How to Combine Social Media & Email Marketing to Capture Leads You’re Missing

By Maria Peagler

Mar 11
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This is one in a three-part series on email marketing. You can find each post in the series here:

Part I: How to Combine Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing
Part II: Email Marketing Solutions for Small Business
Part III: 3 Mistakes You’re Making with Email Marketing

email post thumbnailLast year I was speaking at my local Chamber of Commerce meeting when I asked how many businesses were using email marketing.

In a crowded room, I saw less than 3 hands go up.

Why was I asking about email marketing, when I own a social media training company?

Because it’s the net that catches your fish before it swims away.  Think of social media as your favorite lake, your free report (or other valuable giveaway)  as the bait, and email marketing is what reels your leads in.

How many people visit your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Pinterest boards, and YouTube channel every month?

Studies show most will never return.  That was a missed business opportunity, wasn’t it?

Considering email marketing NOW?

How to Use Email Marketing & Social to Generate Leads

When I began using email marketing, I made it too complicated. I’ve learned much over the years about what makes a successful email marketing campaign, and I’ll share with you what I’ve discovered as the keys to success.

If you’ve never used email marketing before, keep the process simple and start small:  sign up for a free trial of a product like iContact, Constant Contact or MailChimp.  Ask colleagues for recommendations and simply try out the products.  See what feels most intuitive to you.

The process boils down to three major parts:

  1. Get Subscribers (these are your Leads)
  2. Develop Content
  3. Create Sign-Up Forms

Get Subscribers on Your List

The quality of your list determines how well your subscribers will respond to your messages.  Try growing your list by giving away an iPad and you’ll get lots of people who want the prize but never read your emails.  So you’re paying for dead weight on your list.

Buying or renting a list from a company is the wrong way to go.  If you wouldn’t like your name being rented out to a company for marketing purposes, don’t do it yourself.  It’s a great way to alienate all those subscribers you’ve worked hard to gain.

The best way I’ve found to generate a targeted list of motivated leads (the ones that buy!) is to offer a free item for joining my list.  I give away infographics or a free class in exchange for  their email address.  I do this on my website and on every social network I use.  I use each social network to its own advantage:  on Facebook I create a custom tab for the free offer, on Pinterest I develop a board of free classes, on LinkedIn I offer a video in my gallery, and on YouTube I produce videos that send traffic to pages on my website where visitors can optin to my email list.

email marketing social media

I’ve created a system that sends leads to me everyday, without me having to constantly chase sales.  They come to me.  Last month I got almost 200 leads using these tactics.

Develop Content

Are you wondering WHERE you’re going to get all the content for these email campaigns?  If you have a blog, use social networks, and offline marketing, it’s easy to feel “talked out.”  How much does one person have to say?

It took me years to figure out a system that didn’t require me to recreate a masterpiece everytime I sent out my email newsletter.  In fact, my system works so well, that the day my newsletter goes out is always the best traffic day for my website.

Yes, you read that correctly.  My email marketing drives a lot of traffic to my website.  My peak traffic days are the ones that include my email marketing visitors.

email drives website traffic

I’ve created anticipation among my subscribers by developing a schedule and letting them know when they can expect my newsletter.  Each issue offers meaty tips & strategies that trains them to open my newsletters immediately.

Create Sign-Up Forms

Once you create your list and have the content ready to send out, you can create the sign-up forms to put on your website or social network.  Each email marketing provider handles this differently, and some are better than others.  Some have sign-up forms already created that you can use, some have widgets you can place on your blog, and others have apps for Facebook.  This is definitely one of the questions to ask their sales department when you’re shopping around.

custom tab infographic

Don’t focus on making a beautiful sign-up form.  The important items to get right here are:

  • make it easy
  • make it clear
  • make it obvious

Make it easy by keeping the form fields to a minimum.  Name and email address are all you really need.  If you start asking for company name, address, telephone, what they’re most interested in, etc., you’ve lost people in a sea of complexity.  Why do you need all that to download a report?

Make it clear what they get and when in exchange for giving you their email address.  Otherwise you’ll be getting a flood of emails in your Inbox asking, “Where’s my free report?  I just signed up for it 10 seconds ago and it’s not in my Inbox yet!”

Make it obvious where they need to sign up and what they need to provide.  Don’t make people work to figure out where your sign-up form is.  Make it stand out by using large fonts, clear colors, and a button that says what they’ll get instead of “Submit.”

What’s Next?

Next week I’ll share solutions that make creating your first (or improved) email marketing campaign smart, effective, and easy.  Feel free to share your email questions, experiences, and advice in the comments!

See Part II of this series here.

This is one in a three-part series on email marketing. You can find each post in the series here:

Part I: How to Combine Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing
Part II: Email Marketing Solutions for Small Business
Part III: 3 Mistakes You’re Making with Email Marketing



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Britney Young March 28, 2013


We do a lot of email marketing at the company I work for, but the problem we’re having right now is that people are opening, but their clicking through to the landing page which leads them to video of how our products work.

What would you suggest? How can I make a more compelling email messages so that they will clickthrough to the landing page?

I’d appreciate any suggestions you can give.

-Britney Young

    Maria Peagler March 28, 2013

    Hi Britney –

    First, congratulate yourself on what you’re doing right: people are opening your messages! That’s the first step.

    A few small changes you can make to increase your click-through-rate are:

    Make your link you want people to click on BIG and OBVIOUS. It seems like a simple solution, but once I did this, I saw my CTR increase by 400%. Seriously.
    Keep your emails simple: one idea, one link to click on, so that’s the ONLY thing they can do in the email.
    Make your emails compelling: give people a teaser that makes them curious enough to watch the video.

    Try these and I think you’ll find your CTR increases. Good luck Britney!


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Mushki September 11, 2013


I’m interested in hearing more about how you build your lists. With Facebook you can easily use an app, but what would you do for Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn?

    Maria Peagler September 12, 2013

    Hi Mushki – The process is basically the same. You would leverage whatever opportunities each network offers.

    For example, you could link a Pinterest board to a landing page that offers a freebie in exchange for an email address. I do that here:

    You could do the same on LinkedIn in their gallery. Twitter would be a bit more challenging, but you could theoretically have a custom background designed that would present an offer. You couldn’t link to anything but you could have the link URL in the design.


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