Marketing Challenging Brands — Vlog and Transcript

By Janice Deleon

Jul 10

This is the video version of the original blog post titled Help! My Marketing Isn’t Sexy!, along with the video transcript (they follow the video):

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Video Transcript

Maria Peagler: This is Maria Peagler with and in this great video, I’m going to show you how you can turn a challenging business into an exciting business with your marketing. Now I talked about this on a blog post on my website called “Help! My marketing Isn’t Sexy!” This is for all the brands out there who have a challenging business: dentists, accountants, funeral planners, people who nobody looks forward to using your services but when they need you, they need you.

I’m going to show you six different ways that you can make your marketing a little bit more exciting. Now the first way is to grab people’s attention. Now you don’t need to do this by shouting at them but be clever. This is a great example. This is David Holmes who is a flight attendant and there’s nothing more boring than the flight safety speech that you hear every time you take a flight. He raps it.

Not only do people listen but they enjoy it and applaud afterward. He’s given a normally boring part of your flight an interesting twist that makes people enjoy it and remember Southwest Airlines. Figure out how you can do something similar to grab your audience’s attention. Now I did this for a book that I wrote on quilting and I’m going to music video of all the quilts that are in that book in those patterns. No one’s ever done a quilting music video before or since and it was an interesting and fun treatment for something that nobody would ever think of.

Now you can also make your brand exciting and I’ve got a formula for how to do this. The formula is you take brand’s personality, market it with your special sauce and that gives you exciting marketing. Here’s an example. If you’ve ever watched the show Pawn Stars on the History Channel, you know that they take what is really a very boring and grimy business and turn it into something that’s really fascinating to watch.

Now they do that with this formula. Their brand personality is the fact that it’s a family business and it has the same squabbles and challenges that any family business does. Their special sauce is the fact that they are located in Las Vegas so they have some interesting items and people coming through the door. They also have some very interesting relationships with subject experts who come in and give their commentary in perspective on items that people are trying to pawn.

Now you combine those and they’ve turned what is normally a really boring and grimy industry into an exciting marketing plan. The key is for you to do the same thing with your business. Now something very similar is Antiques Roadshow on PBS. Most people don’t think of PBS as doing exciting marketing but people love Antiques Roadshow. My husband is addicted to this show. He loves to watch it and see a blanket worth $100,000. Figure out what your formula is. What is your brand personality and your special sauce? That’s going to turn your marketing into exciting marketing.

Now the third thing that you can do is have a sense of humor. This is a video for a funeral home business and it’s a skateboarding funeral planner. If you come to the blog post you will see, and I’ll post a link below the video in the description. You’ll see that this video is saying basically if you don’t plan your funeral, somebody else will. In this case, it’s this woman’s skateboarding son who is not going to plan the kind of funeral that she would like to have. It’s a funny video but it’s in good taste. You remember this brand.

Number four is to be so useful that people cannot ignore you. This is a video from a Youtube channel that is a hacks kind of Youtube channel. It’s interesting ways to do things. This is a video on how to peel a kiwi but he also shows how to peel an avocado. I watched his video and I’ve never forgotten it because it was so useful. Be so useful in showing people how to do something they wouldn’t know how to do themselves, and they’re going to remember you when they need your service.

Number five, provide a tangible resource for free. This is something that I do with my info graphics and again these are so useful that people remember me when they need their social media training. Finally, make no apologies for the business that you’re in. The example that I use for this is waste management. Now nobody loves their trash collection business. It’s not something that people look for on Facebook and like because they absolutely love their waste management drivers. They make their marketing very, very professional.

They did a video here on the day in the life of a waste management driver. They also give really good recycling and environmental tips. They’re making no apologies for the business that they’re in. I also have a colleague who sells Porta Potties for events and she has a great sense of humor about it. She knows that it’s not an exciting business but it’s a business that people need when they have an event and she’s happy to do it.

Those are six ways that you can make your marketing a little bit more exciting and a little bit more sexy. If you like to see the details, just click in the description to come read the full blog post. This is Maria Peagler with

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