How a Local Candy Store Uses Social Media to Generate Sales after TV Exposure [CASE STUDY]

By Maria Peagler

Oct 08

In this exclusive case study, you’ll learn how a local candy store’s appearance on national television doubled as an opportunity to learn how to make better use of social media. You’ll discover how they connect with their customers—near and far—in just a few hours a week.

Case Study: Sweet Pete’s

Based in Jacksonville, Fla., Sweet Pete’s is an all-natural confectionery founded by Pete Behringer. Pete’s mother opened a chocolate shop when he was 12, and he opened the doors to his own sweet shoppe in 2010. In addition to all-natural and organic goods, Sweet Pete’s caters to special diets with vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and other special options. They also offer classes and parties for those interested in making their own treats.

On April 1, 2014, Sweet Pete’s made an appearance on CNBC’s “The Profit” and made a deal with Marcus Lemonis to move from the Springfield neighborhood to a bigger space in downtown Jacksonville with a better kitchen and more foot traffic. The appearance generated sales and increased their following, and Sweet Pete’s maintains that momentum using social media to stay in touch with existing customers and attracting new ones.


Sweet Pete’s By the Numbers

  • Facebook Fans:  11,900+
  • Twitter Followers:  2,600+
  • Instagram Followers:  600
  • Time Spent Weekly on Social Media:  3 – 4 hours

Learn What Works and Stick with It


When they first started out with social media, Sweet Pete’s didn’t have a huge following and did their own thing when it came to social media. After their Marcus Lemonis deal, his team helped Sweet Pete’s improve their marketing efforts to their growing customer-base.

Here’s how Sweet Pete’s got their social media efforts to rake in customers:

  • Learned how to use social media from social media marketing experts
  • Computer-savvy staff who really understand social media management and execution strategy
  • Promoting parties, new deals, seasonal items and specials
  • Photos of products and the team in-action get people engaged
  • Short status posts that don’t demand too much time or attention

By learning from experts and paying attention to what their audience responds to, Sweet Pete’s only has to invest a few hours each week to see results. They see an increase in sales after sharing deals, parties and classes on their social networks, and giving their audience a behind-the-scenes look helps keep them engaged, especially with non-local customers who can’t visit them in-person.


They also use polls as a quick, fun way to get customer feedback and feature products in a non-pushy way:sweetpetescasestudy_03

How You Can Adapt This Case Study for Your Own Small Business

Any small or local business can learn from Sweet Pete’s strategy to improve at social media marketing and engage better with customers:

  • Always be professional
  • Allow staff with the social media knowledge and expertise to take the lead
  • Know your audience and pay attention to what they want
  • Have fun! Don’t let social media become a burden

Sweet Pete’s Efficient Approach to Social Media Marketing

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Casey R Kelley January 2, 2017

I live in Jacksonville, FL. I didn’t know they were on The Profit. But I am well aware of their move downtown. One thing they do that is cool is work with local schools for tours. My son went with his first grade class and he (along with all the first graders at his school) became brand ambassadors for them. That was his first visit there and now a year later, he still convinces me to take him at least once a month. They have a cute little cafe that really works for the downtown lunch crowd. So after my initial visit with my son, the cafe was soon in regular rotation along with a few co-workers for lunch. Great company!

Maria Peagler January 2, 2017

Hi Casey – thanks for telling us about your son’s school tour. School tours are truly a savvy move that makes their best audience work for them as brand ambassadors. And what a treat for the kids!

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