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By Maria Peagler

Sep 30
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how we we welcome you at

Remember the first day of a new school year? You didn’t do much work, as most of the day was spent meeting your teachers, getting a syllabus, and learning where the bathrooms were.

Your teachers guided you gently into their class by telling you what was expected and setting the tone for the rest of the year.

That orientation was important for you to feel comfortable in your new learning environment. Without it, you’d likely be confused by your teacher’s expectations, their teaching style, and by trying to find where the important places were in the school (lunchroom, locker, bathroom — not necessarily in that order).

We’re Glad You’re Here!

We give you that same welcome as a new member at In fact, that orientation is even more important in an online training environment, which can sometimes feel like a lonely learning place.

If our members have trouble navigating their way around the website, can’t find the lessons they need, and don’t know where to get help, we’ve failed them from the very start. So, we’ve designed the orientation process (called onboarding) to be seamless: we make getting started so simple you don’t need to think about it.

How? Here’s what you can expect as a new member at

Your Welcome Email

As soon as you register as a member, you immediately receive an email with the username & password you created (because who can remember them all?), a link to the login page, and a suggestion for where to get started.

That email will be your Inbox before you leave our website. We make it easy for you to get started by having a short, helpful reminder in your Inbox.

 Welcome email at


My Direct Phone Number

After you register and select a username/password, I give you something almost no founder of a company does: my direct phone number.

Let’s face it: most companies give you only an email contact like [email protected] Not here. I make it easy to get in touch with me via my email, cell phone, and our Community Forum.

No Social Media Overwhelm Here

We offer a lot here at, and it could be easy to get overwhelmed. With twelve classes, almost 30 bonus webinars, infographics, a swipe file, a Community Forum, and a blog, where do you start?

That’s where our educational member guides come in: each day, for one week, you’ll get a friendly email from us. We highlight one feature of your membership you’ll find helpful. The first day you’ll get a site tour video; another day it’s a link to your strategy class that helps you figure out where to start on social media marketing: after all, if your target customers aren’t on Pinterest, should you take the class?

Welcome site tour video

You learn how to get 1:1 coaching with me (included with Annual Membership), and how to customize your learning plan for your unique business, customers, and style.

We’re not bombarding you with upsells, affiliate offers, or other junk. We’re helping you get the most value out of your membership.

What You Need to Know NOW

Let’s face it: social media changes daily. So we keep you in the know with the Weekly Top 5 email: every Monday morning, we highlight the new & updated content here at that helps you stay on top of what’s new, what’s changed, and how it affects your business.

Not only will you always know your classes are continually updated, we give you links in that email to take you directly to that lesson:

Welcome Weekly Top 5 at

SMOC Chat Wall

And just to offer a friendly way to say hello when you’re online, we offer the chat wall: an easy place to tell us about what’s happening with your life and your business.  We love hearing about your successes, helping with your challenges, and making SMOC a fun, community-centered place to grow your business: chat wall

Community Forum

Our Community is a place for members to introduce themselves, their businesses, ask questions, network, find out about new job postings, and share your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Seriously – mine’s Half-Baked (half brownie, half cookie dough), and that’s part of the fun we have here: Community Forum

Yes, I really do ask what your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s is – and members love sharing theirs!



We work hard to make your learning easy: logging in for the first time, finding out which classes are best for you, getting help when you’re stuck, chatting with other members, and sharing your successes.  After all, if your destination is a successful brand, shouldn’t you enjoy the process of getting there?

We think so, and we’re honored to be a part of your journey.

What’s been your experience in getting started with online learning? Share in the comments (and we’d love to know your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor too).


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