UPDATED: 5 Ways to Make Pinterest Profitable [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Maria Peagler

Oct 15

Pinterest doesn't generate sales, right?

You've probably heard that — because it can be difficult to trace sales back to Pinterest, you might have believed it.

The truth is, Pinterest can drive sales effectively, but the key to making that happen is all in how you use it. Pinterest is different from other networks, and you must adapt your marketing practices accordingly.

Small Business Pinterest Checklist

In this Pinterest Checklist infographic, I share five simple steps you should take to build a Pinterest following that will drive traffic and generate sales. Pinterest success is an ongoing process, so print this checklist and use it as a guideline for you as you develop your Pinterest presence:


1. Complete Your Profile

Pinterest profiles are best kept short, so it's important for you to introduce yourself and your business clearly and briefly. In most cases, it's better to use a headshot than a logo, and it's important to give people a sense of your personal style.

2. Create Boards by Topic

Keeping your content organized on Pinterest is vital to maintaining a good reputation and keeping your audience happy. If your boards don't have a clear focus and are full of seemingly random content, people won't follow. Attract an audience with distinct boards and keep them engaged with content relevant to each specific board.

3. Quality, Branded Pins

Pinterest is a visual network, so Pinterest content needs to be visually-appealing. Pin content to attract the eye and get people interested. Optimize with keywords so people can find them and embed links so you can drive traffic to your website. Develop a unique style that your audience will immediately recognize as yours, and watermark your content so when others repin it or share it outside of Pinterest, the source will always remain clear.

4. Pin Content from Others

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on Pinterest is focusing entirely on your own products and content. Pinning content is the social currency of Pinterest, and the best form of engagement. Create boards for fun and inspiring content, and a board for images contributed by your clients.

5. Follow Etiquette

Every social network has its rules, official and unspoken, and Pinterest is no exception. The most important one to remember is to credit pins and make sure others also keep sources intact. Whenever you do come across something that violates Pinterest's rules, reach out to the pinner so they'll have an opportunity to fix it before it gets reported.

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