I accept absolutely no advertising, sponsorships, free products for review, nor do I accept or use affiliate marketing links.

My credibility is not for sale, and ultimately the most important criteria for me and my students is trust. They know that I recommend Only those products and services I have actually used.

What does that mean for you?

  • You enjoy an online training site free of cluttered ads, affiliate links, and other wastes of your time
  • You can Always trust my advice and that I give it solely as that: my objective analysis, uninfluenced by any monetary relationship
  • If I recommend a product, it’s because I use it and have found it helpful to me or my clients in our businesses
  • You get the best online training from a company whose sole concern is helping you grow your small business

As the founder of SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com, I receive income from course and consultation fees. I speak at local, regional, and national conferences and receive payment for my lectures and workshops.

I could increase my revenues exponentially by accepting advertising, affiliate links and reviewing products, but none of those things would help my clients grow their businesses. They would pad my bank account, but not do a single thing for my clients. Ultimately, I put my clients first.