September Bonus Webinar: One-and-Done Posting with Hootsuite

By Maria Peagler

Sep 11

How do you keep up with multiple social networks? Don’t have time to post to them all? You will after this month’s webinar: One-and-Done Posting with Hootsuite.

You asked for this webinar because Hootsuite can be pretty daunting. I’ll be showing you how to sort it all out, in my no-nonsense get-it-done style, as always.

In this month’s bonus webinar, you’ll learn these essential Hootsuite tactics:

  • Post one time and send it to all of your social networks
  • Schedule posts for a future date and time
  • Add photos and videos to posts
  • Shorten links to fit them into Twitter’s 140 characters
Plus, I’ll show you expert Hootsuite techniques like:
  • Monitor your competition without them knowing it
  • Create a dashboard for monitoring everything about your business & industry
  • Pros and cons of posting from Hootsuite: when it makes sense, when to avoid it

You’ve got questions — I’ve got answers, during September’s Bonus Webinar: One and Done Posting with Hootsuite, Thursday, Sept. 27 at 1p.m. ET.

How do you register? Easy: simply enroll in any class here at and you’ll be registered automatically. You can join me live or watch the replay, get the .PDF transcript, and listen to the .mp3 audio file.

No matter how you like to learn, I’ve got you covered.  See you in the  One and Done Posting with Hootsuite bonus webinar!


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Marilyn Ruttan September 27, 2012

I bought Pinterest 101 on Sept 25th so I could watch this Hootsuite Webinar today. I have tried for 1/2 hour to figure out how to watch the webinar and can not find any instructions or an email from you etc. Fustrating….Marilyn Ruttan [email protected]

    Maria Peagler September 27, 2012

    Hi Marilyn –
    My sincere apology for the frustration you experienced. My goal is to WOW my students, but I certainly didn’t do that today for you.

    I sent out an email yesterday and another today with your login details. Check your SPAM folder to see if they ended up there.

    I’ll also be checking “under the hood” here to make sure the email went out to you as it should have.

    The good news? You can access the replay tomorrow ANY TIME, and next week you’ll get exclusive access to the PDF transcript and the mp3 audio, so you’ll have multiple options as to how you would like to learn!

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