How to Get Serious Help for Your Biggest Challenges

By Maria Peagler

Sep 28

It’s not easy to get valuable answers these day to social media questions. Ask them on the social network, and you get a lot of opinions, most of them contradictory, and it can be confusing to know who to trust or even where to go for serious help.

That’s why I love the Community Forum here at Students get detailed answers from me, and help from fellow students. For example, this week a client who works at a car dealership was proud of his new Facebook page he created for the business, but needed to know “now how do I get people to like it?”

Great question, and one of the most frequent ones I get. I provide the tried and true methods in Facebook 101, and I also gave him 12 new tactics he can use, one per month, to really grow his fan base.

Ready to grow your Facebook fan count with authentic tactics you can be proud of? Read the full forum thread here.


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