Facebook Engagement & Reach: How To Social Media Training [VIDEO]

By Maria Peagler

Nov 14
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The key to getting results from Facebook is in posting content that generates reach and engagement. So how do you figure out what kind of posts your audience responds to best?

This video looks at a simple way to identify which posts get the greatest reach and engagement so you’ll know what kind of content you should focus on sharing. Timestamps & transcript are below the video:

00:20: Identify How to Get Greater Post Reach & Engagement in Less than 30 Seconds

02:00: Second Facebook Post Type Insight Example

02:42: Comparison with Targeted Posts Excluded

02:58: Identify What’s Working Now

03:40: Why Status Updates Get the Most Reach


This is Maria Peagler with Socialmediaonlineclasses.com with the fifth in a series on Facebook Insights videos. And in this video we’re going to be taking a look at how you can easily identify—in less than 30 seconds—how you can get greater post reach and engagement. Again, we’re going to go to your Facebook page Insights by clicking on See Insights. And we’re going to go to your Posts section. And you’re going to look at Post Types. And the area that pops up here is incredibly important because it shows you the most popular post types that you do. Not individual posts, but the kind of post, whether they’re photo posts, just a plain text status update, a link, it could be a video, it could be an offer. But you can see for my particular page, photos are, by far, what get the most reach and, overwhelmingly, the most engagement. So for this, it’s a no-brainer for me. It’s going to be a photo post. Links tend to get more engagement than a status update, but status updates get a far greater reach than links do. So what that tells me is that I might want to do a status update and just put maybe a shortened link on it so that it doesn’t show up as the type of link that you would see in a Facebook link post. So, overall, what I would do is anytime I do a Facebook post I’m going to put a photo with it and I can also add a link, but that photo is going to be what gives it the greater reach.

Let’s take a look at another Facebook page. And you can see here that it’s pretty much the same proportion. Again, photos are the most popular type followed by status and links. In this particular case, though, the links didn’t get as much engagement as mine did. For this page a status post gets a lot of engagement. But again, overwhelmingly, it’s the photo posts that get the greatest reach and engagement. You can exclude targeted posts, which are ones that are done with an ad. I don’t think that there are any on this page, but we will go back to my insights and take a look at that.

Okay. Back here we’re going to look on the insights back on my business page. Again, we’re going to go to posts because we want to see what the most popular post types are. I’ll click on that section. And let’s see. I’m going to exclude targeted posts and see if that changes anything. Well, it does. It does a lot, actually. I want to show this to you again. Right here for all posts, photo, status and link. Okay. If I exclude targeted posts that means that these are only the ones that are organic. Status posts are twice as popular as anything else. They don’t get the most engagement but they do get the most reach. And that, it’s a theory on my part, but here’s what I think this is.

A status update is easy for Facebook to store on its servers. A photo takes a lot of storage space, and so does a video. And so they automatically give status updates greater reach to save on their own hosting and storage costs. So a photo, they’re not going to give as great a reach, but you can see it still gets the most engagement. So that’s interesting. And then a link, again, gets the least reach and the least engagement as far as both clicks, likes, comments and shares.

So this is how you can tell what your most popular post types are. Identify those and do more of them. This is Maria Peagler from Socialmediaonlineclasses.com.


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