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“I love the Facebook class series. I plan to take them all!”
— Deanne Eisenman, Snuggles Quilt Pattern Co.

Facebook 103 Course Outline (text version)

Lesson 1: Why Facebook Ads are THE Biggest Missed Opportunity for Small Business

Lesson 2: What Should My Budget Be for a Facebook Ad?

Lesson 3: The 80/20 of Facebook Advertising

Lesson 4: The Easiest Facebook Ad for Your Brand

Lesson 5: The #1 Factor for Facebook Ad Success 

Lesson 6: How to Accomplish Business Goals Using Facebook Ads

Lesson 7: Get More Fans Using a Facebook Ad

Lesson 8: Measure Your Ad’s Performance with Reports

Lesson 9: Drive Traffic to Your Website Using a Facebook Ad

Lesson 10: Generate Leads Using a Facebook Ad

Lesson 11: How to Generate Sales Using a Facebook Ad

Lesson 12: How to Retarget Warm Leads Using a Facebook Ad

Lesson 13: How to Run a Flash Sale on Facebook

Lesson 14: Do Business-to-Business Networking with an Ad

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What Do I Get with Membership?

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Class Library

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Content that’s continually updated

Access any class, any lesson, anytime

Take classes on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile

Learn on your time: 10-minute lessons that teach you the why, how, and what works in social media now

Learn your way:  multi-media lessons combine text, screencasts, video, and audio, allowing you to skim, browse, and review at your own pace


My Bonus Webinars 3002Bonus Webinars

Live webinars cover deep strategy topics

Webinar replay available 24/7

Slide deck included

.mp3 audio recording so you can listen anywhere, anytime

Infographic that summarizes webinar topic on one page

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Use infographic as a checklist


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Exclusive Infographics

Checklists to keep you on track

Infographics to make learning & getting results easier

Say goodbye to social media overwhelm




My Community 300

Private Forum & 1:1 Coaching

Interactive Class Forum for direct access to instructors & fellow students

Instant answers when you need them

1:1 coaching with Maria weekly


Facebook 103 Reviews from Members

“Increased my Facebook Fans by 700%” Margaret Travis, EazyPeazyQuilts

“Within hours I had a page up – within weeks I had a community – within a month I was actually having fun & using the marketing tips from my classes.” — Marybeth Tawfik, Cambridge Lane

“Slowly, but surely, Facebook 101 helped me build a page I could be proud of.”Madge Ziegler, Madge Ziegler Quilts

Why Your Class is Risk Free

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Try Facebook 103 for 30 days. If you’re not happy, I’ll refund every penny.

guaranteeObviously, I think SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com is the best social media online training available. But, I’ll admit I’m a little biased.

That’s why I invite you to try Facebook 103 for 30 days. If it doesn’t work like you had imagined, simply let me know and we’ll refund your full purchase price. No hard feelings. How does that sound?

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