Collaborating w/ Colleagues to Promote Your Facebook Business Page

By Maria Peagler

Mar 24
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Online marketing depends on relationships with others, so join with others in your industry who have complementary products and do a promotion.  Require that people visit your business pages, Like them, and share about them with others.  I did a similar promotion on my Quilts and Creativity blog with amazing results.

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I promoted a book from a colleague and gave away a free copy.  While most contests require people to leave a comment or Like their page to win, that misses out on the power of sharing in social media.

It’s the SHARE that holds power for the greatest visibility, so, I asked readers to share about Kay’s book on their social media networks, then leave me a comment telling me about it.  I had a total of 47 comments, which is a good response.  But here’s how I leveraged it for even greater exposure:  studies show that people have, on average, 150 people in their online social networks.  So 47 people shared with their 150 friends (47*150=7,050), for a total promotion of 7,050 people learning about her new book.  Wow!  Where did most of my readers share? Facebook.

What did the contest involve?  I recorded a quickie video on my screened porch using my computer’s webcam.  That’s it.  If I can do it, so can you!  Here’s the video:

How much would you have to pay in advertising or print media to reach over 7,000 people who actually saw your ad (not just circulation?)  Thousands!  But you can do it for free on Facebook!


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