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"job with the phrase 'social media' in their title are growing by nearly 90 percent" — Washington Post

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What's On This Page

  • What you get in the online certification program
  • How long social media certification takes
  • How we help you land your dream job
  • Why our program costs significantly less (and is more up-to-date) than a university

"I just finished an online course that cost me double yours and your course has already given me a better understanding of social media." — Joe C.

"There is a sense of urgency — the more people who go through these [social media] certification programs, the more distance they put between themselves and their co-workers that don't. " Brian Solis, author of The End of Business as Usual and principle analyst at the Altimeter Group

$59/mo -  Unlimited Class Pass monthly memberships 

We're only offering Unlimited Class Pass monthly memberships

What’s Included in the Online Certification Program?

Our online social media certificate training program includes everything you need to be a credible expert in social media marketing, including:

  • updated classes on every major social network, so you have a wide breadth of skills that are up-to-date
  • webinars on how to develop a strategy, drive sales, automate social media, and other must-have skills that offer significant return on investment (ROI) for brands
  • infographics & cheat sheets that are your go-to-guides to avoid learning “overwhelm"
  • private coaching with founder Maria Peagler to mentor you you in your certification & job search (no other certification program offers this)  
  • your printed social media certificate PLUS online badge to display on your website, LinkedIn, and all social media profiles
  • listing in our social media certified manager directory (with a link back to your website — great for SEO)

BONUS: Enroll in the Online Social Media Certificate Program Today & Get INSTANT Access to 2 (TWO) of Our Best Training Courses:

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Automate Your Business

  • Learn how to save over 20 hours every week by automating administrative tasks
  • How to scale your small business without increasing your payroll
  • Detailed tutorials on how to automate every area of your business (plus what you should never automate)
diy blog tour online class hero shot

DIY Blog Tour

  • how to go from unknown to "I see you everywhere!"
  • learn the same publicity tactics as Disney, Simon & Schuster & Apple
  • Detailed case studies of blog tours that skyrocketed sales, increased bookings and grew business

We're only offering Unlimited Class Pass monthly memberships 

$59/mo -  Unlimited Class Pass monthly memberships 

Want more details? Check out the program below (or download the PDF listing our curriculum and cost here):

Social Media Strategy
Facebook 101
Facebook 102
Facebook 103
Easy Facebook Ads on a Budget
5-Minute Facebook Marketing Plan
Google Plus 101
Instagram 101
LinkedIn 101
Pinterest 101
Slideshare 101
Twitter 101
YouTube 101
WordPress 101

Search Engine Optimization
WordPress 101
WordPress Website in an Hour

Content Marketing Made Simple
Your First Business Video
Visual Storytelling for Brands
Content Marketing Secrets to Simplify Your Social Media


Email Marketing Solutions for Small Business
3 Simple Mistakes You’re Making with Your Email Marketing
How to Combine Social Media & Email Marketing to Capture Leads


Can Mobile Users Find Your Business?
Visual Social Media: Compelling Images & Video with Your Smartphone


Drive Sales Using Social Media
Get More Sales from Your Website
Drive Sales Using Instagram & Pinterest
Your First Online Store
How to Outsource Your Social Media Marketing
Social Media for Local Business
Successful Social Media Contests


Automate Your Social Media Marketing
One & Done Posting with Hootsuite
Google Analytics Simplified
The State of Social Media for Small Business


56 hours — see the detailed curriculum outline for each course/webinar time required

Cost for Social Media Certificate, Exam and Directory Listing — $897
Cost for Re-Certification Each Year — $150

"73% of recruiters have hired a candidate through social media. And 93% review a candidate's social media profile before making a decision. " — ZipRecruiter

We're only offering Unlimited Class Pass monthly memberships 

How Long Does It Take to Complete Certification?

To complete all the entire curriculum requires 56 hours. However, this is a completely self-paced program, and you have up to one year to complete it at your own pace. A single class is 3.5 hours of material, but the time it takes our members ranges from two hours to two months depending on their skill level and experience.

Why Does the Online Certificate Training Program Cost Significantly Less than a University?

Our program is all-inclusive for $897, which includes:

  • access to our classes for up to one year (although you can earn your certificate much earlier than that)
  • private coaching with founder Maria Peagler
  • final certification exam (you get three chances to take & pass the exam)
  • your printed social media certificate PLUS online badge to display on your website, LinkedIn, and all social media profiles
  • listing in our social media certified manager directory (with a link back to your website — great for SEO)

University social media masters degrees cost upwards of $20,000, and much of their training is outdated. I enjoyed college and learning from my professors as much as the next college student, but they were not on the leading edge of tactics and knowledge. Why?

Because they don’t DO social media marketing. They read about it, lecture on it, and use textbooks outdated before their first printing.

Other online training “university” programs costs thousands and don’t provide the breadth of training classes we do. You won’t find a more complete online social media certificate ANYWHERE for this cost.

How Do You Help Me Land My Dream Job?

In your private coaching with founder Maria Peagler, she’ll mentor you with advice, strategies and resources for your unique skill set and area of specialization to help you land your dream job.

In addition, you’ll also be listed in our certified consultant directory, so employers can find you online and know you’ve earned an online certificate from

Do I Get Accreditation?

Accreditation is an important topic: exactly what it is and who offers it?

If you want an accredited program from a university, you need to enroll in their academic program and pay for a degree. You won’t get academic credit without that. And it will cost around $30,000.

Other online programs claim to be accredited, but if you ask specific questions like “Do I get academic credit?” or “Do I get continuing education credits?” their answer is NO. However, most students don’t know to ask these questions. Accreditation sounds awesome, right?

In reality, all you get is an overpriced sheet of paper with your name on it.

In the past (when I was Director of Courseware Development for ExecuTrain), my classes were accredited by the American Council on Education, which is the body that issues continuing education credits (aka as CEUs). Some professions, like accounting and public school teaching, require ongoing CEU training to be employed.

However, paying for ACE accreditation is a significant burden to the tune of $30,000 for all of my classes (yes, I checked). That would triple or quadruple the costs of our certificate program, which is an undue burden on our members.

We're only offering Unlimited Class Pass monthly memberships 

What If the Program’s Not for Me? Can I Get My Money Back?

I offer a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. I’ll completely refund your money if this program isn’t for you, for any reason, within 30 days.

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