How to Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

By Maria Peagler

May 19

networking imageStartups and small businesses don’t have the time to do everything themselves, and often social media marketing is one of the first services entrepreneurs look to outsource.

Trusting your social media marketing to an outside firm is a big leap —  often one that leaves everyone disappointed.  In this week’s post, I’ll share my secrets for ensuring a successful delegation of your social media marketing to an outside team.

1.  Is Your Business a Good Candidate for Outsourcing?

A hard question you need to ask yourself is this:  are we a good candidate for outsourcing?  Not every business can let go of their marketing, nor are they organized enough to do so.

Is your team organized?

Handing off your marketing requires that your social media team understands your brand and your clients as well as your in-house staff.  That requires spending a lot of time with the team and educating them on what you offer, what differentiates you, and what you want your brand voice to be.

Do you have content, images and copy?

Marketing also requires a lot of content: your calendar of events, product/service images, staff headshots, product copy, and more.

In my experience, most brands are so busy doing the work they don’t remember to take the time to photograph what they do.  The result? They end up with little in the way of marketing images.  Even when they’re in a visual business like retail.

Your social media team needs those images so they can get engagement on social media.  Can you provide them?

2.  Do You Know What to Look for in a Social Media Marketing Team?

Hiring a social media marketer with an impressive certificate of credentials is a good start, but it’s not enough.  You need to know they understand your business, have produced results for previous clients in the past, and can do the same for you.

Do they have social media marketing training?

Where did they get their social media marketing education? What tactics does that organization teach, and will you be comfortable with those tactics with your brand’s name on them?

Many social media training “experts” teach highly aggressive forms of marketing that violate Facebook’s terms of service.  Using their tactics can get your business page banned.

Know the social media training organizations you can trust and recognize the candidates with those credentials.

What results have they produced for previous clients?

How do you know hiring a team will produce results?  A member hired a consultant to do his marketing, and she did an awesome job tweeting, posting on Facebook, and engaging with fans/followers.

The problem?  The content she was posting had absolutely nothing to do with his new product launch.  Not related in the slightest sense.  She didn’t understand his brand or his product enough to speak for him.

What is your goal in hiring a social media marketing team? If you want to grow your business, you need to be prepared to have that discussion with your team and identify how to accomplish that.

Want to increase visibility for your brand? How many fans & followers is realistic for your business?

3.  How Will You Measure Success?

This is the ultimate test for any marketing campaign:  what was your goal and did you accomplish it?

What is your social media marketing goal?

You need to discuss your goals for hiring the team and agree on measurable ways to analyze whether you’ve met them. While increasing your fan count may be part of that, it’s usually not enough.

Do you want social media to drive traffic to your website? Generate telephone calls for a consultation? Get people visiting your store?

You need to have SMART goals in place and ensure that both you and your team understand and agree with them.

How long does your team have to accomplish those goals?

Last month I received this email:

Hello I need a way that I can get 1 million customers over the internet. Can you email me a model plan. I am a Sports consultant, Life Coach, insurance rep, and football coach.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to help, because this entrepreneur lacked focus, a budget, and a timeframe.  His expectations were also wildly unrealistic.

Have a candid discussion with your potential marketing team about what a reasonable timeframe is to accomplish the goals you’ve defined.  That way you’ll know how much you need to invest before you see measurable results. Now Offers Done-for-You Social Media Services

Because our members have asked us for years to provide done-for-you services, we’re debuting our Social Media Services this month.

We help your business grow using social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization.  No questionable tactics. Only highly trained consultants you can trust.

You’ll have the assurance that our team uses only the best marketing tactics, understands your business and product offerings as well as an in-house team, and can produce measurable results to meet your business goals.


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Gary Starkman May 20, 2014

How long should you stick with an outsourcing company before you can start expecting to see results?

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