How a Boston Bike Frame Brand Uses Social Media as Their Sole Means of Marketing [CASE STUDY]

By Maria Peagler

Nov 19

In this exclusive case study, you’ll learn how a local handmade bike shop uses social media exclusively to market their business. You’ll discover how they invest just an eighth of their time to make personal connections with their audience.

Case Study: Firefly Bicycles

Founded in 2011, Firefly Bicycles is based in Boston, Mass., a city known nationwide for its handmade bikes, and is one of the most well-respected small businesses in the bike frame building industry. Jamie Medeiros, Tyler Evans and Kevin Wolfson make up the Firefly team and have over 38 years of combined experience designing, crafting and fitting bikes.

Firefly Bicycles recognized that, like any audience, the cycling community was hungry for content, and that’s exactly what they deliver. They developed a plan to generate lots of high-quality content and, as a result, they’ve not only succeeded at building a deep connection with their audience, they’ve gone on to influence the cycling industry and bike culture worldwide.



Firefly Bicycles By the Numbers

  • Facebook Fans:  6,460+
  • Instagram Followers:  9,700+
  • Twitter Followers:  3,280+
  • Time Spent Weekly on Social Media:  5-7 hours

Visual Storytelling Makes for Strong Social Media Marketing



The most unique thing about the Firefly Bicycles marketing campaign is that it is executed exclusively via social media. The Firefly team is comprised of creative people, and art and design has a strong impact on their work. Since their work and process are extremely visual, Firefly uses this to their advantage when producing content to share.

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Here’s how Firefly Bicycles connects with their audience and makes their mark in the cycling industry:

  • Making use of several social networks to build a strong, widespread online presence
  • Sharing photos of their process and products keep people engaged
  • Producing lots of high-quality visual content
  • Sharing relevant stories that matter to their audience

By building a presence across multiple social networks, Firefly Bicycles keeps all their bases covered and is able to continuously generate sales. Their audience gets the inside scoop on what they’re doing and their frame-building process, and they can reach far beyond the local Boston community.


They also share highlights from the past and recognize others in the industry, showing the relationships they’ve established throughout the Boston and cycling communities:



How You Can Adapt This Case Study for Your Own Small Business

Any local business or e-commerce company can learn from Firefly Bicycles’ social media strategy to build relationships with their target audience and drive sales:

  • Produce high-quality content and share it widely
  • Identify which social networks are most successful over time and focus on them
  • If your product has visual appeal, use that to your advantage
  • Use social media to communicate with your audience directly and transparently
  • Establish your reputation and become a recognized voice in your industry
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Firefly Bicycles’ Engaging Social Media Strategy

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