LinkedIn Sales Checklist: 5 Ways to Rock Your Profile to Generate Leads [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Maria Peagler

Mar 04
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I’m Not Supposed to Sell on Social Media, Right?

Don’t believe it.  We all need ROI from our time on social media.  The key to getting sales from your efforts is all in the HOW:  how you’re reaching out, connecting, engaging, and yes — selling.

Turn people off and you’ve lost the opportunity forever.

Never ask for the sale and you’ll never get it.

The sweet spot is somewhere in between.

Small Business LinkedIn Checklist

In this LinkedIn Sales Checklist infographic, I share  the five steps every small business owner needs to complete to get sales from this social network.  Do these in order:  it’s essential to establish a relationship with people on LinkedIn before you start selling.  Print this checklist and use it as a guideline for you as you network on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Sales Checklist Infographic

Complete Your Profile 100%

If your profile is missing your head shot, you have less than 100 connections, no contact information and no recommendations, you’ll get no results from LinkedIn.  Not only will LinkedIn not display your profile widely until it’s 100% complete, when people do view it, they won’t be impressed.  Don’t waste your time:  if you’re not going to take LinkedIn seriously, you’re losing business.

Add Multimedia to Gallery

LinkedIn has transformed your profile into the 21st century with the ability for you to add multimedia items to it.  The most impressive LinkedIn profiles offer an introductory video that give people a glimpse of you and what you offer.  Very few professionals do this, but the ones who do STAND OUT.

Build a Strategic Network

The biggest mistake I see when small business owners use LinkedIn is building their network randomly or not at all.  Don’t just add the people who invite you to connect:  be strategic about who you want in your network.  Target those individuals who have the ability & connections to help you the most in your business.  If you could reach any leader in your field, any business professional, who would it be?  Find them on LinkedIn and invite them to connect with you.  It could be the start of a win-win relationship.

Get Recommendations

Endorsements are getting a lot of news lately, but they are a lightweight version of the real deal:  Recommendations.  Endorsements benefit LinkedIn more than they do you:  it’s a way they can show potential employers that a candidate stands out on their network.  However, because you can’t offer any details or context to your endorsement, they don’t carry much weight.  A recommendation allows people to say exactly why they would hire you again, what results they got, and what you could do for them no else could.  LinkedIn also requires recommendations before it considers your profile to be complete.

Have Leads E-Mailed to You

Most small business owners have no idea you can do this with LinkedIn, but yes, you can get qualified leads email to you every week.  Let LinkedIn do the work for you, find the people who best fit your business’ target audience, and email you their names and profiles directly to your Inbox.  It works as your sales team while you’re running your business.

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