How an SMOC Member Used Her Social Media Training to Rebrand and Launch a New Career [CASE STUDY]

By Maria Peagler

Sep 18

In this exclusive case study, you’ll learn how a SMOC member earned her LinkedIn certificate and leveraged it to launch a new career as a LinkedIn business coach.  You’ll discover the tactics she uses and those she says to avoid like the plague.

Case Study: Penny Pearl of Bear2Bull Coaching

Penny Pearl is a former SMOC member who rebranded herself on LinkedIn after earning her course certificate. She previously had a food business, developing the first baked products made with Truvia (and sold in Whole Foods!).

After earning her LinkedIn 101 certificate, Penny launched her new business, Bear2Bull Coaching, focusing on LinkedIn coaching that helps others develop and improve their professional relationships to grow their businesses. She focuses on LinkedIn for lead generation and online sales, and also provides sales and business coaching, unique promotions and marketing campaigns. By being able to teach clients the value of LinkedIn and how to use it to generate leads, Penny has been able to both help her clients and boost her own bottom line.

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Bear2Bull By the Numbers

  • LinkedIn Connections:  500+
  • Time Spent Weekly on Social Media:  40 hours

FOCUS is KEY: How Penny Finds Clients on LinkedIn


Penny admits that perfecting her system took time— about a year of trying things and refining her strategy to really get things working. She quickly realized that you can keep busy with social media without seeing much in the way of results if you’re not focused.

So how did she adapt her strategy?

Here’s what Penny did to make LinkedIn pay off:

  • Started paying attention to those tactics that lead to achieving her business goals
  • Ditched what wasn’t working and replaced those with new tactics
  • Uses her LinkedIn profile as a marketing tool: it demonstrates her LinkedIn expertise and allows others to easily vouch for her skills and knowledge.
  • Refined those efforts until she developed a repeatable system that worked for herself and her clients

While Penny uses LinkedIn full-time to generate leads for her LinkedIn coaching business, she realizes her clients don’t WANT to do that or CAN’T. So, she teaches them how to make every bit of time they spend using LinkedIn count, whether it’s 15 minutes or three hours.


She also offers free learning opportunities such as webinars, which she promotes on her other social networks as well:


How You Can Adapt This Case Study for Your Own Small Business

Regardless of what product or service your business offers, you can learn from Penny’s tactics to keep your own social media marketing efforts focused and productive:

  • Identify effective marketing tactics and replace those that aren’t working
  • Refine those tactics to develop a repeatable system
  • Embrace new technology that helps you provide value for your clients
  • Use social media to listen to client questions! Use them to develop your products and services.

Bear2Bull’s LinkedIn Lead Generation System

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