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“I love how you get right to the point — short and sweet works for me!”

Lee Ann McVey Health Care Administration student

“Wanted to let you know that 3 weeks and 24 hours since executing your advice, I’ve had 749 leads.”

Gina Reddin Splinters and Threads

“Increased my Facebook fans by 700%!”

Margaret Travis EasyPeazyQuilts

"Enjoyed your Facebook training – recommend for any business or sales person!"

Steve Black Brian Tracy Programs

“… out of ALL the trainers/coaches I have met via virtual classes, you are the ONLY one that has EVER really responded or reached out to me! Thank You!”

Gayle von Holt Independent Consultant

"I have to share with you the incredible talents of Maria Peagler. I'm currently taking her Google+ class. She has kept it simple and I can't tell you how long it's been that I've learnt so much in so little time. She's a very unselfish person and is easy to contact with questions. I am not affiliated in any way with her company. I'm just so impressed."

Joan Bassett JayBee Designs

I have a high regard for Maria Peagler and her company, SocialMediaOnlineClasses.

When I made my initial contact with Maria, she instantly demonstrated her expertise and the importance of customer service. Now that I’ve taken her classes, I see the quality of her coursework and her continued support and responsiveness. She is in touch with what’s new in the social media world and knows how to to present the coursework in a simplified, effective manner.

I am very appreciative of Maria’s attention to customer service and her knowledge that she willingly shares through the coursework and to help her students move toward the success they are seeking in their businesses.”

Penny Pearl Bear2BullCoaching

"The biggest benefit in working with Maria is knowing that I have a coach on the bench to bring into the game as I need the knowledge.

I tend to trust those who have actually met the same challenges in the business world. Since Maria is an author, educator, and with experience in the corporate world, I trusted that with her vast experience she’d be able to relate to whatever challenge my business was facing.

Maria made me think through my goals and guided me along the way. That caused me to remember the “route” and to be unafraid of adapting to social media changes.

I've recommended SMOC have many times, as one solution does not fit most! The combination of 24/7 online classes that take me step by step, plus the ability to arrange for individual phone consultations has been very powerful. The one-on-one gave me the opportunity to discuss a subject, understand the possible solutions, and decide on best course of action.

I consider my relationship with Maria to be continually evolving. As I grow, I have completely different things to discuss…and it’s great to be able to have someone with which to share the successes, too!"

Margaret Travis EasyPeazyQuilts

What Success Will You Have When You Join? Here's What Our Members Say:

Sol Paz PR Manager

The Only Social Media Expert Who Gets Her Hands Dirty Helping You

Maria is the only social media expert who gets her hands "dirty" helping you. I've taken social media classes from a lot of celebrity "experts," but Maria is the only one who took the time to get to know me and my business. Together we developed a specific plan for my brand's goals, executed & managed it.

Dave Schwartz Pace Makes the Race

10-Minute Content is Killer!

I am busting to tell you that your webinar about the 10-minute content was killer. I took it to heart and instantly put two podcasts in the can. This is a process that I can make work. I also decided to apply it to new products, producing short videos which will be combined into a larger ones. Thank you!

Mavis Stevens Artist, Social Media Manager

Paid for Itself in One Week

Before SMOC I would look at my computer and start crying. Where do I start? How will I EVER get it all done? Maria has broken the process down into tiny bits that anyone can understand. What's more amazing is how much just one "bit" improved my business. I earned my money back in the first week!