Forum Focus for Sept 25, 2014

By Maria Peagler

Sep 25

Forum Focus for

Our forum offers fascinating discussions and opportunities for our members to grow their brand using social media marketing.  Here are just some of this week’s conversations:

#1. How to Prepare & Resize Images for Social Media

After SMOC member Izetta had trouble preparing her images for social media, another member (a professional photographer) came to the rescue with an awesome video showing how to do it, step-by-step . . . .

#2.  Welcome to Our New Members!

This week we offer a big HELLO to Lynette, Penny, Marie, Jeff, Tobogo, Rod & Sue! Say hello and introduce yourself here . . . .

#3. How Am I Doing on Twitter?

One of our members just started out on Twitter and asked for members feedback on her tweet here . . . .

#4. Google+ Image Size Cheat Sheet

Google+ was designed with photographers in mind. So what size should your images be to take advantage of that? See here . . . .

#5. Which Online Store is Best?

Which ecommerce option is best when you’re just starting out? Find out member recommendations here  . . . .


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