Get Serious About Getting Sales on LinkedIn

By Maria Peagler

Feb 18
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li post thumbnailDo any of these sound familiar?

  • I have a LinkedIn account but never use it
  • I have lots of connections on LinkedIn but no leads
  • I don’t have time for another social network

Think LinkedIn is only for B2B companies?

Then you’re leaving money on the table for your competition to grab right out of your hands.  Here’s why:

LinkedIn is THE Human Resources Database of the 21st Century

It’s the first place ANYONE who wants to do business with you will look.  Whether you’re job hunting, starting a new business, or need more clients, LinkedIn is where that all begins.

Human resources managers look for your profile on Linkedin, and what they see determines whether you’ll get that long-awaited call for an interview.  If your profile lacks a photo, has only a few connections and no recommendations, your resume gets tossed into the trash.  Job seeksers NEED to be here with a profile that WOWs HR professionals.

Starting a business and need to get the word out?  There’s no better place to connect with previous bosses, colleagues, college alumni, and vendors.  Invite them to connect with you and let them know about your new venture.  You can search for people on LinkedIn easily by company, college, location, and title.

Want leads for your existing business?  The more you use LinkedIn the more visible your brand. Reach out to potential leads in a helpful way and you’ve established trust necessary for that relationship to move forward.

Small Business Prefers LinkedIn Over Other Social Networks

41% of small business owners said LinkedIn had the most potential of any social network, beating out Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal.

In fact, it’s one of the two-must have social networks I recommend to my clients.  (The other being Google+ for the SEO value).

3 LinkedIn Small Business Case Studies

Want proof LinkedIn DOES work for small business?  Here are three case studies:

  1. Small Business Owner Grows to $5 Million in Revenue Via LinkedIn.  James Filburd grew his international business using LinkedIn exclusively, as it was the only social network not blocked by China, where he was located at the time.
  2. Small Business Postcard Mania Brought in $72,000 in Sales from Using LinkedIn.  They generated over 600 leads exclusively from their LinkedIn activities and tracked them to find they earned $72,000 in sales. They found that B2B responded best, and while they also used Facebook & Twitter, that LinkedIn leads actually converted at a much higher ratio.
  3. Consulting Business Drives Massive Traffic to Website Using LinkedIn.  Ken Lopez, a law firm consultant, increased traffic to his website from 800 visitors a month in 2011 to over 12,000 monthly in 2012.  Lopez uses LinkedIn Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, but found LinkedIn was the dominant traffic driver.

How to Profit from LinkedIn

Here’s the BIG money question:  how do you turn your lackluster LinkedIn account into a lead generator that identifies your ideal customer (the ones that buy) and turn those leads into sales?  Here are classes & articles here at SMOC that you can use immediately (and watch for more LinkedIn articles in the coming weeks here at SMOC):

LINKEDIN 101 CLASS:  Get Leads & Sales on the World’s Most Affluent Social Network

How to Create Profitable Personal Branding [Infographic]

5 LinkedIn Strategies to Use to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn Webinar:  Get LinkedIn Not Locked Out with Barbara Giamanco


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