How to Make $100,000 in Real Estate from Social Media Alone [CASE STUDY]

By Maria Peagler

Nov 20

This case study of a real estate broker who earned over $100,000 from social media (her listings alone) will totally change the way you approach online marketing.

Molly got over 500 Likes the first week she opened her new ReMax office

Meet Molly McGrory, ReMax Broker

Molly is the owner of five ReMax offices in Georgia, a real estate holding company, is also a listing broker, and travels 105 miles between her offices.  She’s an avid tennis player who enjoys playing three days a week. You might think that a hugely successful owner of multiple businesses doesn’t have time to do her own social media. But she does:  Molly makes the time. Molly uses social media to:

  • Earn $100,000 exclusively from her own listings from one social network (and $75,000 the year before)
  • Tap into a hugely profitable resource (and its not her Facebook friends)
  • Open a new real estate office and get over 500 Likes to its Facebook page the first week
  • Hire a successful agent via social media by making her an offer she couldn’t refuse

How Molly Earned Six Figures from Social Media (Case Study & Interview)

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Cresta April 8, 2014

Social media is an efficient platform for branding and gathering audiences across the world. Because, social media gives very good interaction between private and public. It makes every business peoples easy to market their products.

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