Forum Focus for April

By Maria Peagler

Apr 18

forumWe have compelling discussions in the Community Forum for April.

Q&A that have entrepreneurs celebrating successes with answers they found in the Forum.  Check out these discussions for solutions for your business:

  • Getting New Likes w/ a Facebook Promo tool for only .35 cents
  • How to Notify Contest Winners (this answer reveals a brand new Facebook feature that was IMPOSSIBLE one month ago)
  • How to Appeal to Women Using Video & Pinterest

Plus, the Forum has an updated look & feel, along with a new chat wall for instant communication with me and other students.

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Click on any title to be taken to the Forum post:

Getting New Likes for .35 Cents Each w/Facebook Promo Tool

This SMOC client had been AWOL from Facebook for almost a year, and wasn’t sure how to get back in.

She combined a Facebook promotional tool with a unique twist that got a lot of bang for her $5 investment:  14 NEW Likes from targeted fans interested in purchasing her products.  That’s only .35 cents per Like!

Advertising agencies would LOVE these kinds of results for their clients.  Find out her unique & easy-peasy tactic in the Forum.

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How to Notify Contest Winners

Do you run contests on Facebook?  It can get pretty complicated with their ever-changing rules & guideslines.

So many business owners shy away.

Facebook has revealed a little-known tactic you can use to notify your winners that was IMPOSSIBLE one month ago.

And they haven’t announced it at all.  So most people have NO IDEA you can use this awesome tactic.

Learn how you can in the Forum.

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How to Appeal to Women Using Video & Pinterest

I shared an “insider” secret to combining simple video and Pinterest to appeal to women online.  Women have increased their online video consumption by 4 hours per week AND control 2/3 of household purchases.

So if women are your target audience, you don’t want to miss this case study & how-to in the Forum.

(And join me next Thursday, April 25 for the Visual Social Media bonus webinar:  Easy Techniques for Photo & Video Using Your Smartphone.  It’s a $497 value, but you get it FREE when you’re registered for any class here at SMOC).



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