Driving Sales Using Social Media

By Maria Peagler

Feb 28
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If you attended this webinar live, you know how many “AHA” moments everyone had!  When I asked attendees what their biggest takeaways were, they said:

  • “How important Calls-to-Action are”
  • “That I need to start using email marketing”
  • “I don’t have to do this perfectly!  I just need to do it!”

A 1-2-3 Sales System really is possible. It took me five years to perfect my system, but in this bonus webinar I show you how I do it, what mistakes I made along the way (and still make!), and how it works for me sending me leads to my Inbox everyday.

How to Implement This System in 12 Weeks

If you want to Fast-Track your sales and see results more quickly, join me for the 12 Week Coaching Intensive:  Driving Sales Using Social Media Fast-Track.  You’ll be implementing this system and seeing results in just three months.  Program starts April 3, 2013, and I will not be offering it again until 2014.

Bonus Webinar Resources

Here are all of your bonus resources to teach you EXACTLY how:

  1. bonus webinar
  2. webinar slide deck
  3. .PDF transcript
  4. .mp3 audio file
  5. Driving Sales Using Social Media Checklist

The bonus webinar is approximately 60 minutes long.  In giving you access to five different ways of experiencing the webinar, you get the opportunity to learn your way, whether you’re a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner.

Webinar Replay

Webinar password:  calltoaction

Webinar Slide Deck



Click on the icon below to download the .PDF transcript of the webinar:



 Audio File

Click on the icon below to listen to the audio version of the webinar:


Driving Sales Using Social Media Checklist

  1. Download your checklist by clicking on the infographic.  (PC users may have to right-click)
  2. Follow each step exactly.  Do not skip ahead.  The system won’t work if you implement only individual parts.  It’s designed to work as a cohesive unit.
  3. If you need help implementing this system, consider joining the Fast-Track Intensive Coaching Program.

drive sales sm checklist


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