How to Beat Your Competition: Live Webinar + Recording + MP3 Audio + Infographic

By Maria Peagler

Sep 03

Join Maria Peagler for this 60-minute webinar: How to Beat Your Competition:

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How to Beat Your Competition . . . 

. . . without competing on price.

Not only is possible, but after this webinar, you'll be able to charge premium prices your target audience will be happy to pay.

In the era of constant disruptive innovations (think iPod, Uber and Amazon), how can small businesses compete? 

That's what you'll learn in this month's bonus webinar:

  • how to identify the products/services your target audience will pay top dollar for (even if they can't tell you what they are)
  • how to beat your competition every single time
  • how to earn passionate, loyal customers who rely on you

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Webinar Transcript

And I've done this over the past six to nine months and I can tell you it works. So what is a job to be done, first of all? It's when a customer "hires" your product or service for a job that arises in their lives. It goes back to the concept of people don't want a quarter-inch drill bit, they want a quarter-inch hole in their wall. So they have a need in their lives and they're hiring you to solve that need. That is a job to be done.

​And so what we're gonna do is take a look at some of the examples that Christensen uses in his book, and I'm also gonna take you through how I applied this whole framework to to make us competition proof, and how you can do the same.

​So the classic example that Clayton Christensen uses in his book is the McDonald's Milkshake. Now I have to admit, I would not think of a McDonald's Milkshake having a job to be done. Most people just buy them because they're fun, taste good and is a treat. But that is not the case. McDonald's wanted to sell more milkshakes, but they needed to be clear on exactly how they could do that. So they partnered with Clayton Christensen's team to interview people buying milkshakes so they could discover why they were doing it, what was their job to be done?

​Y'all don't forget to put your answers in the ... Whoops. I want go back here. The number one thing that you want to learn from today's webinar, put that in the chat window. Now if I had guessed before I read this, I would've thought that the people buying milkshakes would've been moms with young children, teenagers and young adults. People who are young, could probably afford the calories and just want a treat. But what McDonald's found out was very different. They found out that it was mostly men buying the milkshakes. Not only that, they were buying them in the morning, like 9 AM in the morning. And most of them had a long commute. So they were going to McDonald's, on their drive to work, going through the Drive-Thru, and it was mostly men. In the morning.

​Now why? What was the job that they were hiring that milkshake to do? Well what McDonald's found out was men were buying these milkshakes to keep them full and occupied during a long, boring drive. Now McDonald's would've never figured that out, if Christensen's team had not interviewed people coming in to buy McDonald's milkshakes.

​So let's take a look at the competition that the McDonald's Milkshake had, because I would've thought their competition would've been other fast food restaurants. Other places where people can go and get it and an egg sandwich, or Dunkin' Donuts, or something like that. But what they found out from interviewing these men was that they had tried eating a banana, which was healthy but didn't keep them full. They had tried a bagel and cream cheese, which was a total mess to try to eat in the car. They'd eaten a candy bar, which was good but not filling, and then their wives were upset with them that they'd eaten a candy bar at 9 in the morning. Or they did nothing, and doing nothing is your competition. Doing nothing is something that is a competitor for your product or services. So your job is to show people how you can help them overcome doing nothing. That doing something with you is easier and less frustrating than doing nothing.

​Now why did the McDonald's Milkshake perform the job to be done better? It kept the men full, it was easy to drink in the car, and their wives wouldn't be upset with them if they ate a candy bar at 9 in the morning. So it just did the job better. However, McDonald's had to know who they were competing against. Now here, notice they're not saying anything about price, so if McDonald's had put milkshakes on their dollar menu to try to beat out other fast food restaurants, that would've totally not even figured into why people were doing this. They would've been addressing the wrong job. It's not price, it's hunger on a longer commute in the car for men.

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