How to Create Profitable Personal Branding [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Maria Peagler

Aug 21
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How to Create Profitable Personal Branding

Personal branding is a buzzword being used so frequently it’s become almost a cliche. Most of my clients are confused about what it is, how they actually go about doing it, and why it’s important. So let’s toss out a few examples.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind for:

Tom Cruise?

Charlie Sheen?


Mission Impossible or TomKat?

All of these “brands” have taken hits lately that take your eyes off their core product: for Tom Cruise and Charlie Sheen, you instantly think of personal fiascos, not their body of work or their latest movie or TV show. Happy investors? Absolutely not.

Why do you think Tom & Katie’s divorce happened so quickly? He knows the longer the media talks about his personal life, the less they’re covering his latest Mission Impossible movie.

Gay Marriage or the Best Chicken Sandwich?

Chik-fil-a has come under fire recently because of one their C-suite’s stance on gay marriage. People who had never before heard of Chik-fil-a now recognize the name and they’re “family-friendly” culture.

Guess what? I already knew they welcomed my family, because my sons’ favorite fast-food restaurant is Chik-fil-a. They serve delicious, healthy chicken sandwiches and nuggets, offer books and educational CDs in their kids’ meals, have immaculate facilities and superior customer service.

I didn’t need to know about their gay marriage stance. It didn’t matter. I wasn’t quizzing their cashiers on the company’s political affiliations. I’ll just take the healthy, delicious food, thank you.

What Do You Want to Be Known For?

Your personal brand is essential because no longer do Americans (or most international professionals) have the luxury or desire for a single, lifetime career track. Your personal brand extends beyond your latest job position, startup company, or joint venture. Your personal brand is the entirety of you: your personal and professional reputation, tied into one big bundle.

Want a quick snapshot of your personal brand? Google your name.

Are the results professional and consistent? Could they use some improvement?

Pump Up Your Personal Brand Training

Exactly what does it take to create profitable personal branding that you can be proud of? The Personal Branding Infographic I created with Mary Ellen “Mel” Miller of details 15 action steps to creating personal branding that becomes a profit center for you.

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Founder of, Benjamin Franklin award-winner for independent publishing, award winning author of eight books, wife, mom, quilter and watercolor artist.

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Mary Ellen Miller August 21, 2012

Maria,this is an excellent post with some timely examples. I am looking so forward to teaming with you on this personal branding webinar!

Maria Peagler August 22, 2012

Thanks Mary Ellen. I’m looking forward to our training session. Great examples, informative, and fun!

Anna August 29, 2012

Hi Maria, I am interested in this class, as should anyone who has a business, small or otherwise. I do have a question. Monday is my quilt group day. Can I download after I get home (4 p.m. CT) and view then.

Maria Peagler August 29, 2012

Hi Anna –

Delighted to hear from a fellow quilter! Yes, absolutely you can listen to the replay afterward. Recheck your dates though: the webinar is on a Thursday, Sept. 13, not a Monday, so you’ll probably be able to join us live.

If not, go ahead and register and let me know your questions. I’ll be sure to answer them in the webinar!

Cheryl Lynch August 30, 2012

Hi Maria, You are always so generous with your information. I see on your pyramid that a professional website is near the top. As an active quilt author and lecturer, do you think a blog can replace a website? Thanks.

Maria Peagler August 30, 2012

Hi Cheryl –
Thanks for your comment. Generosity is a big part of my personal brand that instills trust and allows people to get to know the quality of my products.

I’m impressed with how active you are Cheryl: you’re really in the top 10% of professional quilt designers with everything you do. And YES, I absolutely 100% believe that a blog can replace your website.

In fact, your blog CAN BE YOUR WEBSITE. I’ve done this with every single website I’ve ever had. They are all WordPress blogs, that serve as my main website as well.

Using WordPress allows me to focus on the content, and be involved as much as I want to be in the development. I can create the blog/website entirely on my own, or partner with a trusted developer to handle the technical details I’d rather not deal with.

I’ve done both, and it works well for me Cheryl.

Hope to see you in the webinar! Several universities have already made it mandatory for their students.

    Cheryl Lynch August 30, 2012

    Thanks for your kind words. Why do you pick WordPress vs blogger? I have blogger now and don’t want to lost my post history.

      Maria Peagler August 31, 2012

      Cheryl – WordPress is more widely supported by developers, you can easily add features using free or paid plugins, and it’s an easier tool to use. Blogger often requires coding to make changes to it, and most of my clients simply aren’t comfortable doing that.

      I’m not suggesting you need to move from Blogger: if you’re already using it and it works well for you, that’s okay. Identify the goals for your business, and see how well your current blog is serving those. If you’ve outgrown Blogger, you’ll know it’s time to make the switch to WordPress.

      Also, there are tools out there that will save your Blogger posts and import them to WordPress if you decide to move. You’d probably have some tweaking to do to them, but you won’t lose them entirely.


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Adelina Adell January 22, 2019

It’s a great job Maria. I actually search this type of information what you are said. It gives me in-depth information. Thanks for your guideline.

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