Hop Off the Entrepreneurial Treadmill with These 10 Business Automation Tutorials

By Maria Peagler

Nov 08

Who runs your life: you or your business?

Entrepreneurs face often-insurmountable challenges: while some people thrive under that pressure (Marissa Mayer), others feel overwhelmed by the constant flux of change and a 24/7 culture.

Compound that stress during your busiest time of year and you're likely exploding over the small stuff.

So what's a budding (or seasoned) entrepreneur to do? 

Hop off the entrepreneurial treadmill:  learn to anticipate and manage your biggest business challenges (especially during those crazy seasons) by automating the small stuff that takes up so much of your time and brain power . . . 

 . . . leaving you to focus on the big rocks in your business, and your life.

How? With this entrepreneurial guide to automating your business — and your life — so you can enjoy both again. You'll learn how to:

  • automate social media (of course)
  • delegate work to a virtual assistant
  • manage your workload during the busy season
  • automate your blog posts (without looking a robot)
  • and much more

Bookmark this post and set a goal of executing one automation per month. Don't just read about it: DO IT.

I suggest starting with the easiest automation for you to set up: that way you'll have a quick win and be motivated to continue.

Here are your 10 tutorials, in order by date:

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Hop off that entrepreneurial treadmill and instead hike to a summit with a gorgeous view: use these 10 automation tutorials as your trail map.

Got questions? I'd love to hear from you or have you join Socialmediaonlineclasses.com as a full member.  You get 1:1 coaching from me, plus even more comprehensive resources on digital marketing.


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