Quick Start: Social Media Strategy

By Maria Peagler

Dec 11

How to Get the Most from This Class

Welcome to your Social Media Strategy class!

I'm Maria Peagler, founder of Socialmediaonlineclasses.com, and it's my honor to be your guide throughout this class. Once you finish, you see a dramatic difference in the the results you're achieving with your social media marketing.

First, let me ask you this: do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

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    you're overwhelmed with constant social media changes
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    you have no idea where to start 
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    you don't have time to be on every social network
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    you're frustrated over how much time your social media takes
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    you're not seeing a return on your investment (ROI) — or you're an agency that can't prove ROI to your clients

I hear you.

So here's the plan: over the next 6 days, you'll spend just 10 minutes per day taking one lesson of this class.

Baby steps. I'm a big fan of taking small steps to success.

Each lesson (as with every lesson at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com) takes about 10 minutes: that includes reading the lesson, maybe watching a brief video, and doing the assignment. 

You're learning in "chunks" and applying the strategies right away.

You'll learn each strategy in "chunks" and apply it right away.

You'll learn a variety of techniques that make up a virtual Swiss Army Knife of proven social media marketing tactics — you may not need them all — you may use some far more than others. However, it's essential to take EVERY lesson, as they work best when done together as a whole.

Ready to learn? I'm here to help you!

Hint: you can go to your next lesson by selecting it from the left sidebar.


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