuously tweak our strategy, and her amazing responsiveness, are absolutely top-notch – and so rare!

My time is now freed up to focus on the tasks I shouldn't outsource, am best suited for, and most enjoy doing! I look forward to an ongoing partnership with SMOC to make this year our very best year ever!

Kay Harris Cabins of Birch Hollow

Why Choose Socialmediaonlineclasses for Digital Marketing Services?

Because we know you & your business better than anyone else.

And we've been doing these services for businesses (both our own and members) for years without making it public.

Yes, I do my own social media posts every day.  

Yes, I do my own content development, data mining, infographics, customer support and more.

What don't I do?

Video editing. That is one service I hire out.  Everything else we do ourselves, and now we're telling the world we'll do these services for members too.

Why Only for Members?

Our goal is to grow OUR MEMBERS' businesses: first, by providing online classes on how to grow using social media marketing, SEO and building a simple WordPress website.

If that's all you need, awesome! You rock!

Often, however, we need more than that. A huge events, new product/service launch, or a crisis at home or business that needs your attention.

At some point, you'll need a trusted  partner to rely on and provide you with the marketing team you wish you always had.

That's why we limit our services to members: we know you, and you trust us.

Plus, if you spend more than $2000 in social media services, we provide a discounted SMOC membership as long we're working together.

Case Studies of SMOC Services Clients

Website Development Services

Online Course Development

What You Should Do Now

If you're an SMOC member in need of help with your digital marketing, Get started by calling Maria at 404-448-1498 or book a meeting to discuss your needs.

If you're not an SMOC member, here's our Plans & Pricing: start with your classes & coaching, and then we can work together on your digital marketing project!


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