Interview with 168 Hours Author Laura Vanderkam: Get the Book Free!

By Maria Peagler

Aug 27

“I don’t have time!”

Do you say this often?  I hear it repeatedly from my clients: “I don’t have time to take another class. I get too busy and can’t finish them.”

You will never again utter that phrase after today. How? I’m bringing you advice from 168 Hours author Laura Vanderkam. (Get the interview and a bonus at the end of this post.)

Not heard of 168 Hours? It’s hands-down the best time management book I’ve ever read. Vanderkam takes a smarter, whole-life approach to not just getting more done, but achieving the successful business and full personal life you’ve dreamed of, without feeling like you’re constantly playing catch-up.

So if you find yourself saying “I don’t have time . . . . .”, this interview and Laura’s book is for you.

Do You Really Want a Four-Hour Work Week If You Love Your Work?

Tim Ferriss’ book The Four-Hour Work Week is heralded as a manifesto for people who want to work to live, not live to work. But what if you absolutely LOVE your work? Do you really want to cut down your work schedule to only four hours?

To do what, exactly?

I find huge gratification in helping business professionals master social media. I’m proud of developing world-class training, providing smart answers to my student’s questions, and solving their biggest business challenges.

It takes far more than fours hours to accomplish, and I like that. I want a robust work and personal life. I don’t want to outsource the key business tasks that give me a competitive edge and delight my clients.

Uber-Productivity for People Who Are Already Getting It Done

What if you’re already productive? You’ll still learn a new way of thinking and mastering your time from Laura. I’ve read just about every time management book out there, and they all seem to recommend the same principles: prioritize, get organized, apps, folders, reduce email, blah, blah, blah.

Laura’s approach is smarter and bigger at the same time. It takes work to do it, but it’s work that offers a huge payoff. I read 168 Hours and did every exercise Laura recommended: tracking my time, coming up with a Dream 100 (list of everything you want to do in life), developing a master schedule, and working from that Dream 100.

Did it work?

I was already a super-productive person: I run in less than 40 hours a week, I’m the mom of two teenaged sons, I volunteer at their schools and as a business mentor, and I have a full social life.  However, I was never getting enough done, staying up way too late in the evenings, and feeling like I wasn’t reaching my potential.

Not anymore. I get it all done and more. Even more importantly, I’ve carved out time for all the really important things I want to do, accomplish, and be in my life. I’ve taken a whole-life approach to my 168 hours, and it’s working beautifully. As Laura says, “You Have More Time Than You Think.”

Bits of Joy

One of my favorite parts of Laura’s book is what she calls Bits of Joy. It reminds me of Happiness Boosters from Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar: activities that don’t take long, but make a big impact. I made two lists in Evernote: 10-Minute Bits of Joy, and 30-Minute Bits of Joy, so when I’ve got some downtime, I can be productive, happier, and make the most of my time.

An example? This week I had my annual physical scheduled. I know from experience I can count on being there at least 90 minutes, much of it waiting. I ended up being there 2-1/2 hours, for which everyone on the staff apologized. They were swamped with last-minute appointments.

No problem. I brought my iPad and developed a customized training program for a client who needed an on-staff social media new hire to achieve five specific business goals for her business. I mastered my time, knocked out a big chunk of the project, and reassured my doctor’s staff it was no problem.

BONUS: Register by September 30 and Get 168 Hours FREE

I believe in Laura’s book, 168 Hours, so much I’m giving it away as a bonus when you register for a class before September 30 here at (You’ll get it in whatever format you like: paperback or Kindle edition. Just let me know when you register.)

That’s a MAJOR 2-for-1 deal: get trained & certified in just 4 weeks, and master your 168 hours at the same time. You won’t believe what you’ll be able to accomplish.

First, listen to Laura’s interview. Second, register for your class. You’ll find you have time for everything you want in your business and in your life:

  1. Listen to Laura Vanderkam Interview (less than 15 minutes!)
  2. Register for a class and get your free copy of 168 Hours



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