Pinterest Case Study: Solopreneur Gets Over 68,000 Followers

By Maria Peagler

Feb 26

For your case study, you’ll meet Kate Bryan, of The Small Things Blog.  She’s a North Carolina hairstylist who found tremendous success with Pinterest, including:

  • Over 68,000 followers on Pinterest
  • A whopping 9 MILLION views to her hair tutorials on YouTube
  • Over 20,000 blog subscribers

Would you like those numbers?  What could they do for your business & your bottom line?

Here’s an overview of Pinterest and the Kate Bryan case study in this presentation:

The keys to success for Kate were:

  • Recording hair tutorials and uploading them to YouTube
  • Embedding the YouTube videos on her blog
  • Adding a Pin It button to her blog, making it easy for readers to pin her videos
  • Also offering a thumbnail photos of her hair tutorials on both the blog and YouTube channel.  Good thumbnails make or break whether people will watch your videos. Photos also get more clicks and views on Pinterest for one simple reason:  Instant.  You have to watch a video, but if you can see the hairstyle end result, you’ll instantly whether it’s worth watching or not.

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