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I'm excited to share this checklist with you so you can get your very first sale from Instagram or Pinterest.  The best part? It's so simple to do:

  • no complicated e-commerce system needed
  • use the same social media posts you're already doing (no ads necessary)
  • make a few "tweaks" to your posts & profile and you'll see your sales start rolling in!

Ok, enough talk. Let's get to the good part:

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Watch "over my shoulder" to learn exactly how entrepreneurs — just like you — sell on Instagram & Pinterest the easy way!

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You'll learn:

    • 3 ways to sell on Instagram & Pinterest without an e-commerce system
    • anatomy of the "perfect post"
    • what buyers need to see from you before they buy
    • how small businesses get sales on both social networks (case studies)

FLASH SALE: $7 (Normally $297.00)

Paid for Itself in One Week

Before SMOC I would look at my computer and start crying. Where do I start? How will I EVER get it all done? Maria has broken the process down into tiny bits that anyone can understand. What's more amazing is how much just one "bit" improved my business. I earned my money back in the first week!

Mavis Stevens
Artist, Social Media Manager

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